Tips On choosing the Best Magento Extensions

A combination of functions in a block of PHP code which is added into Magento to widen its functionality is termed as Best Magento Extension.

Addition of custom features along with functionality in areas of Magento store like marketing tools, integration with other web services, themes, front & back end, and others are permitted with Magento Extensions.

One has to sort out from a list of 6000+ paid and free extensions to select the best extensions according to their requirement. One will also end up discovering 40+ free gift extensions available for download and use with the primary extension.

Everyone who uses WordPress, whether it is a fresher or a seasoned pro must follow basic tips which we will be discussing in this article.

Sometimes for a webpage, all it takes is to implement things the way it is actually done with the correct method. There are numerous tips that an experienced WordPress user can share with you.

In this article, we will discuss some generic WordPress tips and also about the selection of best Magento extensions which a reader can understand for use according to the requirement.

Tips On choosing the Best Magento Extensions

Visualizing the output
Magento is an ocean of extensions. You will end up finding similar features in different extensions for a completely different price range.

For an e-commerce website a default Magento has many supporting features to make it grand and at the same time meet the requirements of the client. Hence one must not use extensions that do not serve any purpose no matter even if you have purchased it, because technically they are ineffective.

Visualizing the output helps one in clearly defining the kind of features required and then short listing the best suitable extensions for use. Extensions must facilitate the final output of the webpage.

Hence the question here is what are the factors that one must consider when selecting from the shortlisted extensions that serve the purpose? Following are a few tips regarding the same.

1. Customer Reviews :
Opinions from users who have already used the extensions that you intend to use always matters. One can easily refer to reviews from social networking sites, blogs, or even from Magento Connect for customer policy, support, quality code, effectiveness, and others.

A specific provider can be good for some features but not for all of them. Hence one must go through the reviews before deciding upon any specific extension.

2. Demo :
Users often report substantial variation in the features of extensions from its actual description. Hence it is always advisable to take sufficient time and experience the frontend & backend demo.

Configurations, smoothness of operations, and availability of all the required features along with its effectiveness must be analyzed. The extension that suits the requirement after the demo is usually one of the best Magento extensions for you.

3. Choosing a provider :
It is advisable to scrutinize the provider before finalizing the extension. The service for any product depends upon the previous record of the provider.

The Internet can easily help you in researching about it. The numbers of customers associated and the regularity in the update in terms of providing the latest version should also be checked. Magento is a globally competitive market and genuine providers usually cop up with their professional rivals.

4. “ChangeLog” :
To examine the product’s life-cycle one must check the ChangeLog. The provider’s interest in enhancing the existing products i.e. constant improvements, bug fixes, and addition of new features must be evaluated.

It is possible that the extension can be successful during the time of release, but with constant development in the e-commerce sector it may fail. The company that focuses on frequent extension upgrades must be chosen over any other extensions.

5. Testing Customer Support :
This is an essential tip to discover some of the best Magento extensions. One must contact the customer support and strike a conversation. Their response and efforts for attracting a new client must be analyzed.

One must demand features that they do not provide in a specific extension and check if they are honest about it. If they are pitching affirmatively to make a desperate sale then avoid such provides.

Using WordPress Efficiently
The best Magento extensions are useless if you cannot use WordPress correctly. Following are a few tips on WordPress

1. Eye-catchy titles and impeccable descriptions :
A visitor will never visit a webpage that has a description he/she has read before. An eye-catchy description is a must to redirect the potential client to your webpage.

Using just the right tactics and working sincerely on the descriptions can reward with your desired results. Revise your content as many times as required but do not publish the post/blog unless it is something different or has something that makes the visitors curious.

2. Repositioning Images :
Images can do what words cannot. Even if a visitor avoids the content he/she will definitely scroll down the page before making an exit. Adding relevant and impressive images can hold the visitors for a longer time and adds value to the layout of the page.

3. Unerring Code :
The only method to attain flawless user interface that stands up to the requirement of the client and the same time is efficient enough to attract potential visitors is by flawless coding.

One must not submit the project even with a minor glitch. A website is one of its kind user experiences. A better experience significantly improves the revenue for a firm and help clients in carrying out tasks easily.

4. Strategic Promotions :
Social media is an inevitable factor when it comes to increasing traffic on a website. Making a strategy for a dynamic social media campaign can result in a gradual increase in traffic on a website. Presence of a website on social media is as important as finding the best Magento extensions for coding.

The above-mentioned tips have been recommended by our team of experts with significant experience of WordPress and extensions. Sincerely following them can help you stand out of the crowd and delivering one of the best websites for your client or for yourself.

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