The Best 7 Plugins that Every E-commerce Website Needs

The Best Plugins that Every E-commerce Website Needs

Do you know that the e-commerce plugin repository has thousands of plugins? Yes, there’s a wide range of plugins available for your e-commerce website. Due to that, choosing one can be extremely overwhelming. Of course, not every plugin is as good as others, and not each is trustworthy.

Chances are you may choose a plugin that doesn’t do well with your existing website configuration; therefore, you need to be very careful. If you’re struggling with the same, you’ve come to the right place. In this article today, we’re going to list down a list of the best plugins for your e-commerce website. Have a look:


Unlike other plugins mentioned below, Shopify doesn’t work in the WordPress ecosystem; however, it remains the best. Shopify, as you know, is a popular e-commerce platform that helps you set up and grow your website, regardless of all the technicalities involved.

It is entirely cloud-based; therefore, it enables you to run your e-commerce business wherever there’s internet access available.

Ecommerce Website Plugins

It offers ease not just to the customer but also to the merchant. For example, there are different methods of online payments and most of them redirect you to third-party payment gateways. Well, it isn’t the same with Shopify.

In fact, Shopify offers the simplest method to accept online payments and that too, with no third parties involved. Also, it comes with a free trial for two weeks, which is another perk. You can try it before you purchase it.


The second one on our list for today is WooCommerce. It stands tall among the most popular choices when it comes to e-commerce plugins. A lot of small to medium businesses that turn their WordPress websites into online stores go with WooCommerce.

It’s free software that allows you to sell many things, including digital goods, appointments, subscriptions, and more. It has an extension store as well. In the extension store, WooCommerce offers different third-party tools. The price of the third-party tools varies, depending on the kind and quality.

Easy Digital Downloads

If you’re looking to set up an online store for your digital services, ‘Easy Digital Downloads’ is exactly what you need. Whether you’re selling multimedia files, graphics and themes, songs, eBooks, images, or any software, ‘Easy Digital Downloads’ is going to make your life easier.

It’s the simplest plugin you’ll ever find and because of that, it’s the first choice of every beginner in the e-commerce industry. It provides you with a front-end shopping card, which allows the customer to browse all he wants and add the items he wants to buy to the cart to check out later.

To speed up the process, it also lets customers skip the ‘add to cart’ step and directly move towards the payment and delivery, which, of course, saves time. Besides that, this plugin allows you to keep a check on the customers and sales records. Using this plugin, you can easily track your sales, profits, and refunds.

WP Simple Pay

WP Simple Pay is one of the simplest plugins for e-commerce websites. It offers easy one-step online payments. All you need to do is click on one button that says buy now rather than going through the cumbersome process of adding things to your cart and then moving toward the payment page. It’s a great plug-in if you have limited products or a single service.

Over and above that, it supports various online payment options, including ACH debit payments, Google Pay, Apple Pay, credit card payments, and more.

Plus, it comes with an inbuilt currency converter and a multi-language system, which allows you to switch the language and currency of the website to your native language and currency, simplifying the process even more.


Speaking of plugins for your e-commerce website, one cannot simply forget about BigCommerce. It’s the biggest e-commerce network that has recently launched its own plugin for e-commerce websites. Its plugin is incorporated with the WordPress content management system.

Moreover, it brings along a massive number of advantages for your e-commerce website, including catalog management, enabling different online payment methods, a separate backend system, and fast page-loading speed. Apart from that, it allows you to manage different websites with a single control panel, giving you absolute autonomy.


Ranking sixth is LearnDash. It’s an amazing plugin that comes with the learning management system and works well to make and sell digital products on your online store.

One thing to note here is that it may not work for people who are looking to sell tangible objects. Yes, for groceries, pantry staples, clothing items, and other accessories, you can try the plugins mentioned above.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to offer online tuition, something like a language course or a skill set improvement guide, LearnDash is the best option for you.

They provide you with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop product builder. Using that, you can easily create and sell your digital courses and grow your e-commerce business.


Last but not least, OptinMonster is another powerful plugin for your e-commerce website. It is a lead generation and conversion optimization software, which practically helps your website grow. It will help your audience follow the steps you want them to follow, persuading them to purchase your products and services.

How? Well, it’s simpler than you think. It offers full-screen welcome mats, floating bars, pop-ups for your social media campaigns, and more.

All these things help make up your customers’ minds to actually purchase things. Not to forget, OptinMonster brings along a drag-and-drop builder as well as more than 50 unique templates, saving you money that you’d be otherwise spending on a website designer.

The Final Word…
Other than the ones mentioned above, many other e-commerce plugins like Ecwid, TrustPulse, OptinMonster, and MemberPress are worth checking out.

Rest assured, an e-commerce store requires a lot of time and effort to bloom. Thus, after filling in all the prerequisites, you need to sit tight and wait for the site to grow.

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