Best WordPress GDPR Plugins for 2023

This read will help you out in figuring out the best WordPress GDPR Plugins for your website

The requirements for complying with the GDRP have overwhelmed individuals from around the world. Confused about what to do and what not to do is a stage faced by most website owners before ensuring the compliance of their sites.

The good news is that you can leave the entire compliance task to a plugin if you own a WordPress website.

You can choose from multiple options that can rescue you from this situation. The unnerving task of compliance can be conveniently converted into a simple one with a capable program which also ensures that users get the best experience on the website.

GDPR WordPress Plugins

GDPR Cookie Consent

GDPR cookie consent

Everything is brought under one roof by this GDPR plugin. It ensures that you do not rely on other or multiple programs for the compliance of your website.

For your WordPress website, the entire compliance will become easier and faster due to the development of this plugin.

To ensure the website’s user with the right to be forgotten it comes with a single click solution. Through the ‘forget me’ form, the users can request the erasure of the data.

Contacting the data protection officer, unsubscribing from the newsletter, requesting for data, and other such requests for various purposes are managed through forms.

The privacy of all users is entirely in their hands and as per their choice with this tool. Cookies can be enabled and even classified by users. The opportunity to send out privacy policy data and rectify their data is also ensured to the users.

Integration with third-party programs and services is one of the major benefits provided by the WordPress GDPR plugins in general and the same is also provided by this tool.

GDPR Cookie Compliance

GDPR cookie compliance

The GDPR cookie compliance of the WordPress website can be best handled with this tool. For the cookie notification banner, it comes with multiple templates to choose from.

If any of the existing templates do not match your WordPress site or if you are not satisfied with the element’s content then you can build your custom template or modify any of the selected element.

Cookies categories and cookies list can be easily managed by it. The cookies on your website can be automatically scanned and those can also be downloaded as CSV files. On a granular basis, it allows users to opt-in for cookies.

The highest degree of control with regards to granting permission for cookies can be achieved with these tools and functionality.

If you have users from countries where GDPR does not apply then you can conveniently modify the settings and exclude cookie notice for such countries.

It comes with the auto-script block feature which allows the user a smooth experience and also blocks scripts of third-party services that will ultimately install cookies in the user’s system. If the users provide their consent, only then, it will permit such external sources to install cookies.



Cookiebot is amongst the best WordPress GDPR Plugins and offers an impeccable solution to ensure the cookie compliance of a WordPress website.

After explicitly pronouncing user consent, the cookies will be added to the user’s system by this plugin of your site. All the non-essential cookies are blocked by its features. It also prevents other scripts or plugins to add cookies on the browser.

For the convenience of activating or deactivating cookies by the users, it comes with five categories of cookies.

In addition to the general cookie law of the GDPR, this cookie enables the website to comply with the laws of countries like the United States, EU, UK, German, and Italy. It comes with the best GEO-IP location feature.

The plugin is well-designed and offers 7+ cookie pop up templates to choose from for the users. If required it also allows customization of the selected template according to the requirement.

You can also opt to translate the popup into any language because the plugin is WPML compatible. Popular third-party service apps which are sometimes required by the users are also compatible with this plugin for ensuring superior functionality.


complianz GDPR

WordPress GDPR Plugins make it an effortless task to accomplish with the compliance. This plugin can be one of the best choices along with the regular GDPR compliance it also allows the website to get legal updates and comply with major laws which are country or region-specific.

It is necessary to set up legal documentation on your website for managing with the compliance. This task can be hectic and also requires proper attention.

When you use the Complianz plugin it offers you an excellent feature of the personal dashboard. You can monitor the legal documents here and set it up as required by you.

The plugin helps you by a setup wizard so that you can generate the cookie policy and privacy statements.

If required you can also create Data Processing Agreement and Disclaimer documents. It also offers advanced cookie settings like location-specific display, blocking non-functional cookies, the appearance of cookie notice, and others.

Clients have various perceptions and to get an insight into it the plugins statistics dashboard will help you. These statistics will help in improving the conversion ratio and also enhance the user-friendliness.



For complying with privacy and GDPR laws, WP DSGVO Tools (GDPR) is one of the widely used WordPress GDPR plugins. All legal documents which are essential for the existence of your website can be created with the help of this plugin.

Features that make this plugin peculiar and unique include terms & condition, GDPR privacy policy, management & generation of custom legal pages, and others.

The cookie notice banner on the website informs the users that cookies are in use on the website and this can be enabled with the help of this plugin. From the footer section, this plugin allows you to link legal notices. It also notifies about any recent changes or updates to the user.

These are among the best plugins that can be used for your website and enhancing its functionality.

The plugin that provides you with the ease of use and has been reviewed positively for the type of WordPress website that you intend to host must be selected.

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