Useful Custom Twitter Feed 7 Plugins into Your Website to Increase Social Engagement

In today’s virtual reality, Twitter is deservedly ranked among the most popular and influential social networking platforms, therefore, Twitter integration into your WordPress produced website noticeably extends the scope of your website operation and will engage more people accordingly.

The good thing is that the cooperation between Twitter and WordPress can actually run deep and prosperous.

Twitter Feed Plugins into Your Website to Increase Social Engagement

A wide variety of useful plugins has been minutely developed and launched to add a Twitter feed to any WordPress website, causing minimum difficulty for the website owner.

If we dive into their component features, we will notice that many of them are built with all the controllable and easily accessible plugin suggestions, solutions, and controls to embed the posts from the Twitter feed into the respective website.

Thus contributing to a number of individual or business manifestations, depending on your website’s nature. You can carry out a zealously targeted activity on Twitter area in relation to you’re the news, services, products, statistics or other useful information about your

WordPress website and then integrate your Twitter feed into it, thus providing extra content.

Twitter Feed Plugins

Besides, Twitter’s presence on the website will add modernity, dynamics, and liveliness to the latter. Here are 7 powerful and reliable Twitter feed plugins to fit your WordPress presentation promotional plans:

1. Custom Twitter Feeds

custom twitter feeds

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The first plugin in our consideration which represents a solid functional framework with plenty of dynamic and handy plugin features is Custom Twitter Feeds. Designed in a very convenient and easy to use working style.

This plugin will let you define and design the relative twitter related solutions for your website of any description and popularity.

With the help of this Twitter Feed, you will be able to get custom background support for the fitting and pertinent customization and a highly configurable scrollbar for stunning operation. Apart from the listed potentials, you will be able to restrict the tweets at your will.

2. Feed Them Social

feed them social

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Feed Them Social will make it very easy and cozy to embed multiple tweets on any part of the WordPress website, as it comes with an easy admin panel to keep the plugin behavior under total control.

This awesome plugin leads to a variety of easily manageable ways to showcase Twitter tweets using the 3 different shortcodes, as well as widgets.

Some of the basic features of Feed Them Social include Twitter API 1.1 programmatic access, LTR and RTL support, strong cache system inclusion, tweet actions, and media, including photos, YouTube, and Vine videos.

It has an easy API software component, a Usage Tracker tool for tracking the usage status, 5 different styles to choose from for the tweets, a simple and intuitive setup and installation procedures, and an entirely responsive layout as a result.

3. AccessPress twitter feed


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Another powerful and feature rich Twitter combination and integration system, ready to function perfectly with your website.

Authored by the famous WordPress community is AccessPress Twitter feed. This interactive and technologically well supported Twitter integration plugin will give you easy and fast tweet access completely for free, however, with certain available upgrades.

Anyway, the free version is power packed with sufficient skillful customization options and controls, the option to get tweets from any account, a selection of the quantity of tweets to be showcased, and 3 visually attractive design styles available.

It has easy integration of shortcodes, lots of configuration options to choose date and time format, full username showing or hiding variants among them, as well as very easy installation and strong support coming along the plugin.

4. Good Old Twitter Feed Widget

good old twitter feed widget

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The next user friendly and extensively flexible twitter directed freemium online tool, which is packed with the most suitable tools and elements to have full control over the whole process of displaying tweets on the website most properly is Good Old Twitter Feed Widget.

Add and showcase any Twitter activity on your WordPress layout by adding this entirely configurable and manageable product very quickly and enjoy a strong package of plugin features to customize fonts, colors, backgrounds, etc.

Display any Twitter post or tweet, resize or relocate them, set the order of priority for diverse feeds, and enjoy its full responsiveness and mobile friendliness all the time.

5. WP Twitter Feeds

WP Twitter feeds

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Another Twitter feed plugins that works by displaying Twitter messages on your website is WP Twitter Feeds.

This stunning Twitter oriented layout, just like all the other plugins represented in this article, can be boasted about its total manageable and controllable basis, offering full customization over what is going to be showcased on your WordPress website.

After the acquisition and installation of this product, you will be granted lots of possibilities to customize the link color, and border color, select the most fitting background, and many other available elements at your disposal.

Easy Twitter Feed Widget Plugin is also very easy and user friendly in usage and does not require any API creation or Twitter application creation.

6. AI Twitter Feeds


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AI Twitter Feeds work by connecting Twitter to any relevant WordPress based site and displaying the relevant Twitter outputs in your website through the application of widgets to place Twitter feeds into the website posts or pages through shortcode inclusion.

This professional plugin is loaded with a bunch of management tools and elements to set the number of tweets to be displayed, customize Twitter profile image, date, retweet, and reply links, as well as the username using a lightweight and intuitive admin dashboard.

Moreover, a follow button is included so that your visitors and clients can afford themselves to follow your Twitter account.

7. WP TFeed

wp tfeed

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The last dependable and technologically powerful display Twitter feed plugins that you can successfully test out and reveal a large amount of cutting edge features and elements is WP TFeed.

This premium plugin will lend a helping hand to you during the whole process of dealing with Twitter feeds, tweets, usernames, and hashtags.

After its installation, a consumer key will be required to fill in to access the plugin settings and make use of them.

This highly popular product with more than 60,000 active users will allow you to customize WP TFeed to meet all your demands, display profile images, enable or disable the display of the tweet time and date, and many other valuable features available.

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