Advertising WordPress Themes for Making Money Online Sites

In this article top advertising WordPress themes are specified for all those individuals, private entrepreneurs and corporate representatives.

The emergence of the new forms of communication in the virtual area gave rise to new perspectives for advertising businesses online.

Subsequently, online advertising developed its own methods and strategies to contact a wide range of target audience by means of ensuring its presence in all the relevant websites, blogs and other digital platforms to be inevitably noticed by the virtual users.

That’s the reason why so many contemporary web pages tend to be ads – friendly and generate a layout to support the display of any relevant advertisement for increasing the expected revenues and making money online.

These advertising WordPress themes are for those who are zealous to benefit from their online profile by exercising all the available ways, be it an affiliate partnership or any other marketing strategy based on placing advertisements on the target website.

advertising WordPress themes

Each of the below – referred templates is not only advertisement – optimized, it is also as simple and lightweight as it is feature – rich and comprehensive in nature, so that you can choose whatever seems to be the most suitable for your requirements and claims, so that your future website will be worth every single penny you are going to spend for the theme.

Marketing Agency

marketing agency wordpress theme

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Digital Agency

digital agency WordPress theme

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Ele Agency

ele agency lite

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SKT Magazine Pro

magazine WordPress theme

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SKT Magazine Pro is aesthetically polished and visually dynamic, conceptually well thought out and uniquely designed multipurpose and advertising WordPress themes based template ready to cater to a website of any nature, direction and size.

The relevant specialists working on this premium quality theme have ensured its correspondence to all the major standards and norms in order to make it highly competitive and ads – friendly for maximizing the incomes coming along the website.

SKT Magazine Pro has been checked for its perfect compatibility with all the major mobiles, smartphones and devices, as well as e-commerce, shopping and SEO plugins for better functionality and advanced popularity across the online networking environment.



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In case you see all the benefits of engaging in some affiliate marketing and generate quality sales leads from your web presence, look no further than Lawzo with its incredibly practical and precisely arranged theme structure armed with lots of primary features and controls to personalize any undertaking and let it stand out safe and sound in the digital area.

This exceptional WordPress – powered content management tool is perfect for large or small scale websites to keep the eye of the visitor on any target content or advertisement whenever required.

The product is simple in usage and may undergo all the required changes to fit any foreseen business or individual objectives. This one hence suits the category of advertising WordPress themes.

SKT Launch Pro

Launch Pro

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SKT Launch Pro is also among the most useful and sophisticated advertising WordPress themes to achieve higher profits from any purposeful advertisement integration into the website.

As for the nature of this theme, it is multipurpose and multiconcept, so it can be a steady foundation for any kind of original initiative letting it stand out from the crowd.

This highly versatile and truly intuitive, smart and powerfully stylized template has been tested for its feature – rich structure being flexible and adaptable towards any customization needs, as well as its flawless operation across all the mobiles and other hand held devices.


girly WordPress theme

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Girlie with its simple, yet powerful, easy, yet dynamic structure has long established itself as a truly credible WordPress – based template, power – packed with a set of theme features and elements, which are readily handy and adaptive when accessed and executed to reach out certain online goals.

This high quality and cleverly coded website creation and management tool is an ideal version to embed files or create any required object in the website by the application of diverse shortcodes included, as well as to keep the reasonable balance between the website content and auxiliary advertisements.

So that they will no way hamper each other’s performance or visual perception of the website visitors. Advertising WordPress themes category gets complete with this blogging template.


Shopzee has been custom built to generate simplicity and convenience in installation, usage and customization on the one hand and functionally saturated and technically cutting – edge framework on the other to create a stunning working platform for any user with minimum knowledge of any content management system or programming skills.

This shop and e-commerce – optimized template can be used to produce a revenue for the website owners by increasing the website’s popularity and user’s engagement into it, which in its turn may lead to the interest of many companies and businesses to place their advertisements on your website and pay you for that.

Shudh Pro

Serious and sophisticated, visually motivational and dynamic and graphically polished, fast loading and smoothly navigable, user and customer directed and well – optimized for any mobile or device usage.

Shudh Pro is the next gen advertising WordPress themes at your full command and disposition to make the most of your online profile existence in the relevant digital platform.

This top –rated and strongly recommended template has been designed and developed with all the current challenges in mind, which any contemporary website may encounter from time to time, hence Shudh Pro is as stable and sound, responsive and intuitive, as any website owner may wish his virtual product to be.

Coffee Shop

Seriously crafted and nicely stylized, neat and precise, visually beautiful and functionally durable, Coffee Shop with its advertisement – optimized nature comes preloaded with stunningly convenient framework to cover any kind of coffee – related content.

However, other topics can also be successfully displayed on it and get the maximum popularity and effect when supported by diverse useful plugins, such as SEO, e-commerce, pricing tables, contact forms plugins for advanced functionality, establishment of diverse commercial ties, higher rankings on search engines or for any other purpose.

Customization and management possibilities of Coffee Shop are endless, thus one may personalize and exemplify his online product to showcase all the strong parts and points of his business in the most effective manner.

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