Features of WordPress Classifieds Plugins Check Before Download

Individuals are striving to be productive in their working hours. The phrase time is money has been adopted in the cut-throat competitive sectors of work and business. But when you try to be productive, you omit certain tasks that you feel have no specific worth.

In this process, if you ignore an important task, then it is going to cost you significantly.

Today you will find numerous categories for jobs, housing, services, community, and more when you head to any classified website. In simple terms, a single website will address your need for multiple tasks. Not only this, but it also enables you to buy and sell products, find a job, or offer services to clients.

With increasing popularity, investors from around the globe are pitching in to invest in such websites. Now, why would you want to miss this opportunity?

But are you worried about the time spent in designing such websites from scratch? What if we tell you that your existing WordPress blog can be conveniently converted into a full-blown classified site? You will be amazed, won’t you?

WordPress classifieds plugins will help you in doing it. This will help you in building a classified ads website for free. The essential part of this process is to check for the features and plugins that will govern the entire site. In this short read, we have included some of the must-have features for your ready reference.

Features of WordPress Classifieds Plugins You Should Check Before Download

Top Features of WordPress Classifieds Plugins

1. Powerful Ads Posting System :

Tons of features are included in classified website making components, which help minimize the workload of developers.

It is essential to present relevant data for a listing because the success of the site depends on it. According to customer interest, the requested data is retrieved with the help of the site search system. It also permits to showing pricing, categories, lists of ad locations, and others. The major question here is to find the source of such data.

A classified plugin will rely on the source of the ad posting for this information. The plugin asks for submitting input price, category, posting title, location, feature image, description, address, listing motto, and others while posting ads.

2. Advanced Search Filter:

Every cutting-edge classifieds website includes a remarkable feature of search. Any desired item for rent, purchase, or exploring purposes can be accessed by the user with its application. The growth of the site’s user base can be increased by providing a smoother search experience.

Hence, an advanced search bar is highly recommended whenever WordPress classifieds plugins are used for a website. It enables to filter the ads by advertisement category, location, owner, max. & min price limit, list type, and much more. It also permits you to sort the details by publishing date, item name, price, and others.

3. Detailed Ads Archive:

It is a tiring and elusive process for developers to create ad listings from scratch. To list ads semantically, an advanced algorithm is required. It is essential to find a plugin that brings advanced advertisement functionality to a website without any requirement for coding.

Some of these features include the product price, category counter, categorized ads, featured ads, latest ads, and others.

With all these items in a site to make it visitor-friendly and engaging, the data presented is extremely crucial. Some of the best plugins in the market enable you to do the same with a plugin backend option. The ads archive page can be décor creatively through a powerful shortcodes builder.

4. Extensive Ad Category:

Websites of the classified category are generally content-rich sites. It may have hundreds or even thousands of categories to offer for the users. But if it isn’t showcased efficiently, it will fail to generate the desired results.

Hence the featuring part of multiple plugins should be checked before finalizing from a bunch of WordPress Classifieds Plugins. The site categories should be showcased and scaled with enough details and a mature interface.

5. Solid & Secured Codebase :

Your classified website must be developed by a skilled professional or company. Unexpected bugs and security flaws can be minimized and avoided when the website has proficiently crafted plugins. To protect the website from hacking and other malicious attacks, an effective codebase act or security shield is required.

6. Detailed Ad Location List:

You can easily spot the location or advertisement list on the homepage when you visit a popular ads website. Just like the ads category, the location presenting the ad is equally important. It is highly recommended that you prioritize your target audience’s requirements and then decide which one to add to a homepage.

List the location on the homepage when you intend to attract location-wise visitors. Some of the best WordPress Classified Plugins enable the listing of ad locations according to the country, city, and state.

7. SEO Friendly :

For search engines to crawl the website without any hassle, it needs to have an optimized SEO. The indexing of the site pages of the classified websites can be done with ease for an SEO-optimized website. Choose the plugin that cares about the SEO fact because most of the featured ads are available only for a short period.

8. Documentation :

WordPress classifieds plugins are massive and must come with well-drafted documentation. It will be difficult to configure the plugin for non-technical owners and also for developers without proper documentation. Hence the availability of documentation should be checked before downloading or deciding to use a plugin.

9. Customizable :

The trend moves fast and swiftly, which makes the customization process endless. Therefore the developers need to customize the site from time to time to remain updated. Hence, if you come across any plugins that are tough to customize, it will be a bad idea to use them.

If you do so, you will end up spending money on premium features and also lose a lot of time in customization.

10. Technical Support:

Every developer has a unique coding style. Most of the developers face issues while configuring the plugin according to your requirements. Hence to save on time and get a proper solution, it is essential to receive technical help from the makers. This can help you save time and get accurate solutions to the technical issues.

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