9 Types of Businesses That Need a Website

If you are looking to gain visibility and attract new customers, now is the time to give some serious thought to building a website for your business. 36% of small business customers discover new brands on the internet.

So, there is no valid reason to neglect your web presence. However, almost half of small businesses have yet to take the plunge. Why ?

If you think that hiring an award winning website design company for creating website, think again! Anyone can benefit from websites!

It’s much easier to imagine the content of a restaurant or shop site, but that doesn’t mean that other businesses have nothing to gain by claiming their presence online.

As an example, we have chosen nine types of businesses need a website is not always obvious, explaining why we think they can benefit from it:

businesses need a website

Medical and dental offices

Very often, healthcare professionals rely on insurance networks to gain visibility with new clients. While these networks are effective in helping clients find new general practitioners or dentists, patients tend to want to choose their specialist themselves.

This means that even if a client hears about you through an insurance network, they will be looking for information on how you practice before making an appointment.

A welcoming website with a description of your practice, photos of your team, and patient testimonials can give you a head start over your competition.

Real estate agents

real estate agents
Many real estate agents believe that the website of the real estate agency where they work is sufficient, especially if their presentation is on the page.

However, there are several reasons for not leaving your online presence to the sole discretion of this agency.

First, you completely trust them to put forward what sets you apart from other realtors who work for them. Not having your own website, you limit your chances of getting back in the results.

Finally, consider what might happen if you leave this agency to work with another team. This real estate businesses need a website to convert customers.


Everyone knows that reviews are valuable: 75% of small business customers read reviews left by other customers before they get there. But what do you do when customers in your industry are unwilling to share their experience with you?

While some customers are reluctant to leave a review on Yelp to praise your service, some might be more inclined to leave a review on your website.


When you spend much of your day outdoors, the internet may be the last thing on your mind. The type of advertising that landscapers use most often are magnetic car plates and billboards.

These materials have a lot more impact when they redirect the customer to a website where they can get more information. A landscaper’s ideal website should highlight services, prices, and high-quality images of layouts made for certain clients.


Many independent accountants start their careers working for their friends and family. Taking care of the tax records and budget of your local network may pay the bills for a while, but you’ll need to find other ways to attract customers to grow your business.

Creating a clear and comprehensive accountant website is a great way to introduce new clients to your business.

Auto mechanics

Auto mechanics
If you own a garage, a website can be your best bet. Why ? Because your customers may think that your services are much more expensive and complicated than they really are.

Usually, no one is really keen on taking their car to the mechanic: a website that highlights prices, details of services and offers online quotes is an easy way to win. the trust and loyalty of your customers.

If you offer car personalization services, a website can act as a photo gallery showcasing your best achievements.


For designers, painters, sculptors, or street artists, a website doesn’t always seem like the best idea. However, posting photos of your work on the Internet is a good way to show off your talent or sell a few pieces to people you meet.

Always carry a business card with your website address on you. You never know: someone might be curious to see your work or even order a custom creation. Artists businesses need a website to showcase their creativity.


For many years, dry cleaners could count on neighboring customers to generate their turnover. But since garment care apps have debuted online, it’s crucial for your business to appear in search results to stay in the game.

A customer will tend to prefer a traditional local dry cleaner, but if they stumble upon an on-demand housekeeping service site, you may well end up going out of business.


If you publish a book without going through a publishers, businesses need a website can be the perfect solution to promote your work. Journalists and bloggers are people with busy schedules, capturing their attention can be an obstacle course.

So, you need to direct them to your website using a link in an email or an address on a business card. They might not have a lot of time for you, but they will enjoy learning more about you in their free time.

If you own a business like the ones we just mentioned, this is a unique opportunity. If a website has always seemed useless to you, your competition may be thinking the same.

Get a head start and be the first to establish your online presence. According to our research, over a third of small business customers tend not to buy from a store that does not have a website.

As your potential customers increasingly turn to the web to decide on their purchases, it is essential that they can find you.

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