Common Stereotypes in Web Designers Resumes

Many customers and individuals are biased against web developers and designers. Some stereotypes do exist, while others are simply not true.

For example, people often think of web developers and designers as people who work alone until late at night, if not all night.

Quite a few web designers and developers are inclined and are working on projects that require a long time, but not all of them are deprived of social life and lead a nightly existence. Some of the most common stereotypes will be presented in this article.

Some stereotypes are more harmful than others. Unreasonable stereotypes can actually get in the way of business productivity due to biased ideas about specific groups of web designers and developers.

Businesses can opt out of a specific group of people based on race and country of residence. Most stereotypes prevent web developers and designers from finding jobs, especially in large companies, so it is important to make the web designers resumes CraftResumes look good.

5 common stereotypes when it comes to resumes web designer

Pay attention to the most common stereotypes when it comes to of a web designers resumes.

1. Web designers make low duty work and are the cheapest workers

Undoubtedly, some web designers and developers of foreign countries are famous for less stellar work in the past. However, developers and designers from India or other countries can be as talented as the top designers and developers in the USA.

Because of the dramatic difference in labor costs between the United States and many other countries, foreign web developers and designers often work at a lower price than programmers in the United States.

It is necessary to make the choice of a designer based solely on their experience and skills, and not on the basis of bias and prejudice. This is the best way for companies to get the best employees at the best possible price.

Businesses should be prepared to honestly assess the levels of candidates and their skills in their web designers resumes, regardless of their culture or country of origin.

2. Expensive can’t be bad

One of the most common myths is that the more a company pays for web development or design, the better it will be. Work that is very expensive can be very low standard as well. The reverse is also true. A talented developer can work at low speed but do outstanding work.

The best way to evaluate the quality of work of a web designer is to look at his previous work. If a programmer has done quality work in the past, then he or she will most likely do a quality job for you, regardless of speed.

It is necessary to pay attention to the cost, speed and quality of work. If you want the work done quickly and efficiently, then such an employee will not be cheap.

If you want a job quickly done for nothing, then it will not be of high quality. If you want quality work cheap, then it will not be done quickly.

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3. Women web designers and developers are less qualified than men

Stereotypes emerged from gender roles, which suggest that men are more inclined to technical science than women. Some people believe that women can only be talented in design.

This fallacy came about in part because web development is mostly a product of men’s activities. However, a female web developer can be as talented and qualified as a male one.

4. Old developers and designers less qualified than young web experts

This stereotype is settled because many people believe that older people are not able to understand technical concepts and learn new programming languages, to keep up with the latest design trends.

This is not true, as many web developers have been programming for clients since the mid-1990s. These developers are obviously more experienced and skilled in web development than the young ones, who have just graduated from a university with a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Age should not be used as a way to determine the quality of future work.

5. Web developers and designers do not care about their appearance

To some extent, this stereotype may be true for some developers and designers, but here you should ask yourself what is most important: what does an employee look like or the quality of his work?

The best web developer or designer, perhaps, may not keep pace with personal hygiene, a healthy lifestyle, but what difference does a person look like if the work is still done efficiently and at a reasonable price?

We often imagine a web designer as a thin white guy in tight jeans, who constantly drinks coffee, with a stylish haircut and an iPhone. And this is despite the fact that programming skills have absolutely nothing to do with sex, hair, weight or skin color.

How developers and designers can help in the struggle against stereotypes
Developers and designers can contribute to fighting stereotypes and protect themselves. Developers and designers should always provide high quality work for each client.

They must have a reliable portfolio that demonstrates past work and a list of past clients. This is a guarantee of the future quality of work in the past.

It is necessary to show the client your best work and always grow and develop every day. If quality comes first for you, you can always get the best projects. Satisfied customers will share their experiences with friends, family and colleagues.

Develop a reputation, and then it will work for you. Do your best to satisfy the customer 100%. Quality of work will be noticed. Get ready to build your own way and create a name for yourself with your excellent work.

If you are a novice designer or web developer and you do not have a portfolio to showcase to clients, then one of the options is to create a series of personal projects that clearly demonstrate the development of your skills.

As you do work for clients, you can replace personal projects in the portfolio with client ones. Finally, keep an excellent web designers resumes appearance and watch your personal hygiene.

Whenever you have a videoconference via Skype with any potential client, make sure you look your best.

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