WordPress Podcasting Plugins for Having Podcasts in Your Websites

A splendid assemblage of the best and frequently installed WordPress podcasting plugins to enjoy incredibly practical and user – friendly podcasting solution with boundless capacities.

Modern podcasting system, having its roots in far back 2000s through diverse platforms, is one of the handy tools at present both for individual and corporate digital usage.

Whether your website is entertainment or multimedia – based, businesslike with video and audio files required to be shared with your audience, podcasting integrated into your website can be the best strategy you cannot live without for a wide array of reasons.

If you ever wondered how to integrate a handy and credible, flexible and energetic podcasting plugin into your WordPress – based website with pretty little hassle and endeavor, the answer is right here.

WordPress Podcasting Plugins

We offer you to delve in the below – mentioned list of WordPress podcasting plugins for every techy or non – techy WordPress user to manipulate with them effortlessly and result in a dynamic and attention – grabbing, interactive and multimedia – based website to allure and satisfy all your website visitors.

Moreover, all of them are repeatedly checked and updated to escape all the errors and drawbacks.

And what is more enjoyable at this point is that each of them is in full compliance with WordPress CMS system and its products.

Podcast Subscribe Buttons:
Podcast subscribe buttons

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Energized and integrative, fully user and develop – optimized, powerful while totally lightweight, Podcast Subscribe Buttons is among the most dependable podcasting tools one can ever have as a helping hand. From simplicity in usage to intuitive performance, everything is minutely taken care of in this plugin.

As a solid ground for your further actions, Podcast Subscribe Buttons is ready to provide you with a basis on which you can add and practice any podcasting activity web profile or blog without facing any lack of control and surveillance.

However, this plugin is still in beta version needing additional updates and interventions for the final outstanding product and a true contendor of WordPress podcasting plugins category.


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Armed with more than 40 templates to make selection from, fully customizable and user – friendly to be exercised without any coding knowledge at all, Cincopa is also among the best WordPress podcasting plugins to easily add videos, photo galleries and albums, slideshows, music and playlists and showcase them in a nicely – formatted fashion.

Hence this podcasting system can be ideal for tons of websites with certain working direction, ranging from personal and hobby, music and portfolio, fashion and design to business and corporate, video and audio blog, developing and digital production and other relevant WordPress – powered web presences.

This HTML 5 – based plugin also celebrates total responsiveness and thus is ready to respond to any suggested mobile or device screen size and requirements.

Podlove Web Player:

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Podlove Web Player is another simple, yet handy tool in our roundup for a website admin of any background and coding preparedness to host a podcast through his WordPress – authored website.

Even if you are not expert in podcasting – related career, be sure that with Podlove Web Player you will be guaranteed against any kind of major challenges hampering your website ordinary functionality. Hassle and error – free, well – managed and launched, this is a plugin worth total attention and consideration for your website of any kind.

Podlove Podcast Publisher:

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If you ever feel overwhelmed with the necessity of adding podcast plugin to your existing or future website and feel bewildered with the offered choices, there you are with your competence to consider Podlove plugin here it is as one of the time and security – checked WordPress podcasting plugins ready to serve all your relevant needs.

It comes as a whole podcasting integration and management system with its multi – dimensional and multi – format publishing opportunities, zealous and resilient templates, chapter information publishing opportunity and even optimized web player inclusion for your convenience to deal with audio and video files.

Use online podcasting directories

ITunes, Google Play and Stitcher are online directories. These feels fantastic when it comes to supporting and securing Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin added to your website. T

hose two are custom – built to generate strikingly useful tandem to convert all your podcasting – related efforts into something worth higher applause.

Hence establishing your online podcasting – based identity or community, look no further than online podcasting directories to make the whole process of podcasting integration into your web system as painless as it is possible. With this tool you can also be granted with episode redirect, feed redirect and other options to be controlled effectively.



One more homogenous unity of form and function, simplicity and precision in usage comes launched as WP Podcast as one of the most active installed WordPress podcasting plugins.

Custom built to support you any relevant undertaking, this plugin requires the existence of your Podcastify, and WordPress account to provide you with accurate and precise audio players, iTunes, Stitcher and yet much more to be available with this plugin. You will be capable of migrating from your old podcasting system into this one without any difficulty.

Blubrry PowerPress Podcast:

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With simple, yet valuable and highly useful tips and tricks, PowerPress podcast can boast with its 50,000+ active installs and client loyalty. Totally iTune compliant and equipped with advanced migration tools, this plugin will never leave you in the middle of the road.

Even if you are a novice in the field, no worries about creating and serving fully customized and responsive podcast feeds to your target audience for subscription. The plugin is also accented with SEO aspects for better ranking results.

Seriously Simple Podcast:

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As one of the simplest podcasting solution for any WordPress – based website and its user, Seriously Simple Podcast will certainly show a helping hand to anyone when it comes to using the given framework to make it podcast – friendly.

Get all the suggested podcasting tools and options valid for you in the most affordable fashion and broadly make use of them. Armed with complete user documentation, it comes with optimal shortcodes and widgets for episode lists, single episodes, podcast playlists the way you want.

Podcasts have become so popular lately. The number of shows on the podcast has also gone up and if you are thinking of starting one for yourself or your company, then you have come to the right place. We have put together a collection of WordPress Podcast Plugins for you to choose from.

People turn to the podcast when they need or are interested in specific content. Unlike in TV and Radio, podcasts’ audience is narrow as only those interested in a particular topic, sign up or subscribe. It is one of the handy tools at present for both individual and corporate digital usage.

Radio and TV stations normally operate on set programming hours and if you miss it, well, oh unto you. For Tv, some broadcasting houses may upload YouTube videos on their channel but in some cases, it is never a guarantee.

But, with the podcast, there is no particular schedule or programming. You can access your subscriptions anytime and the viewpoints allowed are more.
While not anyone can be a radio or Tv host, anyone can be a podcaster.

All you will need is proper equipment, a strong Wi-Fi connection, editing software, good content and of course, a website. A podcast can be created from anywhere.

You do not have to travel or leave the comfort of your home or office to connect with your audience. It is very convenient. Also, podcasts help build relationships and trust with the listeners. One of the reasons why your audience is hooked to your podcasts is that they share the same opinion as you.

If you have a website of whatever kind with videos and audio files to be shared with your audience, then having a WordPress Podcast Plugin integrated into your website is the best strategy. The importance of a podcast is that it allows you to build your online community as well as get feedback on your program (s).

It is common knowledge that good news travels fast but guess what, a good podcast spreads even faster. Therefore, to ensure you retain your audience, you need to make sure that your audio series are continuous.

Podcasts have been reported to create awareness and gain new audiences for businesses that have incorporated them into their marketing strategy. Also, the number of businesses using podcasts has increased tremendously. So, do not be left out.

With our splendid assemblage of the best and frequently installed WordPress Podcast Plugins, you will be able to launch a podcast right on your website and enjoy incredibly practical and user-friendly podcasting solution with boundless capacities.

The list of plugins discussed below is for every techy or non-techy WordPress user to manipulate in a bid to achieve a dynamic and attention-grabbing, interactive and multimedia-based website that is sure to satisfy all your website visitors.

The advantage of having any of these WordPress Podcast Plugins is that they are repeatedly checked and updated to escape all the errors and drawback that might arise. And what is more enjoyable at this point is that each of them is in full compliance with WordPress CMS system and its products.

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