Free WordPress Flickr Plugins for to Showcase the Gallery Images

In the market, there is n number of websites created by WordPress but some websites need some outstanding features to showcase the gallery images in a nice and attractive way.

It is a fact that user likes websites that shows the creativity and focus on design. Hence, to resolve this type of issue WordPress Flickr Plugins comes in the right way to improve feel and functionality.

Each and every Flickr plugins consist of different features and functionality. With the help of Flickr plugins, you can redesign and reshape your website to get a different look. This process will assist you to get more user engagement for a longer time.

Some free WordPress Flickr Plugins are available in the market.

Best Free WordPress Flickr Plugins

Please check some best Flickr Plugins that are listed below.

1. Flickr Album Gallery :

flickr album gallery

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Flickr Album Gallery helps you to create a gallery in a nice and well-structured manner to make it viewable by each and every user.

Flickr album image gallery is specially created by Flicker JS API. It is widely used to display Flickr album to your WordPress blog website.

You can create your own API and ID to perform an album on your website. The multilingual feature is supported by this plugin. Fresh language translation can be done easily.

2. Flickr Photostream:

Flickr Photostream

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Flickr Photostream plugin is a new Flickr gallery plugin that is created by using bootstrap CSS. CSS helps to create a nice formatted gallery to get customer attention.

More than 30 hover effects are provided but in the paid version. You can use this plugin’s widget in the sidebar using shortcodes.

Hence the plugin is very easy to customize. A new user or old user can also use this plugin very easily and effectively.

3. Flickr Viewer :

flickr viewer

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Flickr Viewer is the best WordPress Flickr plugin. The version of this plugin is 1.1.8.

On your website, you can easily present Flickr Photostream, favorites, galleries, and albums. Lightbox is used to display the images.

Different shortcodes are provided to show galleries and albums on your website. But the 2 main shortcodes are

4. Album Gallery Photostream Profile For Flickr :

album gallery photostream

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You can now view photo gallery in a huge layout in an attractive way. You can view the effects of this plugin in the published pages and posts.

This plugin is basic of Flickr API that enhance the calming effect to your customers while using your WordPress websites or posts.

Photo Gallery For Flickr plugin is much suitable for every version of WordPress but the basic requirement is that it requires a 3.8 WordPress version or higher than 3.8.

The main features of the photo gallery plugin for Flickr are responsive design, simple and easy admin gallery, compatible with every browser version, compatible with every device, different shortcodes are also provided.

5. Meks Simple Flickr Widget :

Meks Simple Flickr Widget

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Meks Simple Flickr Widget works inside the WordPress widget section. You dont require any prior permission to use it. just you need to give your user ID.

Also you can change the size of thumbnails are per your requirement. For best performance cashing systems have been integrated. It supports the 3.0 WordPress version and higher than that. the plugin has been tested upto 5.2.2 version.

6. Photonic :


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Photonic Gallery Flickr plugin has some additional awesome functionality to enhance the look and feel of your website. it also supports different photos, album, galleries, etc.

you can give privileges to the user to set some photos as private or public. It works with Gutenberg editor and gallery shortcodes. It works with 4.9 and higher version of WordPress.

7. Slickr-Flickr :

Slickr Flickr plugin

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Slickr-Flickr does not have its own slideshow widget. it only shows the photos as a gallery, unbranded slideshow or a galleria.

with the help of shortcode you can easily use Slickr-Flickr on your wordpress website. you can apply filter by date, title and description.

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