Best Image Optimization Plugins for WordPress to Optimize Large Number Images

best image optimization plugins for WordPress which can do this in large number/bulk amount discussed

In order to gain an online popularity and be a frequently visited platform by thousands of people around the world, every website needs to present a strong and coherent combination of high quality and SEO friendly content, overall easy to use structure, flexible functionality and fast loading template.

There comes a time when the website is overloaded with super content, including high resolution images, but as a result, it affects the website speed and swiftness, irritating people, who have to wait more than an instant.

Therefore, diverse useful tools have been made up and brought to life for the image optimization and elaboration by showing an individual approach towards any single image for providing its exceptional visual look and feel to the extent of possibility, at the same time helping to speed up and fasten the relevant website.

In the event you are dealing with a large number of bulk amount of images on your WordPress based website, you are in the right place to find some well supported and highly compatible image optimizer plugins to install one of them and get down to enjoy its potentials.

Best Image Optimization Plugins

Images have the potential to improvise the user experience on your website. Additionally, it can offer assets that can be used for promotions and also elevate your brand presence in the online space.

But, when you use large images then they can impact the website performance adversely. The page loading speed will be affected and visitors will be in trouble accessing different sections.

When you choose to use the image optimization plugins for WordPress, then you can easily mitigate these issues. By optimizing the images for a perfect projection you can enjoy all the benefits without any complexities.

Working of Image Optimization

The image optimization programs are particularly defined to address the issue of storing large images.

These programs reduce the image size by ensuring that the quality is not impacted. It also manages the methods by which your website handles image loading.

If you manually execute this process it takes a lot of time and the consistency of the results is unpredictable.

Hence, using the best optimization programs for ensuring high-quality images and unmatched performance is the smart way out.

Best Image Optimization Plugins for WordPress

Given the popularity of WordPress and its dominance in the online space, you can find tons of optimization plugins. But, all of them do not assure you of the desired results.

Hence, to ensure that you select the best for your site we have compiled some of the best plugins in this read. Explore them and according to the demand of your website, use one of them wisely.

WP Smush IT:

wp smushit

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WP Smush is one of the best image optimization plugins. WP Smush as one of the highest ranked and recommended image optimization to be fully functionable with any type of WordPress produced website.

It comes with dozens of abilities to exercise image optimization or smush by removing hidden information and data, as well as automatic compression of the images when they are uploaded to the website media library.

This all inclusive plugin is freemium, that is to say, it is obtainable both in free and premium versions.

The free one is presented with compression format, which does not reduce the quality of the images, maximum width and height settings and scaling of large images before they appear on the website, smushing of the images up to 1mb, deals with JPEG, GIF and PNG image formats.

Automatic optimization of the attachments, options to smush the attachments one by one or 50 files at a time, dependable Smush API on the basis and yet more to come with the premium version, including compression of images up to 32mb, bulk smush of all the images, reserving the copy of initial images in case you would like to restore them later and more.

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Smart and user-oriented, adaptable and highly configurable, ShortPixel immediately processes and optimized your images uploaded to the relevant website, resulting in the website SEO optimization, better user experience and fast loading.

This simple, yet super functional image optimizer plugin, which you can get for your WordPress website, offers dozens of controllable settings to choose between lossy or lossless compression formats, keep or remove EXIF, backup, thumbnail processing, etc.

Automatic scale of the content images with the help of bulk optimization, resizing and modification of new uploaded images in the cloud, compression of JPG, PNG, GIF images and PDF documents, no limitation on file size, great functionality with WPML plugins.

Usage of the same API key on diverse sites during the activation process. ShortPixel is also eCommerce ready, being highly compatible with relevant websites, 100 free image optimization bonuses monthly and credits for supplementary tasks can be accessed separately.



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TinyPNG is comes to best image optimization plugins. After installing TinyPNG, you will have lots of possibilities and controls at your disposition to handle JPEG and PNG images optimization with the support of TinyJPG and TinyPNG compression services.

All the images, that will be uploaded and added to your WordPress platform, will be automatically optimized, ensuring in their turn perfect page speed insights results and bringing trustworthy page rank statistics.

After the images find their relevant places in the image library, you will be able to resize any of them, choose thumbnail sizes, set a maximum width or height for large images.

Use the same API key for many sites, including also multisites, keep the image metadata, that is details about when the image was taken, where, etc, resize and modify the uploaded images while working with WordPress mobile version and enjoy up to 500 image optimization per month.

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For a website that has images as its major attraction, this is one of the most ideal plugins to use. The fascinating part is that it is compatible with NextGen Gallery, WooCommerce, and other such programs.

Hence, all kinds of images that are a part of your site can be covered with it. The working of the program includes image compression during the upload stage itself.

As per your requirement, you can choose from three-stage of uploads i.e. normal, aggressive, and ultra. Such options give you the liberty to qualify the degree of conversion and output of the file size.

Another interesting and most useful option that it offers is the backup. With this feature, you can conveniently restore the original version of your processed images.

Hence, restoring original versions are always an option if you are not satisfied with the output.



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Imsanity is next in this compilation of the best image optimization plugins for WordPress websites. It comes with a peculiar feature for compression that makes it used widely.

The program allows you to specify maximum height, width, and image quality level. If any of the uploads, exceeds those parameters then the plugin will ensure that it will be compressed.

This enables you to process only the images that need to be processed. The other files within the range and quality can be featured in the original form. For websites with less stringent requirements, this is the most suitable choice.

In case you want to use it for previous uploads on the site, then it offers a bulk resize feature.

This helps you in converting less optimized file types to bulky formats for better performance and improvised storage. Give it a shot and test it for your site. Image Optimizer

resmushit image optimizer

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This is one of its kind addition in this compilation as it is compatible with WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop, and others.

Given its compatibility across various platforms, this is widely used by developers across the world. The features, user experience, and functionality across all platforms remain the same.

All the images that are up to the size of 5MB can be compressed for free here. Additionally, it also offers the functionality of bulk optimization where images can be compressed in just 2 clicks.

To ensure that you never lose the original image, it creates a copy of the original and then optimizes it.

For your advantage and to determine the optimization level it also offers a sliding scale. This can be a single solution for your optimization operations across multiple platforms.

WP Retina 2x

WP Retina 2x

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The next in this compilation of best image optimization plugins for WordPress is WP Retina 2x. The most creative part of this plugin is that it specializes in optimizing images according to the devices.

This means that according to the device used by your target audience or user it displays the images in the best manner.

This is executed through PictureFill and Responsive Images methods which creates the required image files for display on the user screen. To boost the page loading speed it has a lazy loading feature that does the job for you.

Overall this is a distinct program from the rest that you will use. Given its functionality, features, and methodologies one can use it to address the peculiar requirements without compromising on the results.

Image Optimizer, Resizer and CDN – Sirv


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Every program included in this compilation is efficient and differentiates from each other on several levels. This is no different and has mesmerized its users with its features and optimization results.

The entire process of optimization is flawless and gets you the perfect results. It automatically resizes the images as it exceeds the designated maximum dimensions that are preset by you.

The entire process is governed by its in-house infrastructure and the output is added in the WordPress library.

The bulk action has been successfully tested to handle multiple images in one go. Lastly, it also offers features like Page Cruncher and is compatible with Dropbox.

WP Compress

WP Compress

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This is the last plugin in this compilation of the best image optimization plugins for WordPress.

With the help of adaptive image by device, image lazy loading, and retina device support it successfully shrinks the file size.

Local image optimization and live image optimization are two methods that govern it. It can serve images as fast as 7 microseconds by using a CDN which also eliminates the need of making them smaller.

If you are an agency and working with multiple client sites then this can be your ideal choice. There are hundreds of other features that are offered along with that you can explore before you make a choice.

EWWW Image Optimizer:


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Another top rated image compression and optimization plugin available for any website of WordPress output, which operates stunningly without image quality deterioration, is EWWW Image Optimizer.

Like the previously discussed plugin, this one also brings about automatic optimization and resizing of all the uploaded images and pictures, thus proportionally contributing to website fast loading and overall website better performance.

Pre-existing images of the website may also be compressed or resized to get the most fitting size and quality. EWWW Image Optimizer together with TinyPNG plugin takes the leading role in the processing of JPG and PNG image formats.

Another noteworthy thing about this well structured plugin is that it runs lossless and flawless optimization technique, so that the qualitative aspects and characteristics of the utilized images will in no case be violated.

Moreover, it is up to you to make use of additional optimization options coming along this optimizer to generate WebP versions of the images, find the smallest file size for the images to be resized to and many other applicable options.



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Optimus will take your images and will process them, implementing impressive optimization procedure and resulting in smaller image sizes, but keeping the quality of the original image unaffected and harmless.

This plugin have been developed by the professionals keeping in mind the user-friendliness and easiness in usage, accordingly at present we have a really convenient layout at our disposal to utilize simple settings menu and organize the image compression process successfully.

Apart from optimizing the uploaded images, Optimus is engaged also into the configuration of the automatically created files in relation to each such uploaded image- thumbnails among them.

Every interested person may be able to find Free version of this best image optimization plugins with certain restrictions and limitation to 100kb file size capacity on the website images that can be optimized, as well as 2 Premium versions – Optimus HQ and Optimus HQ, with respective extra functional and optimization controls.

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