Beaver Builder vs Divi: Which One Should You Choose (Best Comparison)

Beaver builder vs Divi page builder comparison

Beaver Builder and Divi both play an important role in the changes in the entire web development industry. If you are thinking which one is better now let’s clarify this confusion first. Each plugin is very close competitors. Let’s see which one would be better for your company. Beaver Builder vs Divi comparison is quite remarkable, both are useful in their way.

Nick Roach was the founder of Divi. Beaver Builder or Divi it’s very difficult to choose from the two because they both are very high-quality frameworks and they also have the practical way to build their theme. So if you are new to the WP world then you might not know about the history of Beaver Builder and Divi.

beaver builder vs Divi

Information About Divi:

Divi Builder

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You can see in the first para, Nick Roach is the founder of Divi. Their company produces a plugin called Elegant Themes. They built this platform in 2012. The need of this was building a platform with the help of drag and drop modules.

That project provides Divi in 2013. If rock-solid reliability is very important to you then it would be really hard to recommend Divi to you. Because it has some problems with its content lock and updates.

But if you want something unique or an innovative page builder option for your design which helps to create a wonderful design then Divi is the best solution for you. Divi’s lifetime pricing is a big factor as far as the cost-effectiveness.

So Divi lifetime pricing matters a lot, you can’t come close to its pricing. But if you are comfortable with the lifetime cost effect of Divi then it would be a very attractively appealing and engaging option for you. Divi is especially known for its original theme and page building combination for WordPress.

Divi has a vast number of the userbase of fans because its launched very earlier and that’s one of the main reasons it’s very popular nowadays. It has very innovative features and a unique format also.

Information About Beaver Builder:

Beaver Builder

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On the other hand, Beaver Builder is the most reliable page design destination available for your company because one of the most important things that it is providing you is a seamless update option.

Custom CSS or an add on package is important if you want a pretty looking website. Beaver Builder is loved by any website developers and DIYers alike out there.

It is used by one million websites because of its clean code, it is also a developer-friendly option and its very reliable for its good updating format. Beaver Builders is very easy to use. So beginners can use it in their simple way. It does not have that much of customization options like Divi.

In terms of the battle, Beaver Builder vs Divi Beaver Builder is leading. Beaver Builder giving you very smooth and professional-looking access. Beaver Builder mostly supports text images video e.t.c.It is also a run-of-the-mill website.

You have to use the plugins and shortcodes if you need something fancy and innovative. So now I’m telling you an interesting thing that is, shortcode.

Shortcodes were great because it has an exciting feature so you can insert specific features and functions whenever you want to add it in a specific page. But you still have to maintain some limitations like you still have to install several different plugins. Only then you can achieve multiple different plugins on a page.

Beaver Builder vs Divi:

Beaver Builder vs Divi

  • Divi has 140+ layouts compared to Beaver Builder.
  • Divi is slightly lesser from the price than Beaver Builder.
  • Beaver Builder still had had some limitations like you still have to install a vast number of different plugins if you want multiple numbers of different kinds of elements on a page.

Like if you want sliders call-to-action buttons, videos image galleries, and other stuff you have to focus on adding more and more plugins. Which is not necessary for Divi.

This can give you another problem like the increasing numbers of installing products can give a heavy website. It also can provide you a ton of prone to security vulnerability issues that would come from the various items you already have pre-installed.

Beaver Builder vs Divi is not the rivals all the time. They both have similarities like this plugin currently comes with 46 types of content modules. Some regular ones look something like text, search, according, button, CTA, audio, video custom code, driver etc.

So in the battle of Beaver Builder vs Divi, you have to know that Divi originated as a full WordPress theme that providing you a page building option into it.

Some page builder was made by the Divi theme in 2015. When their first theme Elegant Themes were just launched.

In the compatibility of Beaver Builder vs Divi, you can use any virtual theme. You are getting all the features available there no matter which licenses you are purchasing. But the beaver builder has its own easy to use modules and well decorate fresh templates.

Divi is a paid product. So you cant use it without paying for its license. But the Beaver Builder does not need such things.

Another point in the comparison between Beaver Builder vs Divi is its interface terms. So beaver builder has its more common elementary thing than Divi builder.

Just like beaver Builder has a sidebar that has all a sidebar in which you can lists all the available modules out there.

If you want to add a module to your page you just have to drag and drop it from the right side of the bar on your current page. On the other hand, the Divi builder opts for all its options on the top side of its live visual preview.

The best thing about the beaver builder is you can automatically make new columns just using the drag and drop process but In Divi, you have to create it manually.

So at the end people or the companies who wants to get a designed and interesting website without a developers help or without using code then you can take the help to Beaver Builder and Divi and a small business owners, bloggers, SEOs, Affiliate website owners, content writers who have websites, web designers, digital marketing agencies can use this Beaver Builder and Divi.

They both are the best in their way.

Features Comparison of Beaver Builder vs Divi

Lite version
Divi comes with the Lite version whereas beaver builder do not comes with also free version.

Real time editor

Divi allow you to modify the content and check the changes in real time.
Beaver builder also allow you to check and modify changes in real time.

Frontend and backend

Frontend and backend both are available in Divi and beaver page builder.

Target audiences

The main target visitors of Divi are developer, designer and users.
Whereas beaver builder can be used by designer or a web developer only.

Elements supports

Divi is supported with 46 elements.
Beaver provide support for only 31 elements.

Clean code

The Divi is not crafted with the clean code.
Whereas beaver is crafted with the clean code.

Pre made templates

Divi has inbuilt with more than 800+ Pre-made Designs.
Whereas beaver as only 50+ readymade templates.

Best feature

A/B testing is the cool feature of Divi.
Beaver theme is the best feature of beaver.


Divi is rated with 4 stars by users.
Beaver is rated with all 5 stars by users.

Overall ratings

Divi has given all 5 stars for its overall performance.
Beaver has given with 4 and half star for its overall performance.


Divi comes with the basic modules including divider, call to action button, accordion, custom code, audio, button, text, search, and more and some advance modules are pricing table, optin, video slider, person, login, map, portfolio, testimonial, counter and more. The three main sections that Divi provides are Advanced, design, and content.

BB comes with the basic modules including images, heading, text editor, video, buttons, HTML and so on and the advance modules are posts sliders, countdown timers, post sliders, content sliders, menus, tabs, call to action and more. The three main sections that BB provides are Advanced, Style and General

What users like about Divi?

  • Affordable and captivating pricing structure that give you access to lots of features including WordPress plugins and themes
  • Best alternative to create any type of page layout
  • It has awesome options for layout management

What user like about Beaver Builder?

  • Very simple and easy to understand interface
  • For clients it has option for unique editor
  • In the layouts you can make a use of some WordPress widgets very easily
  • Even if you deactivate or delete the plugin the content will remain same.

What users did not like about Divi?
It is not easy to understand as it would take some more time to understand its features and functionality.

Frontend editor takes much time to get loaded.

What users did not like about Beaver?

  • This page builder is expensive as compare to other site builder
  • You do not have option for redo, undo and redo.

Let us check why you should use Divi or beaver builder

If you are not used to WordPress and belong to other industry then you might be unaware about any page builder and which would be the best for you to start online business in no time. Few years back WordPress was used to create either post or pages.

The items of these both content is same at some extend. because posts and pages both are supported with images and simple text where as your website consist of different types of multimedia content such as pdf, maps, images, animations, videos etc.

If you want to make your website captivating and more functional you have to need WordPress plugins to it to make it more fancier. Or you have an option of adding shortcodes to add new functionality in no time.

Now shortcodes is the most important factor in WordPress because with shortcodes you can add any type of function or feature to your website pages where eve you want. But still you will face some issues as you need to add lots of plugin for different functionality plus you need to use different elements on pages to achieve you goals.

You have to add lots of plugin to add Google map, sliders, videos, animations, images, call to action, and more. This is another most noticeable problem that makes your website heavier and results to bad loading speed and performance.

Poor loading speed and bad website performance leads to your website security vulnerabilities. Thus with this problem your website can get hacked very easily and you can lose your complete data.

Another issue that you can face is that you won’t be able to create post and pages visually. With different shortcodes you need to design pages that required lots of technical knowledge.

This was the major problem that WordPress developers were forced to provide solution over that. People were looking for a platform so that they can create a complete functionality as per their desire without any constraints.
This is the reason why they created WordPress page builder.

The developers of page builder were in search so that they can understand people’s problem and can create best alternative for them.

Divi is another page builder that is mostly used by many of developers and designer and user too. Divi page builder should be chosen by beginners who just don’t want to mess up with technical stuff.

Small scale businesses, SEO’s, bloggers, web designers, affiliate website owners, digital marketing agencies, entrepreneurs, content writers, etc should use Divi rather than beaver builder.

Beaver builder is little tough to understand therefore beginner should never prefer this page builder. Designers and developers would be able to use beaver builder very easily as they are developers and designer at heart.

Sometime Divi restrict these developers and designers for the functionality they want thus beaver will never restrict on any functionality.

Beaver Builder can easily provide solution to the problems encountered in Divi. Beaver should be preferred by Digital agencies, web developers, freelancers, web designers, and other technical staff.

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