YouTube WordPress Plugins for publishing YouTube Videos

No matter what functionality and performance capabilities a WordPress – based theme can offer its users, depending on the website nature and direction, additional features and flexibility can be required to achieve real success and popularity within the scope of the target digital area.

In this relation, YouTube WordPress plugins take a decisive role with their intuitive and adaptive frameworks to contribute to the advancement of the target online profile to a new level.

In this article we have done our best to dig out the most popular YouTube WordPress plugins and their pro – features for all the publishers and other users to display YouTube videos on their websites in the most attractive and professional way, thus guaranteeing more people engagement to their online platform based on content – rich and multimedia – friendly nature.

YouTube WordPress plugins

All of them are truly flexible and resourceful, as well as extremely easy in usage, so that every website owner or representative will be able to add the required plugin for publishing YouTube videos just in a few clicks and with minimum effort exerted.

Video Gallery – YouTube Gallery

total soft

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Video Gallery is a YouTube WordPress plugin used to showcase your videos in high quality resolution. The plugin is available at free cost and premium plans are available for personal, business and developers.

Free plugin is best for personal use whereas plugin with personal plan is best for using in a single website and so on. Supports and updates will be given in free plugin also. You will have an access to the unlimited videos, gallery, shortcodes, widgets etc.

The design will look responsive on every device. You can sort an elements with drag and drop feature. The editor of a Gallery Video plugin is user friendly. hence no technical knowledge needed to use it.

Embed Plus for YouTube – Gallery, Channel, Playlist, Live Stream

embed plus for youtube

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Embed Plus for YouTube is one of the best YouTube WordPress plugin created by Embed Plus for YouTube Team. This plugin is very easy to customize. It provides you bundle of feature that can be personalize in different ways.

The plugin is completely compatible with the WordPress version 5.0 and higher gutenberg block editor. It has improved the GDPR compliance and privacy options such as YouTube no cookie etc. The editor can be accessed for both text and visual mode. Easy “insert” button is given for both the mode.

Setting is given for start video playlist embeds. Support is given for General Playlist and YouTube plugin migration.

YouTube Embed Plugin

YouTube Embed Plugin

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One of the easiest ways to embed YouTube – powered videos to any WordPress – supported website posts and pages is the activation and configuration of YouTube Embed Plugin.

This highly dependable and top – rated product comes integrated with lots of free and premium features, responsive playlist and channel gallery support, video thumbnails included into the web pages, so that your visitors can look through them and make selection of, automatic play for the suggested playlists and channels.

The possibility to embed the whole channel as a playlist and many other free features. However, you can also upgrade to the plugin Pro version and enjoy more functional possibilities.

YouTube Embed WordPress

YouTube Embed WordPress plugin

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Adding YouTube videos to any WordPress website of any size and nature will be a real joy with the great assistance coming with YouTube Embed WordPress plugin and its unlimited capacities.

This totally accessible and entirely practical plugin will let you embed YouTube – based products in the most alluring and presentable way. Moreover this plugins is extremely convenient for all the non – coders and those individuals who are pretty far away from programming.

This plugin is also available in free and pro versions, however, both of them are worth installing and trying with their generally shared qualities, including the possibilities to add YouTube videos on website posts, pages and widgets, set and control default options, such as YouTube player width, height, autoplay and many more.

Video Gallery – Vimeo and YouTube Gallery

Video Gallery – Vimeo and YouTube Gallery

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The specialists working on Video Gallery – Vimeo and YouTube Gallery spared no efforts to ensure the usefulness and practicality of this user and developer – friendly tool to professionally deal with YouTube products and guarantee their impeccable look and feel in the area of any WordPress – supported web presence.

This plugin generates lots of controls and essentials to stream YouTube videos in a unique and customer – driven way by allowing Auto HD, cropping control for the best parts of the videos, ability to add discussion options for each video right on the website, ability to customize the embeds with annotations, etc.

This is another Youtube WordPress plugins category strong contender.

Video Gallery – YouTube Playlist, Channel Gallery by YotuWP


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In case you are running a multimedia content – rich website platform and need an exceptional plugin to customize the look of your YouTube videos and showcase them in a more robust and presentable way, Video Gallery – YouTube Playlist.

Channel Gallery by YotuWP can be an ultimate version at your disposal to take advantage all the customization expectations you could have prior to the installation of this product.

By the application of this product you will be able to control your YouTube account right from your WordPress – optimized website and showcase any account content on your website very easily. A good solid and one of the Youtube WordPress plugins selection.

YouTube Embed

YouTube Embed plugin

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YouTube Embed is another easy to use and configure YouTube solution to fit your website overall look and performance to the most effective extent.

This immensely comfortable and compactly structured easy to acquire and install WordPress compatible and YouTube – friendly instrument incorporates a bunch of essential features to exercise, such as the ability to set your own playlist.

Make use of diverse profiles for different videos, video optimization and adjustment possibilities in case the website is responsive, as well as perfect compatibility with a wide range of other Youtube WordPress plugins for enhanced SEO results, speeding up the website or better visual experience.

ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

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Another awesome YouTube WordPress Plugin and browse experience for all the interactive website owners and video bloggers to provide multi – sensorial and visitor – centric content.

Which will be easy to digest without spending much energy is ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder with thumbnail videos to click on and watch in the large area.

With this truly dynamic and practical, as well as multilingual – ready plugin it will be up to you to use it either as a shortcode or as a widget by arranging the latter in the most convenient widget –ready sidebar.

YouTube Widget Responsive

YouTube Widget Responsive

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The next premium quality and truly customization – efficient YouTube embed toolbox at your disposal is YouTube Widget Responsive plugin with to run either as a widget, or as a shortcode.

The shades of total responsiveness have been carefully taken care of in this case, moreover, this plugin has been developed to generate lots of diverse features and options to heighten the interactivity of the website.

Some of the key options include the option to select the start and end time on the video, loop mode inclusion, activate or deactivate automatic subtitles, enable or disable full screen, show or hide the title and this is not the whole package of essential features which this plugin is capable of sharing.

YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel plugin

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Since demonstrating high – quality and precisely looking, informative and eye – catching video materials is a top priority in many cases, YouTube Channel may turn to be a best YouTube video, playlist and channel embedding plugin into your web pages.

The whole process of the plugin activation or automatic installation, succeeded by adding YouTube channel widget to the sidebar or inserting shortcode to content is pretty easy and time – saving.

It’s also possible to choose among many available versions of performance, such as displaying latest videos from channel or be guided by the Favourite Videos or Liked Videos or Playlist, or to make a random selection out of those sources and much more.

Another contender of this category of YouTube WordPress plugins and satisfies its requirements.

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