How to Get Documents Signed Electronically With WordPress

Signatures on the documents are the foremost ways to authenticate the documents. But with the increased use of the internet, people tend to send the most of the official documents by an email. In that case, printing documents, signing them and further scanning to send them through emails is a whole lot of work.

In this fast-paced life, where everything is getting quicker alternatives, why this tedious yet important aspect won’t have one?

Well, then you should know that the good old WordPress has always got something to offers to its valued users for receiving documents signed electronically.

Documents Signed Electronically

WordPress Plugins for electronically signing your documents

There are a number of plugins available from WordPress which you can use to create service agreements for your WordPress site for permitting digital signatures.

For convenience, here is the list of plugins that you can put to good use for facilitating online signatures from your website. These are as follows:

Gravity Forms Signature Add-On

Gravity Forms Signature Add-On

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These WordPress plugins allow you to add the feature of online signing contracts on the WordPress websites. It begins with sending contracts and then captures your signature in no time. Moreover, this plug-in has a feature to send an automatic notification if you haven’t signed the contract.

WP Online Contract

wp online contact

These premium plugins provide all the features for online document authentication by creating forms to get the documents signed electronically. This plug-in will allow all the clients to sign up their documents and save as templates. The online plugins store the IP address and time stamps during signing the contract.

Super Forms

The Super Form is a popular plugin that has a special feature that makes it stand out. It comes with touch support for mobile versions. Also, it allows creating a field wherein you can enter the signature.

Contact Form 7

Contact Forms 7 Digital Signature Add-On

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The plugin of Contact 7 has become quite popular and installing it will allow you to get some free add-ons. These add-ons will help to extend the facilities that you can give to your clients for the online signatures.

Also, you can copy or paste the shortcode tags for adding the signature fields to forms. But this is only possible if you are aware of the CSS.

SwiftCloud Signature

Electronic Signature on SwiftCloud

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SwiftCloud is a free plugin being apart for the SwiftCloud Business suite. It allows its users to sign on WordPress pages. Using this, you can probably integrate all the services of SwiftCloud.

bbp Signature

bbp Signature plugins can support your electronic signature feature provided the bbPress is previously installed in your WordPress site. This plug-in will allow you prove the authenticity of your submitted documents to an organisation.

Signature Widget for Genesis

For this, you have the Genesis theme installed for your WordPress sites. The themes cost high but if you have the themes installed previously then you can get some add-ons free. The plugins adds the e-signature aspects.
How will you electronically sign documents on WordPress sites?

Follow these steps to create documents signed electronically with the use of WPForms WordPress plugins that provides the feature to create a form with digital signature fields.

Step 1: Activate the plugin

wpforms lite

At first, install the plug-in and then activate it on the WordPress site. This won’t require any coding knowhow but create your forms very easily.

Step 2: Install your add-ons

Install your add ons in wpform

1.To install the add-on, reach out to the WordPress dashboard and click on WPForms followed by Add-ons.
2.Go to the search field and look for the WPForms add-on.

wpform insttall

Step 3: Create a form for e-signature

Follow the steps to create forms for getting documents signed electronically:
1. You need to create a form that has enabled the feature of e-signature. Similarly, head to WordPress Dashboard, then to WPForms and click on Add New.


2. After this, select the template of your choice. On the page of the form builder, drag option on the left and drop towards the right.
3. On the page where you will build your form, the elements appear on your left whereas the visual builders towards your right.
4. If you wish to rearrange the fields you can do so.
5. From the Fancy Field part, select Signature and drop it in the form.
6. From the top right hit the Save button.

wpform control

Step 4: Include the signature from to WordPress site

Next embed the form to your website by:
1. Embed your form to your target Wordpress website and this way all the users will be able to use the e-signature feature.
2. Create new posts or page and click on Add Form button that is on top of the toolbar.
3. As a popup appears, choose the contact from the menu that drops down. Click on Add Form.
4. After this, hit on Update to publish the e-signature form live on your website.

form shortcode

What you should know about WordPress digital signatures?

Prior to creating service agreements, you should know that the agreement includes the following sections:
1. Signature field
2. Service and the payment terms
3. Contact details of the client

Thankfully, WordPress has some of the most effective plugins to get your documents signed electronically. WordPress is one of the best content management systems. Having a business profile through WordPress will help you manage clients more professionally than before.

WordPress has the broadest community ever, and its enormous number of developers around the world has developed too many plugins. You are basically in the condition to swim through them, but some of the most effective and popular ones have been listed here that will serve your purpose the best.

Bottom Line: As a fact, this article detailed all the processes of getting along with e-signatures for your WordPress sites. So get your service agreements so that you can create a better opportunity for your business.

This is because, this feature of WordPress takes you a long way in creating a hassle-free process It helps you to receive documents signed electronically proving their authenticity from clients or even job applicants too.

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