WordPress Store Locator Plugins for Directories

In this expanding industry, online retailers have been vying to improve the user experience for customers shopping online. Customers who shop online have grown to anticipate the availability of a function that enables them to look up the location of a physical store that is close to them. This serves as a practical means of determining where they can shop. WordPress Store Locator Plugins are available for use at this point.

A store locator plugin is a powerful tool that can be integrated into your WordPress website, allowing visitors to effortlessly locate your physical stores or service areas. Not only does it enhance the user experience, but it also helps boost your business’s visibility and credibility.

Because of this, we’ve put together a list of the best shop locator plugins for WordPress so that you may improve your website in 2023. The features that each plugin provides, the ratings given by users, and how easy it is to use all contributed to the formation of our list.

These plugins will assist you in increasing foot traffic to your physical locations and providing a smooth experience for your consumers, regardless of the size of your company or whether you operate a tiny shop or a multinational enterprise. Let’s get down to business and investigate which shop locator plugins for WordPress are the most effective in 2023.

1. WP Store Locator

wp store locator

It is highly recommended that you go with the WP Store Locator plugin. You can easily construct and operate a shop locator that is tailored to your requirements by taking advantage of its user-friendly interface and uncomplicated configuration procedure.

WP Store Locator is a location management solution that is both sophisticated and simple to use. You have the ability to personalize the way the map looks and give your own labels for the various input areas.

Users have the ability to filter the results by the radius in which they are interested, as well as see driving instructions to local shops in the administrative panel’s chosen language.

Businesses have the ability to improve their customer experience with the help of the WP shop Locator by offering precise and up-to-date information about their physical shop locations. This results in an increase in foot traffic as well as an increase in overall customer happiness.

It is able to display Google Maps in a variety of languages, and the language that is used for the driving instructions is also influenced by this feature. This plugin works with multilingual plugins like as qTranslate and WPML. In the editor, you may drag the marker to the precise spot on the map.

2. Store Locator WordPress

Store locator WordPress

Agile Store Locator is the most comprehensive WordPress Store Locator/Finder Plugin available, and it provides you with instant access to all of the businesses in your local region by using Google Maps V3.

This sophisticated program makes advantage of the most recent advancements in geolocation technology to determine the position of the user and show the locations of the nearby stores along with specific information about each one, including the address, contact information, opening hours, and even reviews written by previous customers.

You have the ability to add an endless number of shops using this category management system. It gives you the ability to identify the top shops and precise geolocation information about each business that is relevant to a consumer query. It stores management for an infinite number of Markers, as well as the Geo button, also known as the Geo-Location button function, search Zoom, Click Zoom, and default Zoom.

3. Store Locator Plus® for WordPress

Store Locator Plus® for WordPress

Shop Locator Plus® is a sophisticated and user-friendly solution that enables companies to simply construct and maintain shop locators on their websites. Companies may take use of these capabilities by using the tool. Using Store Locator Plus®, you can make it easier for site visitors to discover your company.

Create a map depicting 10 or tens of thousands of sites all across the world. Our premium add ons make it easy to construct directories and conduct location searches with a high degree of individualization.

The core plugin is completely functioning, has no constraints on the number of locations it can look up, and comes with all of the primary features that are required to have a locator quickly and readily put on a website.

Store Locator Plus® provides you with all of the tools that are need to develop a location finder for your website. It doesn’t matter whether you have 10 locations or ten thousand locations; WordPress can help you manage them all.

It is not necessary to use any specialized programming or do any additional setup. You will need to build a page, enter your locations, and then add the SLPLUS short code to the page. The search form and map for Store Locator Plus® will “magically” emerge in a moment.

4. LotsOfLocales

The distinctive square patterns in stark black and white are difficult to miss. You have probably used them as well due to the fact that they have a variety of applications in the business world, in everyday life, and even in hobbies LotsOfLocales is a tool that allows you to manage and show a small number or an unlimited number of significant retailers, sites of interest, or product locations everywhere on the planet.

5. Store Locator Widget

Store Locator Widget

A shop locator service that includes all of the available features and can be configured, added to, and embedded in your WordPress website in a very short amount of time.

It allows for complete customization, including the addition of bespoke Google Maps and Markers, and provides a variety of layout options to cater to a wide range of themes. Every subscription offers absolutely unfettered and limitless use of the service.

You are not simply restricted to retailers since the content used throughout the locator may be customized to fit your company. We have locators for doctors, karate dojos, vodka distilleries, and pretty much anything else you can think of! If your website caters to nations that do not speak English, adding support for various languages at the press of a button is essential.

Using this, you will be able to get your locator up and running by simply putting a code snippet into the platform that you use for your website or online shop.

6. WP Multi Store Locator

WP Multi Store Locator

WP Multi Store Locator gives users access to a wide variety of useful functions. If you are operating an online store and are interested in having some intelligent search capability with regard to location, read on.

It also provides the admin with the option to manage their stores, categories, and sales managers for their individual franchises at the back end.

This WordPress Store Locator Plugins is a comprehensive solution that comes with a wide variety of functions, such as Search Store, Functionality for Nearby Stores, Support for Multiple Templates, and so on.

Possesses the ability to manage Snazzy Maps Styles, easily manage Store Tags, the user may use a shortcode to show the search map anywhere on a page or post, look for shops based on Region, and much more. It has the ability to build a directory based on the shop locations, and users have control over the map settings.

7. Locatoraid Store Locator

Locatoraid is a classy shop locator that comes with features that give a cost-effective, accurate, and trustworthy online solution built on the WordPress content management system for businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes with a wide variety of locations.

Give your consumers the ability to locate your shops, dealers, hotels, restaurants, ATMs, goods, and any other sorts of venues they may be looking for.

Automatically locating a visitor’s location so you may provide them with the closest available selections. You will no longer need to spend time driving about aimlessly or relying on information that is no longer current since you can use the Locatoraid Store Locator.

It is the equivalent of having a personal guide to help you navigate the enormous world of shopping, guaranteeing that you can locate precisely what you need, at the exact time that you need it.

8. Custom WP Store Locator

Custom WP Store Locator is a location management solution that is both robust and simple to use. You have the ability to personalize the way the map looks and give your own labels for the various input areas.

Users have the ability to filter the results by the radius in which they are interested, as well as see driving instructions to local shops in the administrative panel’s chosen language.

The Custom WP Store Locator plugin provides capabilities for finding locations close to the user’s current location, using a zipcode search widget, and enabling category filtering.

This plugin offers a complete collection of capabilities to assist your consumers in finding you in a fast and efficient manner, regardless of whether you manage many retail locations, offices, or any other form of physical presence.

9. Store Locator for WordPress

Store Locator for WordPress is a plugin that enables a store locator on a website and enables consumers to quickly access your points of sale by providing them with guidelines in real time and depending on where they are located.

It has the potential to enhance the public’s perception of your brand and to promote your actual businesses in a good manner. This is particularly true if you operate a franchise or a chain of shops located in a number of different localities or nations.

You may make the purchasing process easier for your clients by providing them with clear and immediate information about how to locate your store and purchase things there. Data taken from Google Sheets have been used to fuel this WordPress Store Locator Plugins. Therefore, you should begin by installing an add-on for Google Sheets.

10. WP Go Maps

You will be able to effortlessly include interactive maps into your website with the help of WP Go Maps, which is a robust plugin for WordPress that is also quite simple to use.

WP Go Maps is able to meet all of your mapping needs, regardless of whether you want to show customers where your company is located, highlight various sites of interest, or design individualized paths for your visitors.

Although the free version of WP Go Maps enables you to construct a Google map with an unlimited number of markers, the Pro edition of the plugin makes it possible for you to do a great deal more. Through the use of our WP Go Maps Elementor map block connection, you will have an easier time creating Elementor Maps, map blocks, and map widgets.

11. MIPL Stockist

MIPL, short for MI Power Limited, is a renowned brand known for its wide range of high-quality electronic products. As a MIPL stockist, you have the privilege of offering customers access to the latest and most innovative gadgets in the market. From smartphones and laptops to smart home devices and accessories, MIPL has something for everyone.

As a stockist, you play a crucial role in providing customers with genuine MIPL products, ensuring their satisfaction and trust in the brand. With MIPL’s commitment to technology advancements and user-friendly designs, you can confidently showcase their products, knowing that they are built to exceed expectations.

12. Themify Store Locator

You are able to show an infinite number of locations using either a list view, a grid view, or a map view thanks to the Themify Store Locator plugin. Each individual retail outlet may have its own unique description, along with its own address, contact phone numbers, and operating hours.

When users click on a map marker, all of this information is shown on the map in a pop-up window. The Themify Store Locator is a must-have tool to enhance user experience and drive more foot traffic to your physical locations.

13. Store Locator with Google Map

Use this WordPress-integrated location management and map creation system, which has some of the greatest free mapping tools available, to power your website and add Google Maps-based shop locators. Using Google Maps, you may manage and show thousands or even hundreds of your most significant locations for products, businesses, or sites of interest everywhere on Earth.

The easiest way to appreciate its power is to consider how flexible it is you can effortlessly manage any number of locations from your WordPress admin interface and how many premium feature additions are available to further enhance its capabilities. Also known as a shop finder, dealer locator (locater), address map, locator map, store finder, zip code or zipcode search, and locator map.

14. SimpleMap Store Locator

The SimpleMap Store Locator is a crucial tool for companies to use in today’s fast-paced world in order to keep ahead of the competition and to offer an enjoyable and stress-free shopping experience for their clients. SimpleMap Local SEO is a robust and user-friendly foreign shop locator plugin that can be downloaded for free.

WordPress Store Locator Plugins offers a user-friendly interface and may be configured in every possible way. Its search capabilities make it simple for your users to locate your places in a short amount of time.

15. Simple Locator

SimpleMap Local SEO is a robust and user-friendly foreign shop locator plugin that can be downloaded for free. It offers a user-friendly interface and may be configured in every possible way. Its search capabilities make it simple for your users to locate your places in a short amount of time.

Adding a shop finder to your WordPress site is a breeze when you use SimpleMap, and it only takes a few seconds. Because of its user-friendly interface, it is the most straightforward plugin of its type to use, and its minimalist design ensures that the elegant shop locator you create will be compatible with the aesthetic of any WordPress theme.

16. GEO my WordPress

You can quickly geotag any of your post types, BuddyPress members, and other components by using the GEO my WP plugin and the strong capabilities of the Google Maps API and OpenStreetMaps.

Build an infinite number of stylish search forms that focus on proximity to search for and locate any of the geotagged components of your website. Putting up a location-based website of any kind, whether it one for real estate, events, directories, classifieds, social networking, or anything else, is a straightforward process when using GEO my WP.

17. Office Locator

Office locator assists you in locating offices within a certain region. It displays a map of available offices with their locations using the addresses obtained from many data sources, such as geocoding and Google Maps. Identifying office locations in a certain region is the main purpose of an office locator.

It does this by first locating the office address on a map, then utilizing geocoding to get the latitude and longitude of the address. In addition to being compatible with well-known multilingual plugins, it supports various languages.

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