5 Ways to Make Your Website Scream Local

Here are 5 ways with which you can make your Website Scream Local

The world is getting smaller every day with more and more people connecting to the internet. For any kind of information, people have started to rely on the internet even if the information is accessible next door.

This has made local businesses throughout the globe not only compete in real-world but also online. Thus it has become increasingly important for local businesses to make their websites scream local.

There are several ways with which one can make their business pop up on top of the search results locally and earn the benefits of being technologically smart no matter how small their enterprise is.

1. Geographically Curated Keywords

– The easiest and most logical way to get your business pop up in search engine results locally is to use geographically curated keywords in your content.

Keywords can be varying from your state, city to even street name or local suburban area. You can use these keywords not just on your website, but also on your business’ social media accounts.

(Tip: Use location tags and location-based hashtags on your social media accounts for better results).

You can research locally relevant phrases and terms to your advantage as well in order to get more specifically optimized results.

website scream local

Google Trends, Soovle, and Answer the Public are some easy to use tools to help find the most suitable keywords for search engine optimization.

Other than geographically optimized keywords, you can also use Geo Meta Tags which are more relevant on Bing than on Google. Geo Meta Tags are an easy way to locate any business on the map as it goes to the head section of any page and locates the business in latitude and longitude.

Example of Geo meta tags:

meta name=”geo.region” content=”US-MO” /
meta name=”geo.placename” content=”Kansas City” /
meta name=”geo.position” content=”39.040409;-94.598657″ /
meta name=”ICBM” content=”39.040409, -94.598657″ /

Geo Meta Tag tool is a great tool to create these for your business address.

2. Directory Listings

– One of the major factors that can increase your visibility online locally is directory listings.

Directory listings store your details like business name, address, contact number, website link, opening and closing time etc and help the user easily contact you upon finding your business website in search results.

In order to get listed, you will have to get on directories like Google My Business, Yelp, Angie’s List. Getting listed in such directories will help you get visibility in a smaller niche.

Getting listed in more and more directories can help you get more visibility which will ultimately make your website scream local.

3. Links and URLs

– An easy way to get your website scream local is to create links to different pages on your website with name of your city, street or locality.

As an example, this way a person searching for furniture and fixtures in Kolkata will easily be able to find your website link.

Links and URLs

Otherwise, your website would appear randomly for furniture and fixtures all over the globe which might be irrelevant for your business.

Similarly, you can use such location names on social media instead of just the name of your enterprise in order to get in the search results of the local customers.

For example, on LinkedIn or Facebook instead of using links with the name of your film, use your location like – Furniture shop in north Kolkata.

4. Blogging and Social Events

– Blogging is a brilliant way to get your website scream local. It is convenient and flexible when it comes to adding new pages or content. Websites build in blogging format are thus favorable.

Writing blogs on your business websites doesn’t only attract potential customers but also gives tremendous scope for using relevant keywords and promotes your products through blogging which in turn gets more chances of visibility in search results.

Local businesses also organize or participate in several local events or activities around the town such as festival lucky draws, contests, games, etc.

Such events give plenty of opportunities to create a local event section in the business blog which in turn can be very helpful in attracting local traffic to the site.

Blogging can be very fruitful in making a business website go locally visible if locally relevant content is served to the visitors.

5. Local Contribution

– There are several marketing strategies that fall under local contribution to increase site visibility and make your treasured business website scream local.

• Formation of a strategic partner team with local businesses in the same industry as yours. This helps collectively boost visibility as well as relevant content on your site. It encourages the collective growth of the industry.

• Get reviews from local people. This helps not just boost visibility on the website but also the credibility and goodwill of your firm. This can also be done by adding a pop-up option on your website to review your site on google.

• Get your employees to contribute to the contents on the blog or get them to make interview videos reviewing the working experience in your firm.

• Associate with local blogger or YouTuber to co-create content or promote your website in order to locally increase your visibility. You can find such bloggers through tools like http://placeblogger.com.

• Get your old customers to create review blogs on your website or videos which would not just showcase your success story to a wider audience but also increase your goodwill.

• Get your social media accounts curated with the right content, images, keywords, hashtags, locations tags, etc.

Thorough and regular curation and updating of your website with the help of these tips and tricks can easily make your website stand out and scream local among other businesses in your industry.

These are some tested ways to get your local business online also scream locally on search engines and accelerate the success of your website as well as your entire business.

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