An Ultimate Dropshipping Guide for WordPress with WooCommerce

If you are thinking of starting your own business but are wary of the idea of maintaining your warehouse because of funding or space crunch then this article may be a perfect solution for you.

You are one of the millions of budding business owners who wish to join the growing force of the digital online business.

If you are just starting one of the best solutions is building an e-commerce site on WordPress through WooCommerce.

So here is the Ultimate Dropshipping Guide for WordPress presented for you which will explain to you in detail about Dropshipping and give you a comprehensive view about adopting WooCommerce do your online business.

You will also be getting tips on finding the best products for Dropshipping and growing your business.

Ultimate Dropshipping guide for WordPress

Explaining Dropshipping :

It is essential to explain Dropshipping in detail to beginners to understand the nuances of doing business with WooCommerce.

For people who are new to the e-commerce scene, the process can look a little intimidating at first as it is extremely difficult to find a reliable guide which lets you understand the term in a simpler language.

Dropshipping is a kind of business model that enables a company to operate a business without maintaining inventory and it doesn’t necessities you to maintain a warehouse.

Moreover, this process allows you to ship your products directly to the customer on the retailers’ behalf.

In this process, the seller never really touches the product which makes it a lesser riskier proposition. Your online purchase and sell stuff is ordered by the customers.

This method eliminates your worries about clearing your inventory and funding which enables you to focus on other important aspects of running a business like marketing to attract new customers.

Dropshipping has readily become successful because it has lower operative costs and is easier to set up your business. So, it is quite an attractive way to start your business in a much quicker way without getting tensed about the infrastructure of your business.

Benefits of Dropshipping :

As a business owner, you can directly drop ship your products to the customers or you can partner with a company who will take care of your shipping.

It’s overall an arrangement in which both the parties benefit to a great extent. There are many benefits of Dropshipping and some of which are discussed below.

Reach Out to More Customers :

As online business owners, you benefit immensely with Dropshipping as you can reach out to a wider base of customers.

The wholesalers can display your products in their online or offline stores and market your products indirectly which gives you immense scope to expand your customer base.

This ultimate Dropshipping guide for WordPress will benefit you immensely and give you profit for your business

Flexibility in Operations :


The rise of digital business provides the business owner with tremendous potential to directly interact with their customers. The Dropshipping model offers far wider flexibility to the merchants and they can sell more products to the customers.

Increase in Wholesale Buyers :

Running an e-commerce business becomes much easier when you don’t have to deal with physical products. Wholesale buyers will be more likely to strike a deal with you when you are a drop shipper. You don’t have to deal with the worries associated with packing and shipping of your items.

Saving You A Lot of Money :

People starting their e-commerce don’t have sufficient funds or the space to install their warehouse and Dropship plays an important role in this regard.

A drop shipper is a certified wholesaler who not only saves you the hassle of buying your product but also ships it to your customer.

What is WooCommerce?


The Ultimate Dropshipping Guide for WordPress will help you to understand the term far more easily.
WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that adds online shopping functions to your WordPress website and you can open an online store.

WooCommerce was launched in 2011 and it became a primary solution for users who are looking to open their self online stores. Automattic, owners of, acquired the plugin company in 2015 and currently it gives powers to most WordPress e-commerce sites in the UK.

Some Advantages of Using WooCommerce

WooCommerce is one of the best plugins which can be used for opening your online store. There are many benefits some which are discussed below:

Easy To Install :
The Ultimate Dropshipping Guide for WordPress with WooCommerce lets you get started in simple steps and the installation process is hassle-free with catchy WordPress themes.

The plugin works like any other plugin in the market. Search for it in the Plugin section and install it with just a few clicks.

The WooCommerce wizard will guide you through a set of steps and the options are almost limitless. As WooCommerce is completely compatible with WordPress it works with most of its themes and they are mostly free of charge.

The Shopping Cart is Loaded with Features :

You can set up your checkout process and payment getaways in your way so that your customers have an easy online experience. WooCommerce lets you accept checks, cash on delivery and also lets you use PayPal for accepting payments.

Moreover, you can also turn on the automatic tax feature with geo-location which will help you to show the correct price to your customers irrespective of their locations. Controlling your checkout process is now easy with the option to choose between countries and you can also set up your default currency.

Hassle-Free Shipping :

WooCommerce makes shipping your products easy and also lets you ship it to your customers. They have built-in options with flat rates, local delivery features, and local pickup. You can also offer the lowest rates to your customers and even offer free shipping.

How To Start Dropshipping with WooCommerce :

The Ultimate Dropshipping Guide for WordPress will help you to know the nitty-gritty for starting your Dropshipping store. There are a few things you will require before starting your online stores and these are:

Domain Name :

Domain name

A domain is the permanent address of your store and its very important to pick up the right domain name. A domain name should be relevance, it should be easy to market and it should leave an impression in the minds of your visitors. You will also require your website hosting which propels your WooCommerce store. Make sure to include an affordable website host, offers a free SSL certificate, which makes it easy to install WordPress and have great phone support.

Plugin :
WordPress is an open-source software that is available in along with the WooCommerce plugin. You can also use these two pieces of software on your host.

Themes :
The theme of your site makes it look at how your online store looks and it plays a big role in driving visitors to your store. It is also important for you to need to choose a WordPress theme that is optimized for better conversions.


Add Your Products :
Since you are Dropshipping you don’t have any stock of your products. So you can search and import your product from several merchant sites which sell the trendiest products at the cheapest prices.

There is also quite a list of suppliers who sells similar products so be on the lookout. Adding your products manually in WooCommerce will take up a lot of time since you have to manually edit your pictures, write in the descriptions and all other relevant information.

Does it sound hectic? Don’t worry, as the Ultimate Dropshipping guide for WordPress will make it easier for you. You can use WooDropship which automates your WordPress Dropshipping store and make life hassle-free for you.

Taking Care Of Your Orders :

Don’t forget to transfer the order to your supplier after making the sale on your store. You just have to fill in the customer details, add the selected products and enter your payment terms. You can use WooDropship to automate your order payments as it will fill all the variants for you.

Customer Support :
Your customers will continue to buy products from your site if you give them outstanding before and after-sales support.

So, excellent customer support is a must for your drop ship store and so you can install a customer support chatbot option to help your customers exchange their items and solve their queries.

Promote Your Store :
The Ultimate Dropshipping Guide for WordPress has great ideas to help you promote your store. WooCommerce has lots of themes that help you to brand your store in the most comprehensive way. You can add the social media sites to your stores and promote your online store on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

So, you can see that starting your dropship store with WooCommerce for WordPress is very easy and moreover it is completely free. WooCommerce also gives you extensive options to sell your products and is a lot more flexible.

This comprehensive guide about Dropshipping, WooCommerce, and Dropshipping with WooCommerce for WordPress will help you tremendously when you are trying to set up your online business.

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