Twitter Plugins for WordPress Which Make Extensive Use of Twitter Easy on Your Website

7 pieces of Twitter plugins for WordPress that are worth installing and running on your website for Twitter integration with your pages

They will also be effective in increasing your Twitter followers and getting more and more retweets.

Twitter is a powerful social media platform as for present with tons of advantages for outreach and expansion of diverse individual and business affairs across the digital environment.

So, the ever – growing groundswell of this outlet will expose every individual and his undertaking to a range of new possibilities and conversion growth accordingly.

In this article some of the best and action – provoking samples of Twitter plugins for WordPress are reviewed and presented to consider for your website and to establish a firm connection between your WordPress – powered site and your Twitter account.

With each of them your Twitter – related content will be highlighted precisely and presentably through a premium – quality website – level display precedences.

Twitter Plugins for WordPress

To say the least, those products are truly customizable and flexible enough to smoothly subject to all your preferences and business visions in relation to your followers and audience altogether.

Custom Twitter Feeds

Custom Twitter Feeds

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Custom Twitter Feeds is a full – packed and dynamic Twitter integration solution for a WordPress – type website of any denomination. Customization controls of this plugin are endless, so that every webmaster can effectively take the leading role over its look and feel and customize it upon his requests.

In other words, there is a lot of customization over what is displayed in your website and how it functions for increased results.

Custom Twitter Feeds will let you add the essential buttons, among them Tweet button for post and page sharing, Follow button for enabling your website visitors to follow your Twitter updates from the site.

Hashtag button for sharing your posts in Twitter with hashtag, as well as Mention button for mentioning specific Twitter account holder when sharing something.

Feed Them Social

Feed Them Social

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Feed Them Social is another vital and substantial Twitter plugin for WordPress community websites to be acquired and activated for fully – controlled Twitter embedding mechanism for your online existence.

It’s a great way of adding your tweets in a few simple clicks by means of widgets and shortcodes.

Feed Them Social comes bundled with a bulk of essential features and guarantees an intelligent caching system for optimized performance and comes with readily responsive layout for all kinds of mobiles and devices.

Language support is also the integral part of this plugin that enables the usage of both LTR and RTL language variants. Tweet actions, such as likes, replies and retweets and fully enabled as well.

Twitter Cards Meta


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Twitter Cards Meta is one of the most energetic and challenging Twitter Card Plugin to integrate short message communication tool with its attributes with your WordPress – powered website.

This wonderfully pliable and neatly – structured plugin is brought forward for thousands of WordPress users entirely for free, letting them treat the whole process of the plugin activation and configuration processes as a joy and meeting their further expectations of driving engagement from this system.

And what is more exciting about this plugin is that it responsibly generates automatic setup for your posts, and you won’t experience any concern about the image selection for every post, its description and much more.

Summary Card, Summary Card with large image, App Card and Player Card are seamlessly supported by this plugin.

Customize Feeds for Twitter

Customize Feeds for Twitter

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The next in our list of the top – rated Twitter plugins for WordPress is Customize Feeds for Twitter. It’s another valuable solution for your WordPress – based site to grab the maximum benefit from Twitter and its feeds.

This one also comes bundled with automatic installation process that will take the minimum time and will keep you several kilometers away from complex causes.

As for the setup, you only need to follow simplified Twitter account setup and verification guidance, and finally, add Twitter Widget Pro to a widget – friendly space of your site.

Subsequently, you will be granted with flawless potential to deal with usernames, hashtags and URLs, showcase profile features and display or hide the tweets time and date.

BestWebSoft’s Twitter


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In case you are fond of Twitter area and foresee mind – blowing results from the collaboration of Twitter and your website, then Twitter Button by BestWebSoft is another simple.

Yet sophisticated way at your command of making an extensive use of Twitter on your WordPress – friendly website by simply adding Tweet, Follow, Hashtag and Mention buttons.

With this plugin, you will be the determinant of the button position across your web content, namely before or after, before and after and only shortcode, as well as of setting its options for the website user’s convenience. You may even conclude a list of post types and pages to leave without Twitter buttons.

WP Twitter Auto Publish

WP Twitter Auto Publish

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Twitter Auto Publish is one more clearly – coded and compelling Twitter plugin for WordPress that works for any type of WordPress – based product seamlessly.

By the application of this original and highly versatile plugin, you will be able to publish simple text or other message with image automatically from your website or blog to your relevant Twitter account, sort out the items that are going to be published.

According to their categorization or custom post types, let WordPress page publishing enabled or disable it. There is also a list of post – related attributes that you might publish together with the post, such as post title, description, post excerpt, permalink, user nickname, etc.

WP TFeed

WP TFeed

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WP TFeed is recognized and checked as the official Twitter, Vine and Periscope plugin available for any WordPress website or blog.

This generalized mechanism is ensured to provide you with tons of practical controls in order to add single or multiple tweets to your site, as well as follow button, so that all the interested website visitors will be able to stay in close connection with you and be informed about all your updates immediately.

This clever and smartly – coded plugin has been projected to be totally user and customer – driven so that it can be freely utilized as one of the productive channels to market your business efficiently.

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