Using a Hello Bar to Generate Leads for Your WordPress Site

There are numerous prefixes used for a Hello bar like a smart, floating, notification, information, and others. It can rest at the bottom of the page as well but in general, it is placed on the top. As the users scroll down in a page/post it can follow them.

Important information is conveyed to an audience with its help. Therefore using the Hello bar to generate leads is one of the most trending methods used today.

Linked to a website’s goal, users are encouraged to complete a specific action. Subscribing to the Mailing list which is one of the main goals for a website is promoted through this.

Apart from lead generation, a range of website goals can be achieved from this.

Information like redirecting potential clients to lead or product pages, following on social media account, or promoting sales can be provided to users. In this short read, we will focus on the various methods of Hello bar to generate leads.

Hello bar to generate leads

Tips to Using a Hello Bar to Generate Leads


email subscribers

Emails from the visitors are mostly collected with its help. One can conveniently choose to display the signup information using a pop-up as an addition or along with the regular posting. In order to incentivize the audience to enter the email, a lead can also be used.

It ensures of signing up to the email list at visible times. Hence the audience never fails to notice this opportunity. This directly or indirectly helps you achieve the desired conversion rate. Try different subscription offerings and choose the one that works the best for you.


In case the major aim of the website is to increase the social media following then it should be specifically displayed on the bar. In an attractive manner, you can encourage your audience to follow your desired social media channel conveniently.

If you feel appropriate then a lead magnet can be used to encourage users for the same. With proper adjustments, if you can manage to add multiple social media handles then it can generate good results. In case it becomes untidy or ugly in appearance it is advisable to not do so.

The audience must like the appearance and the content. It should be interesting for them only then the use of hello bar to generate leads will be worthy.


Advertisement of a particular product in an impactful manner can be done quickly with its help. All you have to do is place a link of the product landing page on it.

As soon as the users opt to select the link they will be redirected to your desired page. The visitors can be pushed into the purchase process and this also helps hello bar to generate leads.

It can be used when you want users to sign up for membership proposals, online course, or anything else. In such cases also redirection can help you reach your goal. You can add the click-through button through a specific URL so that it becomes easy for the visitors.


It is considered as one of the best mediums for promoting discounts, offers, and sale. It is constantly on the site display hence becomes a key area for a flash sale. To make it more exclusive for your customers you can limit the time of sale and add a timer.

This is one of the best-used marketing strategies to create excitement and urgency. Promotions are super successfully with such tricks because the bar indirectly interacts with the audience.

In the case of discounts, you can choose to display the promo code or voucher code for discounts on the bar. The viewer will immediately focus on that and the word about the discount will spread.

The best advantage of the sale can be availed only when the audience is aware of it. This is an impeccable method of executing your promotion strategy.


New and interesting content can be announced through it. For bloggers, this can be one of the best tools. Bloggers usually update their blogs with exciting content to create an engaging community and audience.

Articles can be announced and shared using the bar so that it will be the first thing that the visitor will notice. Bloggers can also use it repeatedly to generate leads by the medium of newsletter and subscriptions.


News broadcasters and websites that intend to share the most trending news with the audience can make use of it. News of achievement, event celebrations, awards, product or project launch can be featured on it for attracting the visitor’s attention.

Shareholders, clients, and the audience can be kept updated using this method. These are some of the application of this bar. The guide you on how to set up a bar is included in the next section.

Using Plugins to Setup a Hello bar

The use of Hello bar to generate leads is a proven formula and hence one can use a free or premium plugin. According to the plugin type and functionality, one can add floating bars and change the flashing colors.

Some plugins also provide the facility to convert the potential subscribers without interrupting their browsing experience.

Depending upon the plugin features, one can modify the settings. One must select a plugin according to the requirement. You must not pay for features that you do not require.

But if through specific features you can generate the desired ROI then it must be selected. To monitor the real impact certain plugins also come with analyzing tools to compare the results.

One can easily find suitable plugins in the WordPress directory. Third-party apps and developers have also come with significant and powerful hello bar plugins.


You can achieve multiple site goals with a Hello bar. It must be made sure that it is regularly updated. If it is not updated the users will constantly see the outdate content or offers. This will refrain them from revisiting the site.

It is also essential to monitor the analytics of your website for clarity of what works and what does not. Focus on its positioning. In case you are not generating the required results revise the site SEO and bar content.

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