WordPress Webinar Plugins for Recording & Automation

Listed below are some of the popular ten different WordPress webinars, that you can use.

Media so far have made quite a progress till date, and the using of the print advertisements or news has become old fashioned these days due to the sudden rise in the demand for audio-visual media.

Also, the demand for high-speed internet, along with the popularity of smartphones has made it easy for people to easily access the video as well as audio streaming without any hassle.

Just like the audio-video streaming, another major media, that have become popular is webinars, which are digital presentations and meetings, which is useful enough to educate various participants.

Webinars is an effective way of reaching out to the users, sharing various experiences as well as growth of the businesses.

The term webinar sounds quite similar to that of a seminar, which is mostly arranged for exchanging various ideas, meeting people, collaborating, etc.

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The difference that sets apart webinars from seminars is, webinars occur on the web, and people take part in it by using either smartphones or desktop.

It is popular too on various websites that provide online classes. Different types of WordPress Webinar Plugins are available, that allow plenty of users to take part in the video stream. While there’s no shortage of standalone webinar platforms, these plugins will help you easily add webinar functionality to your existing site.

The participants of the webinar can easily interact, chat throughout the conference, share various contracts throughout.

WP GoToWebinar

Go to Webinar WordPress

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WP GoToWebinar is a part of GoToMeeting which is quite a popular choice for webinar software.

It is popular for its reliable platform and the easy user interface, which makes it easy for you to work with and easily runs on almost every device along with a better user experience.

The exclusive ‘pass the control’ feature lets to give control to others while in the meeting. It is one of the most popular WordPress Webinar Plugins where, various desktop applications, files, screens, and presentations can also be shared.


This is well known WordPress Webinar Plugins software which does use Google Hangouts and also, adds various marketing features to it. It helps in hosting huge webinars along with all the exclusive and powerful features of a professional webinar tool.

Webinar Jam helps effective management of the registrations, interacts with the different participants by using single software, does file sharing, etc.

This is designed for the markets, and the customized landing pages can be used for email notifications, polls, etc.

Google Hangouts

Google hangouts have one of the most user-friendly interfaces and are the most popular WordPress Webinar Plugins until now.

It is astonishingly fast, and also free too and people having an account in Google can easily access it. Over here, apart from just the normal voice or video calling, it helps various users to joint Hangout.

You can effortlessly share computer screens, files, chats, etc. Also, the Hangouts on Air helps in supporting the live broadcast webinars, and you can share it with some specific people of your choice.

Webinars OnAir

One of the biggest advantages of Webinars OnAir is, it is built along with Hangouts and it puts a charge on the users who join the webinar. This has all the similar features which Google Hangout has, and some extra features are also present.

The exclusive feature of built-in retargeting pixels helps in tracking the audience across the web. Also, by using this WordPress Webinar Plugins you can easily shed light on the special offers to the attendees at the time of the webinar, make leads, etc.

Stealth Seminar

Stealth Seminar is a user-friendly webinar software, that not only provides webinar software but also blends with the recorded webinars or any kind of automated hybrid webinars. It lets you fully automate the entire process of conducting a webinar.

Additionally, you can get various powerful moderation tools for controlling various discussions as well as user flow. Stealth Seminar also consolidates easily along with different other providers of email services such as Mail Chimp, AWeber, etc.

3CX Webinars

3CX Webinars is another major competition in the industry of webinar software, which helps in organizing super interactive video meetings as well as conferences, that has HD quality audio as well as video.

3CX Webinars has one of the most interesting features, which have the capability of sharing mobile screens from your smartphone or tablet.

If you want you can also split the screen as well as the shared screen at the same time. 3CX Webinars too has the added benefit of the free plan along with some limited features as well.

Adobe Connect

This is one of the significantly powerful, and also has a lot of different features, that Webinar software has currently in the market. You can find all the necessary things, that you most expect to get a platform like this.

Adobe Connect makes it very easy for the hosting exclusive conferences as well as meetings, training as well as online courses. Users, as well as experts, have praised the exclusive user experience, reliability as well as performance of Adobe Connect.



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This is one of the leading premium web conferencing webinars used by industry leaders. It comes with all the tools required for all the professional work while conducting a professional meeting.

It also has a training center, which helps in allowing organizing different webinars for teaching and learning.

Also, the extra tools of organizing quizzes, conduct tests, live polls, etc helps in easy conduction of webinars. Opting for this webinar software can help you share, files, screens, share apps, etc.

Any Meeting

Any Meeting is the one-step solution for conducting both large and small webinars and has all the essential features, that you can think of getting from any professional webinar software.

Using this can help you to make large group calls, audio-video conferences and has the screen as well as file sharing features.

Easy Webinar

It is an online software platform, that has the capability of successful management of amalgamating webinar technology, along with marketing strategy.

Also, it gives all-in-one solutions, both for automated as well as live webinars. You can get various other features such as shopping carts, multi presenter options, etc.

Therefore, these are some of the popular webinar software that has become popular among organizing large conferences, video, or audio calls, etc.

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