Reasons Your Website Isn’t Making Sales You Need

Website Isn’t Making Sales You Need

This article explains several reasons why your website isn’t making sales and how you can turn it around to make more sales and revenues.

A website is an unusual approach for earning revenues while incurring minimum overheads. Firms could realize revenues throughout the day internationally. This, too, is done by not requiring any employees or incurring costs while administrating successful businesses. 

Surveys claim that greater than 205 million customers living in the USA buy from the internet-spending around $3000 per annum on average. However, numerous online formed firms are still facing troubles in earning profits. 

It might be the case that your e-commerce store is going through the same thing. Ten of the below-described reasons might be the reasons why your website isn’t making sales.

1. Pictures and commodity details of unsatisfactory standards

During the time consumers are shopping through the internet, they are unable to check the commodities properly.

Hence, they are bound to depend on the pictures and details provided by your firm and make assumptions accordingly. 

Pictures and detailed explanations must be published to attract customers to buy commodities. Your firm may display photos of lesser resolutions or depend on in-depth reports. In doing this, it may be unable to attract a lot of people towards its commodities and hence be why your website isn’t making sales. 

Website isn't making sales

Thus, you must ensure to upload various images of your commodities, from different dimensions. They should be of high resolutions with distinct explanations attached to highlight their worth and advantages to customers. 

Seth Godin, the writer of “All Markets, are Liars,” stated that prices are what matter to consumers. It is because your firm isn’t giving them any other factor that could matter more to them. 

2. Missing contact information

Data for communication might look like an insignificant element. However, not including it on your site might be one of the biggest causes why your website isn’t making sales. Customers always desire knowing the potential firms they want to buy from.

However, if you don’t upload where you are located and contact information, your firm will then go through tough times to increase your customer base. Customer base rises when they start trusting you-which would be hard of they have no means of contacting you. 

3. A complicated check-out procedure

Complicated check-out procedure with many steps to follow makes consumers frustrated. It equates to people visiting Walmart to buy just one thing and see only three counters working with huge lines. 

Your firm must thus cut down this nuisance through developing a simplified and hassle-free check-out method. Enable your customer base to follow the plan and select the option for registering themselves while saving data in the last-if they wish to visit the site another time. 

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4. Hidden delivery charges

Numerous customers abandon their orders solely due to the concealed delivery charges that become known in the very last step of checking-out. Most of these charges are quite high that people are unwilling to pay for.

Few consumers do not even reach the last step. Delivery charges are a significant reason why people abandon their orders right before checking-out. It can, however, be solved quickly.
You must display a delivery charge estimator that functions based on products the consumers wish to buy and their zip codes.

Many online business websites also provide plug-ins to simplify adding such calculating option. 

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5. Poor navigation (hardly visible tap-targets)

The SmartInsights states that around 80% of buyers browse through webs from their mobile phones. In case your e-commerce site contains small links and options, tiny pictures of items, or a messy layout, browsing may be very complicated. 

Tiny tap-targets make selecting links or options on smart-phones extremely hard. It might make it an unpleasant situation for customers. It might also end up driving them away to competitors- one of the causes of why your website isn’t making a sale. So, you must ensure to develop gadget-friendly websites containing big pictures and appropriately shaped options.

6. Buyers are confused as to how to proceed

 In addition to creating sites, you must guide your clients clearly as to how they must proceed and utilize your website. Non-item pages must guide consumers with the help of an evident and apparent call-to-action. The highly prosperous online stores inform consumers precisely the things to do, not leaving them confused about any step and method.

7. You aren’t advertising effectively

In case your firm and website isn’t making sale, it might be because you aren’t targeting your audience successfully. You must, hence, develop an effective promotional policy that involves social-platforms, paid-for, and content-based advertising.

After expanding your clientele, you must publish user reviews and recommendations as evidence to further advertise your business. 

After developing a substantial consumer-base, employ instruments like Reward stream for creating and administering a directing plan. 

Paul Graham of Y Combinator states that firms shouldn’t wait for consumers to get in touch with them. Instead, the firms must recognize them, reach out to them, and attract them towards their sites. 

8. You are unable to engage with your customers


A non-acknowledging sales rep is equivalent to having an aggressive sales rep. You must connect with your customers and people following you on social media platforms. It will aid in your label always remaining in the limelight. At the same time, you must participate in debates related to your industries and impress your clientele while you advertise your initiatives. 

9. You must be focusing on the wrong buyers

You might be spending a lot of time, effort, and capital in advertising that isn’t resulting in successful results. In such cases, it might be that you’re focusing on the wrong crowd. Thus, you must ensure to conduct a buyer survey to ensure you end up promoting the necessary market. 

10. The prices aren’t correct

Setting prices is hard. Meager rates may lead to consumers thinking that the standard of items is low. However, very high rates would cause them to buy from competitors. 

Considering taxes and delivery fee makes it even more complicated. Consumer surveys and researches could assist in you selecting the perfect prices that increase and retain clients, the ideal solution for why your website isn’t making sale. 

Thus, there could be a number of varied reasons for your website not getting the required level of sales. Considering all these issues and correcting them can help increase revenue.

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