13 Best Accessible WordPress Themes for Navigation User Friendly Websites

Accessible WordPress Themes

The digital explosion during the recent years means there is a huge market waiting for your presence online.

Especially if you are the one who owns any portfolio or offers different services, wants a better job or new career opportunity, jumping online with any of the accessible WordPress themes put together in this article is a must.

Digital agency and digital media representatives, portfolio owners and project management specialists, creative photographers and videographers, animators and engineers, artists and freelancers and others who have something unique or valuable to share online can greatly benefit from these accessible WordPress themes.

Today’s virtual arena is where your success story may begin. Getting closer to new opportunities and promotions, clients and partners through digital channels is what you can afford yourself to do with any of the below discussed accessible WordPress themes and get the attention you, your works or portfolio items deserve.

Accessible WordPress Themes

All of these website builders are perfect in coding, security and performance while granting any website built on the basis of them with a unique and modern look, reliable functional base and HTML 5 and CSS 3 mix for the highest results.

Ease of installation and activation on the one hand, and customization and management on the other are all guaranteed with these accessible WordPress themes, which means you will be able to draw the original image of your site and express all your talents without being a master in web coding or styling.

Other advantages you are going to enjoy with these accessible WordPress themes are the diversity of both preloaded tools and compatible addons, plugins and extensions to make your web presence exceptionally good and results driven, as well as a huge community behind your back to guide you through the hard parts.

Download Accessible WordPress Themes With Demo Content

The best accessible WordPress themes are ideal templates for designing websites for people with disabilities, older adults, mobile users, individuals with temporary disabilities, the general public, website owners and developers, educational institutions, government agencies, e-commerce businesses, and non-profit organizations to ensure inclusivity and usability. Download accessible WordPress themes with demo content and check them out!

SKT Courier


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Whenever a person needs courier services, Everyone will first search for Online Services, So, if you are the one who is in a related business then you strongly need an online presence.  SKT Courir theme is considered one of the best for professional and interactive design Theme.

This theme is suitable for all kinds of businesses like couriers, Delivery, Mover, cargo transportation, air transportation, shipping companies, logistics departments, and warehousing. It is one of the most demanded themes from our accessible WordPress themes.

Accessible WordPress themes having unique features such as keyboard navigation, screen reader compatibility, high contrast mode, resizable text, clear focus indicators, semantic HTML, accessible forms, alt text for images, and proper color contrast.


Fully supports WooCommerce for the best eCommerce experience
Get better performance for your site with SEO
Customize freely with your favorite drag and drop page builder

SKT MovieMaker

SKT MovieMaker

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adventure WordPress theme

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GB Charity

GB Charity

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GB Extreme

GB Extream

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Mountain Biking

mountain biking

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Web Programmer

Programmer Wordpress Theme

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Web Programmer is one of the top rated accessible WordPress themes designed and developed for matching the needs of digital portfolio owners.

From showcasing the best pieces of your work to giving access to them to registered website users and selling them online with categorized product listings and sections, everything is possible with this e commerce practiced and plugin compatible, easy to customize and arrange website template.

Cross device compatibility, responsiveness and mobile optimization, Google approved fonts support, a bulk of preloaded shortcodes, page and post controls, simple and easy to use admin dashboard from the backend and smooth and presentable navigation from the frontend are among the top features of Web Programmer.

Wedding Videographer

Wedding videographer Wordpress Theme

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If you are online with the best photoshoots and video materials, chances are relatively high that you will get noticed by new clients and thus can make more money from your creative business.

Wedding Videographer is one of the most reliable and multimedia friendly templates photographers, videographers and other digital specialists or portfolio owners can take advantage of and showcase whatever characterizes their work best online.

Along with arming the site with high quality images and other eye catchy visual material worth checking for your target audience, you can also work on improving the theme’s overall look and feel with colors, image placement, content zones and modern typography, CTAs, social media links and much more.


Visually inspiring and elegant, vCard is one of the productive yet easy to use and customize vcard, resume and accessible WordPress themes wrapped up in a beautiful flat design and offered to you at a pocket friendly price.

However, the cost effective and modern looking nature is not the only advantages of vCard. It’s as responsive and accustomed to mobile version as it is sleek to navigate and enjoyable to scroll from top to bottom.

Search engine optimization of this web building solution is another important features the theme’s developers worked on properly so that you can be sure to record the best results in search engine rankings.

Design Agency Pro

Today more and more specialists and creative people are presented and vetted online, and this tendency is yielding to making the regular ways of generating more clients and more leads less productive.

This is where Design Agency Pro with its modern and powerful character comes into the picture to guarantee the most desirable results, the higher rates of engagement and possible income through your website.

It’s based on do it yourself approach and grants you with easy to customize framework and intuitive drag and drop functionality so that you can edit and modify your theme, add whatever is needed and upload multimedia files to give your website the most stunning look and presentation it can have.

Game Developer

Gaming community and digital agency, creative writing and creative photography, construction and design and generally any business or work catering to creativity can be ideally displayed and promoted with the help of Game Developer.

Whether it’s your web design and developing skills to be presented and advertised, or portfolio items to be described and sold, Game Developer has the capacity to host any kind of textual or visual content and does it in the most user friendly way.

Hence, your website guests will have the freedom to navigate through all the parts of your site and find legible or pixel perfect content matching the resolution or requirements of their portable devices or browsers.

The Art

The Art is another lovely and stylish website builder ready to give your site an artistic look and aristocratic charm.

Customize images and content zones, layouts and blog area, add useful information and social media links in widget friendly areas and create the place every single website visitor will enjoy greatly.

It is as engaging in appearance as it is well coded and well taken care of at its core to make sure your website is going to operate on its full for the longest possible period of time.

Should you feel the necessity of adding some more functions or elements to your site, you are always free to do it with compatible plugins and add ons.

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