WordPress animated progress bars

animated circular progress bars

Today we launched our first plugin on WordPress.org repository.

We would like to thank WordPress.org plugin moderators for quickly checking and approving of the plugin. Not to mention our cleanest coding.

WordPress animated progress bars shows progress of any type of skills or timeline or countdown in a fancy animated fashion.

This plugin is extremely useful when someone wants to showcase their skills in their resume website or online portfolio.

It can also come handy to show progress of a project or completed status for anything you want.

Not to mention this plugin is absolutely free and one can find this on a WordPress plugin repository.

Demo link for SKT Skill Bars in Action

Just click here to download the plugin

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2 thoughts on “WordPress animated progress bars

  1. rahendz

    Great plugin! and i using it. thanks. but when i using those plugin and put it in a front page, it seems hidden on first load. am i right? how to make it always visible. thanks.

    1. sktthemes

      No actually if we make it visible always it will load but the effect won’t show because unless someone goes to that section if the thing loads first it will show up as an image and not as an animated bar.

      Hence kept it likewise.

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