What are the 5 Best Membership Plugins of WordPress and Their Use for Your Site

Membership Plugins of WordPress have been discussed in this article for people to add membership system to their websites.

It’s quite realistic to build a membership website for your online store, other business manifestation, club or centre, live seminars and meetings, private groups or any kind of fellowship-related activities with all its necessary options and features to make subscription plan, renewal period, login, registration or purchase forms inclusion, diverse membership programs, group events, meetings and challenges and other required elements.

Once you have made your mind up to run a successful and profitable membership website bringing sufficient incomes, a major step in your website building plan should be finding an appropriate and powerful membership plugins for adding extra abilities and potentiality to your online platform.

Manifold WordPress membership plugins are introduced in the relevant market, and all you have to do is to carry out a thorough survey of the proposed fellowship plugins and chose the best one fitting your demands and claims and supporting you to surmount certain difficulties appearing on your way to creating the needed membership site.

We’ve handpicked the best membership plugins of WordPress and tried to highlight their most outstanding features, which can surely be a great maintenance to you.

Best Membership Plugins of WordPress

All of them share the most applicable and preferential features and elements and stand out for providing the target website with more functionality and configuration options, at the same time meeting the modern standards and requirements put forward by today’s diverse technological mobiles, tablets, laptops and other technological products.

1. Paid Membership Pro:


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Paid Membership Pro is among the best WordPress membership plugins proposed for free, being fully GPL and provides you with ultimate freedom to make the use of this wonderful plugin. It serves as a stable layout, letting you set up as many membership levels with different subscriptions, as are required, define their relationship with users and orders, lock down and manage certain content based on a membership group or level in correspondence to your business policy or marketing strategy.

There are also lots of plugin options and filter available for changing the initial behavior and operation of this plugin. It’s under your control to hook Paid Membership Pro to Paypal, Stripe, Authorize.net, Braintree, 2Checkout, and Cybersource payment systems and services and create pages for signing up and logging in the site. This practical plugin is very easy in usage and you’ll be able to quickly configure membership levels, present diverse trial periods or setup any pricing models.

2. Ultimate Member:

ultimate member

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Ultimate Member has been another highly extensible, resourceful and totally configurable plugin, checked and exercised by hundreds of people and communities so far. This user and customer friendly plugin is a proud successor of Membership plugin, being its renewed and more functional version and comes with a simple structure to make the most of it, having super flexible membership management system with access to content, videos, downloads, membership forums, support and much more.

Irrespective of the fact, whether you want to develop and manage a small blog or content rich website with favored access to premium content, create multi-level fellowship system, or engage in e-commerce activities to run your successful shop or make any other topic-specific solution, here is Ultimate Member for you with its reliable layout, including fast and intuitive installation, four basic membership types to make selection from: Standard Membership, Dripped Content Membership, Guest Membership, Default Membership, PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net integration and other advanced plugin features included.

3. Simple membership:


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The next WordPress membership plugin, which is worth taking notice of, is simple and clear, yet dynamic and versatile Simple membership. This product inclusion into your website can serve as an important and priceless tool to transfer your ordinary and average site into a significant and effective membership platform, on the basis of which you can gradually develop and flourish your business of any shape and size.

By choosing this adaptive plugin, you’ll have the privilege to restrict the website visitors’ access to your target content, including courses, classes, images, videos, tutorials or whatever it is, so that only members will have an opportunity to reach to it after logging into the relevant website system. Create multiple membership levels (free, silver, gold, etc.) to secure your content, pages or posts, set free and paid membership forms, one-time payment or recurring payment options and view all website members and their account status.

4. S2Member:


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S2Member with its well-developed and well-supported membership management framework comes to help you in creating and launching your membership website for community interaction and cooperation within limited time frame and will not cause any difficulties and obstacles for you during its setup and further operational process. This plugin allows you to create different membership levels and specify parts of your website, which the members of diverse proposed membership levels may have access to and enter.

It also suggests overall easy to customize structure to undertake modifications of certain levels, inclusion of Paypal button, content restriction possibilities, customizable email templates, member profile edition options, manual account opening availability and other practical plugin features.

5. WP-Members:


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The last ideal instrument at one’s full disposal and command to raise his hobby or leisure activity into a profitable business is WP-Members of WordPress. This easily configurable and highly reliable WordPress plugin grants you with easy installation and setup, quick and easy changes to expand your website potential, flexible and convenient membership subscription options, giving access to one or more membership levels, one-off or automatic subscription payments, protection of any content inserted into your online platform from non-members and making it available for only certain levels of members, easy to utilize shortcodes integration to limit specific parts of the content.

Option to hide the content entirely from certain dishonest members, admin notification in case of new user registrations and this is not the whole list of available features of this strong and polished plugin. It’s also up to you to create simple or rather complicated registration forms to collect all the required information and details about your members and users.

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