15+ Helpful Free Facebook Feed WordPress Plugin

If you are looking for the Free Facebook Feed WordPress plugin then this article is helpful for you.

Undoubtedly, Facebook is one of the strongest platforms to promote content and website within a short time. If you are the user of WordPress, then monetizing the content with Facebook is a smart move.

Before jumping into Facebook feed WordPress plugins, you need to know about the complete detail of what Facebook feed Plugins are and its use.

What is Facebook Feed WordPress?

If you want to know what’s going on the Facebook page, then the Facebook feed plugin is there. This comes with lots of customization options that help to see inside social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and more of your pages on the website.

facebook logo

These plugins are smart and easy to use which takes less time to show Facebook on your website. The feel and tone of the page look the same as your website.

These themes are available in different colors and designs that can improve the display of an attractive look. Even this helps the user to read the articles more on the Facebook page.

Why you need Facebook feed plugins?

Today, social media is on hype. Whether it is for promoting and sharing your stories. As compare to earlier times, you need to put extra physical efforts to promote your content. But now, with social media, it is just one click.

All you need to post the content and try to viral it. The more you reach the audience the more you get the visitors to your website.

This is the best and perfect platform that can make you large without putting hard efforts. With the use of Facebook feed plugins, you can improve customer satisfaction and make them always updated with your new posts.

According to stats, millions of websites are raising due to social media.

Here, we are going to share the top 10 Facebook Feed WordPress plugins, which are newly added with advanced features.

BlossomThemes Social Feed:

BlossomThemes Social Feed

This Facebook feed of Arrow Plugin is created to help you with the displaying of the Facebook feed from an o public Facebook account. Also, it comes with the facility to show the Facebook feed to your page, post, home, and widgets.

Along with the Facebook feed, you can also opt for the various Facebook feeds to add in your single page posts with the help of the shortcodes.

This Facebook Feed WordPress plugin is lightweight and gives you enough flexibility to work with HTML5 & CSS3 for a fast-loading website as you enable this one. You can also create unlimited numbers of Facebook feeds along with the customized theme options.

It features various themes, Skin & Feed styles so that you can create multiple pages on Facebook. Also, the free plugin is too simple to use. You can change the date posted language as it supports make. It allows you to show blog styled Facebook feeds.

Key Features:

  • Vertical Facebook feed style for in a line feed layout
  • Multiple numbers of Facebook feed creation

ELEX WooCommerce Catalog Feed for Facebook & Instagram

facebook insta

This plugin is a quick and easy way to showcase your WooCommerce product catalog on the Facebook marketplace. You can create and manage as many product feeds as you want and refresh them at a scheduled time or as a recurring process so that your catalog feed stays updated at all times.

The plugin also allows you to create product feeds using variable products, target specific countries and locations, and generate the feed in multiple file formats. With powerful product attributes and category mapping, this plugin will allow you to showcase your WooCommerce products on Facebook in minutes.

Key Features

  • Create and manage unlimited catalog feeds
  • Add products with multiple variations into the feed
  • Product feed refreshes automatically on a predetermined schedule
  • Sync WooCommerce Products to FaceBook Catalog.

Facebook for WooCommerce:

This one is the official Facebook for WooCommerce plugin, which allows you to get connected with the WooCommerce website on Facebook. Along with this plugin, you can easily install the Facebook pixel and go on uploading it to your online store catalog to scale your business.

You can create a shop using the Facebook page, enabling you to run efficiently through the dynamic ads.
This Facebook Feed WordPress plugin works superiorly if you want to do marketing on Facebook to build customer loyalty. Also, you can find new customers and increase the conversion rate for your online store.

The plugin helps in tracking the results for advertising your store on all the devices. Also, it lets you optimize your ads for those who like to buy your product.

Key Features:

  • Seamless connectivity
  • Creates carousel ads

Widget for social Page feeds:

Widget for Social Page Feeds

This plugin is quite helpful with its lightweight features. Along with its immense popularity, it works great to let you add the Facebook page feeds and widgets.

The widget comes with a straightforward and attractive display that shows the page like the WordPress sidebar. The plugin is quite easy to configure.

This Facebook Feed WordPress plugin lets you add the application id from the created Facebook application and add it to the widget along with the URL of the Facebook page.

There are also configuration options like the show/hide posts from the timeline area. Also, it comes with the show/ hide cover and shows/hides profile photos.

At the same time, it lets you have the option for showing small headers along with the width opinions, customizable CSS, and language selection. Therefore, it supports shortcodes that are fast and reliable.

At the same time, this free word press plugin is very simple to use and lets you have easy integration without any enveloping knowledge. You can download and install it from the official website.

Key Features:

  • Easy to configure
  • Enables adding the application id of the Facebook application to the widget

WPZOOM Social Feed Widget:

WPZOOM Social Feed Widget

The Instagram widget or the WPZOOM works as a social feed widget, which gives you the freedom to customize the widget the way you want. The widget is very responsive and, at the same time, helps you to display it to your Instagram feed.

WPZOOM comes with the WordPress widget, which you can easily place anywhere along with the fully customizable features with the help of the CSS. Also, you can display the public feed along with the limited 12 photos of any of the Instagram accounts.

Key Features:

  • Customizable CSS friendly design creation
  • Easy WordPress widget placement

WordPress Social Share, Social Login, and Social Comments plugin – Super Socializer:

super socializer

This social Facebook Feed WordPress plugin is relatively easy to use for the integration of social login, social share, and comments on your website.

The plugin enables you with a vast range of features, which makes it one of the best. The plugin goes compatible with the Gutenberg editor. The plugin also goes compatible with myCRED.

You can easily get 100 social networks along with the social media to follow icons. The share counts are supportable for Twitter, Buffer, Facebook, LinkedIn, Fintel, Pinterest, Reddit, Odnoklassniki, and Vkontakte.

The Free icon comes with a seamless customization offer. There are various options to specify the sharing of the icon shape in various forms.

There are also options for specifying the icon size from 16 pixels and the options for sharing the icon in background color with logo color. There are sharing counters for customizable options.

The plugin enabled you with both the vertical and horizontal sharing of the layout. Along with the customizable target URL, you can share and rearrange the sharing icons.

Key Features:

  • GDPR compliant
  • Mobile responsive interface
  • Seamless social login

EmbedSocial- Platform for Social Media Tools:

EmbedSocial – Platform for social media tools

This Facebook Feed WordPress plugin solution comes with the features for showcasing the photos and reviews to your feed from the social network websites.

This platform enables you with the targets that you need to meet for your social media presence along with your website.

Also, it is helpful for the most dynamic and user-centric features. This official WordPress plugin works well with the various tools.

This allows you to display Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter photos on your website. This plugin lets you copy and paste the codes on your website.

This plugin helps you to display the social media photos while enabling you to add albums from your social site.
You can also embed the albums with automatic updates whenever you add a photo on your social media. There is no need for hosting, cropping, or managing photo albums is needed.

You need not have any coding skills; all you need to use is a very simple shortcode to display the album to your blog post area. You can also manage multiple albums with changing displays for each platform.

Key Features:

  • Gallery creation with selected social media albums
  • Embedding of albums dynamically along with developer API

Smash Balloon Social Post Feed

Custom Facebook Feed

This Facebook Feed WordPress Plugin is the best responsive, SEO Optimized, and easy to use feed for the website. It doesn’t require any HTM coding or language knowledge. You can use this easily. This can help to crawl your pages, HTML-Links of pages and URL faster.

Key features:

  • No need expert CSS knowledge
  • Fast delivery

10Web Social Post Feed

wd facebook feed

This plugin is yet another option to enjoy the best experience. With this, you can easily integrate Facebook feeds of pages, profiles, groups, etc. with customizing options to your website.

This helps in displaying the content with complete pictures, videos, and the timeline. Moreover, this will offer you various views of content to choose from.

Here, you need to select the view for your desirable content that keeps you and your reader impressed.

You can select the number of views from the unlimited box and enjoy the best. You can add these by adding simple short-codes.

Key features:

  • Easy to generate shortcodes
  • Give multiple feeds

Feed them Social

feed them social

If you want to create the social feed of your friends, celebrities, groups member, and your business. Then this Facebook feed WordPress Plugin is superb.

One of the best parts is it will look stunning on the desktop, PCs, mobile and other devices. This is easy to operate and used by anyone.

You can customize the feed according to your needs as adding like or follow button or more. The shortcode are easy to generate. This has a wide range of unexplored features.

Key features:

  • Generate shortcode
  • Unlimited features

Easy Social Post Feed

easy facebook likebox

This plugin is used to display the feed on your website. It is highly customized because it uses API that helps to style your feeds that the way you need. With this, you can easily display the posts of Facebook that help your readers to connect you more.

Key features:

  • Style the feed the way you need
  • Easy to use

Showeblogin Like Share Box Plugin


This is a special designed Facebook Plugin that showcases the Facebook page updates. Also, this allows you to promote the Facebook page with a more targeted audience on the website. This is a responsive, SEO-friendly, and smart plugin that gives you a perfect layout and make easy for you to promote website content on social media of the WordPress website.

Key features:

  • Easily embed the Facebook page to show on your website
  • Smart version

Flow-Flow Social Streams

flow flow

It is perfect to engage more audience in your content because it is highly customized. This can pull high traffic on your website via news, photos, and more that you can expect. Well, it doesn’t reveal your details. So you can go with it at ease and enjoy the benefits.

Key features:

  • No risk of leaking out personal information
  • Perfect for streaming

Social Feed

social feed plugin

This Facebook plugin is smart that displays all the latest posts feed on the Facebook page. This is also customized and uses open graph API that further helps to design the feeds as the way you want to pretend them.

Key features:

  • Give 24/7 support
  • Perfect to get the latest feeds
  • Easy to customize

Social LikeBox & Feed

social likebox feed

This is also the name of a plugin launched by Weblizar. It is simple, smart, and easy to use a plugin for anyone. With this, you will see the display of live streams of your team members of the WordPress website. This widget helps in publishing the new posts the way you want. It is responsive and browser supporting feed that can offer you the best experience.

Key features:

  • Highly compatible
  • Display latest feeds

Enjoy Social Feed plugin

Enjoy Social Feed plugins

It is yet the best Facebook feed WordPress Plugin that offers SEO friendly and responsive version to make your website the best. Moreover, it offers you highly customize options that allow you to feel and get the best editing features to display the post as you need.

Key features:

  • Display feeds from multiple pages
  • Customize feed

Social Slider Widget

Social Slider Widget

This helps to make your feed of Facebook like a box. The like button allows the user to see updates from the page and give another supporter as well. Using saving widgets you can display like option on post and pages easily on your website.

Key features:

  • Custom feeds
  • Display Facebook like a box

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