9 A/B Split Testing Plugins for WordPress

In digital marketing, it is important to know about every variable that is presented in them, so that you can work easily and without any problems. Knowing the right thing and information will help you take the right decision which results in making a profit.

With so many variables available, choosing the right one is a difficult task and that’s where A/B Split Testing Plugins comes in to help the web developer in the WordPress website.

The A/B split testing helps the developer to make the right decision related to the data-driven on aesthetics, messaging, and others.

If you think that performing the A/B split testing is a difficult task, then you need to take a look at this article where we will tell you how you can perform the split test easily. Also, we will see some more information related to the A/B split testing plugins that will help the users to understand it better.

So, let’s find out.

The Basics Of A/B Testing

The A/B test which is also known as the Split test or the A/B Split test is an experiment that makes a variable isolate into your market campaign. The idea of this testing is to pit one version into another variable against the other. It measures and analyzes everything about the performance.

The A/B Split Testing Plugins help in making the right decision according to the data-driven making everything into consideration like marketing and sales campaigns including messaging and aesthetics to email communication and the impact of advertising.

A/B Split Testing Plugins

How Does A/B Testing Work?

To see how the A/B Split Testing Plugins work, let’s take an example of the new products that are recently launched in the market.

For those two products, you need to create two advertisements to attract customers but you cannot decide which one will be beneficial in the matter of better Return on Investment (ROI).

That’s where A/B split testing comes to help you decide the best one for your product but first, you need to decide where you want to display these ads on any social media platform including Facebook, Instagram, or email.

Now the actual test begins with ad A in which you need to run it on the platform for a fixed period for example one week and record those results. Now, do the same thing with ad B in which you don’t need to change anything and keep the variable of A/B Split Testing Plugins the same.

In the end, test the metrics and see which one got better results. The one with the better result will be beneficial for you in the long run.

9 Best A/B Split Testing Plugins for WordPress

As we discuss working on A/B Split testing, it’s time to know about the famous A/B split test plugins that will help you get more customers and help you make the right decision for your website.

1. Nelio A/B Testing

Nelio A/B testing eliminates the requirement of the external tool as in this testing, you will get a package that is located at the backend of your WordPress website. you can experiment on any of your websites with the help of heatmaps, conversion action tracking, and title testing.

The price of Nelio A/B Split Testing Plugins is around $24/month which comes with a basic plan and $74/month which comes with the Professional plan. There is another plan for the enterprises known as the enterprise plan which costs $216/month.

Nelio A/B split testing reduces the complexity as you don’t need to visit the different sections to perform the necessary functions. You will get everything at the backend.

2. Google Optimize For WordPress By Monster Insight

It is one of the strongest A/B testing tools that are present in the market and it allows the user to play with a variety of elements like multivariate and redirect tests. You can also integrate the plugin with other Google products including Google Analytics for a better experience.

However, the Google Optimizer doesn’t have the WordPress plugin, so it might affect your WordPress functioning. Although you can choose the Google Optimizer Add-on for the MonsterInsights which you can easily implement on your website and get the benefit out of it.

The price of the Google Optimize is $100/year for the plus plan, $200/year for Pro Plan, and $400 for Agency Plan.

3. Marketing Toolkit by OptinMonster

OptinMonster is known for its lead generation plugin which offers popups like the lightbox and other opt-in forms. The OptinMonster comes with A/B testing for the critical conversation elements on the site. Most users like OptinMonster because it helps the users to identify the best ads that are delivering the best results.

It helps them to identify the target audience so that the website gets better business and improves engagement.
If we talk about the price of the Marketing Toolkit by OptinMonster then it’s $9/month, $19/month for the plus plan, $29/month for Pro Plan, and $49/month for the Growth plan.

4. VWO (Visual Website Optimizer)

It is the free A/B Split Testing Plugins and also the powerful A/B testing platform that performs well with a visual editor that helps in making the necessary changes without any writing code. The recommendation will be done as per the statistical significance.

You can also keep track of the hypotheses and their results. If you want to connect WordPress with the VWO, then you can do it with the help of a convenient plugin.

VWO helps you to test anything and anywhere so that you can check the impact.
The Visual Website Optimizer tool also helps in tracking both leading and lagging indicators to see the market approach.

5. Split Test for Elementor

If you use the WordPress website, then you will know that Elementor is a famous page builder which is used by most web developers. If you have already installed the Elementor, this plugin is the perfect complement.

The Split test for the Elementor is simple to use and streamlined which means you don’t have to worry about its technical difficulties or anything. The plugin is free of cost and that’s why it is the most demanding one.

6. Popups, Welcome Bar, Opt-ins, and Lead Generation Plugin by Icegram

It is similar to the OptinMonster as it is the best and most powerful conversion tool. In this plugin, you can implement popups, action bars, and more to create a powerful UX experience. Icegrams knows the importance of the testing in the CRO and also offers split testing for the features.

In this A/B Split Testing Plugins, you can check the experiments with the opt-ins, headlines, CTAs, button colors, and many more. the best thing about this testing plugin is to get the most accurate results with the Icegrams which helps in building a better UX.

The price starts at $97/year for the pro plan and $147/year for the max plan which is a little expensive but offers great services.

7. Split Hero

In the hero plugin, there’s no need for coding and the design is also user-friendly which means that anyone can create the webpage and also maintain it as per the demands of the web owners. Split Hero offers a free trial too which helps in kickstarting the A/B testing.

If you like the Split Hero service and plugin then there’s a basic plan for you at $49/month, $99/month for the Premium plan, and $249/month for the Agency Plan.

8. Thrive Headline Optimizer

The Thrive plugin is all about the headlines which is an important point as the headers help in breaking the emails and also help in the advertisement efforts. If the customer is not compelled by the headlines of your WordPress articles, then the market campaign won’t deliver.

Even if your article is cleverly written or interesting, and the customer isn’t compelled, then it won’t matter. The Thrive headline optimizer uses the main A/B testing to pinpoint the headlines in the WordPress website which will help in getting the best response.

The price of the Thrive Headline Optimizer is $99 for the quarterly plan.

9. ABTesting.ai

The ABtesting.ai uses advanced AI which helps in conversion optimization. This plugin is different from others because it can test multiple variables at the same time which shows the different combinations of the elements until you can find the most suitable one.

The ABtesting.ai is the best option for marketers who needs a great solution where they can get the best results. The AI becomes the marketer’s best friend as it helps them to take the right decision and does most of their work. With the help of ABtesting.ai, you can reduce the workload and get a proper insight.

Which A/B Testing Tool is Best For the WordPress?

It is important to know which A/B testing tool goes perfectly with your WordPress website as if you choose the right one, then it will result in getting more customers and also helps in improving the revenue.

So, if you want to know which WordPress A/B testing tool is best for you, then you need to know what you are looking for. You can look at the above nine options and see which one is best for you.

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