Top 30 Google Chrome Extensions for Web Designers and Bloggers

If you are a blogger and love blogging, then you might be writing some fully mature business blogs, and that a good choice.

But if you have chosen the development and designing field than the development and designing of a website or a blog may require lots of time and effort.

The life-cycle of development and designing includes prototyping, adding content, research phase, designing, resource collection, testing, development, and so on. Without implementing these steps you cannot deliver desired results to your clients.

Thus this is a high time where you need a correct tool to enhance your work efficiency and improve your work to more productive.

In this blog, we have highlighted some most popular chrome Google chrome extensions for bloggers, developer and designer.

An expert or a beginner can easily install these extensions to their computer to make their blogging, development, and designing related work competent and simpler.

Google chrome extensions for bloggers

Topmost Google chrome extensions for bloggers are

1. Eye Dropper

Eye Dropper

Eye Dropper extension can be downloaded at free of cost. This extension is specially invented for web developers.

They will be able to select any color from the website or they can access colors from the advance color picker option. Even they can select a color from history.

2. WhatFont

What Font

This is another most helpful tool for web designers. With this extension, they can recognize the fonts on website pages. Just they have to hover on a font to inspect.

Plus this extension is helpful to find the services that are used for getting Supports Typekit, web fonts, and Google Font API. Plus you will be able to identify the font size and line-height of that particular hovered font.

3. Grammarly


As a blogger and a developer, it is important to concentrate more on grammar and spellings to deliver effective content.

By downloading Grammarly on your website you will make sure that you have written content that is easy to read and free of grammar and spelling mistakes. By using this tool you will feel confident and will look lees silly in front of your clients

4. LastPass


LastPass is an award winner Google chrome extensions for bloggers in managing passwords. If you have installed LastPass extension on your chrome then you don’t have to remember your passwords of different accounts.

You can easily log in to any account in just a single click. If you have dozens of login passwords to maintain then we must say LastPass will be a great choice to go with.

Along with managing passwords, this plugin helps to enhance support and online security for browsers, various OS.

5. Colorpeek

Color peek

Those who are afraid and exhausted going via photoshop, pecking, or web inspectors to get the color value they can use Colorpeek. This tool is handy for developers and designers.

They can faster share and see the CSS colors. In three different ways, you can share colors i.e. CSS color used on website pages, text selections, and prominent colors in images.

6. PageRuler

Page Ruler

To get fast pixel dimensions- pixels, measure elements, on website pages you can use a PageRuler to draw a ruler. You can get height, weight, and position of it. You can also resize it by dragging the edges.

This extension is available in 11 different languages. This is open-source software that is hosted in Gitlab and GitHub. With this tool, you can get perfect contrast color on light and dark website.

7. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot

This tool helps you to capture a web page. Using this awesome chrome extension you can add blur sensitive information, annotations, comments, and share pictures in a single click after you have taken the snap or screenshots.

Because awesome features are in-build in this tool, therefore, it is known as an awesome screenshot. It is supported by 6 different languages. Thus this tool has the highest rate in capturing screen and images on Chrome. It has more than 2 million active users.

8. DomFlags

This tool is handy that helps you to interact with DevTools. To DOM elements you can easily build a keyboard shortcodes. DomFlags are the same as bookmarks that are used to navigate the DOM tree.

This tool is helpful for navigating and tracking the essential elements. Some keyboards shortcuts are available for DOM elements that are Option/Alt+Shift+D, Option/Alt+Shift+[1..3], etc. these will make your development work easier and faster.

9. Boom! – Dribbble Enhancement Suite

Dribbble Enhancement Suite

Boom! will make website designer life easier as this tool will help them to create a better user interface.

This is a Google chrome extensions for bloggers it is very easy to use and handle. You will get countless scrolling options, better and high-resolution shots in lists, bigger screens, and more.

10. CSS-Shack


CSS-Shack is an extension for website and desktop applications. With this tool, you can create a layer style. With CSS-Shack you can easily build buttons, web page mockups, designs, and anything that you want.

11. Read Later Fast

Read Later Fast

Read Later Fast is a chrome extension that implements only one thing but that is all that you need very much. With the help of reading Later Fast, you can save some of the web pages to read when you are offline.

You just have to click on the save button to save the pages to read it later. This extension is available in 12 different languages. You can easily deactivate this extension whenever you want.

12. Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket

This is also another most helpful and popular Google Chrome extensions for bloggers that also saves the content for reading offline. You will be able to synchronize the content between all devices.

This saves the content, articles, videos or any multimedia content that is present on the web pages. With distraction-free space, every content will be display in a single click.

You can read this content from any device from any location. Along with this feature, the Save to the Pocket tool is supported by 15 different languages.

13. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper

With Evernote Web Clipper tool, in Envernote account you can save the content that you are able to see on website pages. This content will be accessible from any device. It is supported by 24 different languages.

14. Search Google with this image

Search Google with this image

This extension will help you to search for something on Google with the help of images. In simple, you can Google with images rather than Google with text. You can make use of this extension as much as you want. In a single click, you will get the search results.

15. Adblock Pro

Adblock Pro

This is Google chrome extensions for bloggers and developers used to block the ads coming on your web pages. You can also disable popup on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube or on any website that you don’t want to see ads.

This extension has more than 60 million active users who have more than 350 million downloads. It is supported by 25 different languages. You can easily protect your privacy by blocking malicious ads like’s cryptocurrency miners, malware, scams, etc.

This tool gives more proven results in the form of faster internet ad load time. Thus you will be able to focus more on your work.

16. Nimbus Screenshot

Nimbus Screenshot

If you compare Nimbus screenshot with other screenshot extensions you will find that Nimbus is the best among all because it is very easy and simple to work. With this extension, you can capture half of the page or a full page plus you can add clip note on it.

You can even highlight or can blur some content as per your choice. These screenshots will be added to the Google drive. You should give a trial to this.

17. Google URL Shortener

Google URL Shortener

Whenever you copy the link to share with someone else or to mention in a blog, the link seems too long that is never wanted. For example, if someone copied the Google URL shorten and mention in the blog like would you like this type of link? We know your answer will be no.

Therefore this extension comes into existence that shortens the infinitely long URL into a short URL. Your URL will look like and that’s all.

You just have to install this extension on your chrome and visit the page that you want to copy URL. Now just click on Google URL shortcut and you will get the short URL within a second.

18. Google Drive

Google Drive

With Google drive you can write some articles or the blog that is easy to share, publish, store, review, etc. we all used Google drive too but the most difficult point while writing on Google drive is that we are frustrated of adding images to the posts else everything is good.

You will find the extension named as WP Write is the powerful tool that allows you to post any type of content directly to WordPress from the chrome or the web.

Some most useful extensions for web developer and designers are There is no other way to minimize the work which extension does. Therefore we have listed some most important extensions that are must-have tools if you are a developer or a designer.

19. Lorem Ipsum Generator

Lorem Ipsum Generator

This plugin generates some “lorem Ipsum” text means dummy text which is used while developing and designing a page. With this extension, you will be able to use less code which makes your development work easier. Within a click, you will be able to generate suitable lorem ipsum fonts.

20. Pendule


Pendule is the best extension that has greater functions for developers and designers. This extension is useful to simplify coding work which includes CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. With this tool, you can easily use visual ruler, crop images, and do some other work. Therefore this extension is considered to be a must-have an extension for your chrome.

21. Web Developer Toolbar

Web Developer Toolbar

This extension was firstly invented for the Firefox but now it is supported with chrome. This extension is useful for forms, images, HTML, CSS, etc. different toolbar buttons will be added to the browsers with the tools used by developers. This extension was updated a few months ago.

22. Web Developer Checklist

Web Developer Checklist

If you are looking for some alternatives that will make sure that your website and its pages are working effectively and are SEO optimized, then web Developer Checklist is for you.

This extension will give you a notification if they encounter any problem or an issue on your web pages. Suppose your web pages are missing Meta description then it will notify you to mention Meta descriptions.

To just that problem you need to click on extension or you can read in detail by clicking on the link that appears.

23. Code Cola

Code Cola

You can edit the CSS of web pages using the Code Cola extension. Plus it will help you to keep an eye on the source code of your project. This is a Google chrome extensions for bloggers is very handy and easy for editing CSS and to check results immediately.

24. Palette For Chrome

Palette For Chrome

This is a tool used for developers and designers to generate the color palette. While developing and designing any project it is difficult to find the color palette. Thus this extension is helpful that gives you a simple solution to create color as per your website design.

25. Stay Focused

Stay Focusd

To be a productive it is important to keep on tracks how much time you have wasted to do that particular work. Stay Focused extension will help you by notifying you how much time you have wasted on non-productive web pages.

If you want to keep the distractive sites away from you such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon, etc then you should use this plugin at once.

26. Image Downloader

Image Downloader

The images linked on any web pages will be downloadable if you add this extension to your web browser. With the help of a checkbox or by clicking on the images you will be able to download the images. Width, border, color, and size of images will be customizable.

27. User-Agent Switcher

User-Agent Switcher

For SEO purpose it is important that your website must be visible on different devices and browsers. This extension helps you to check your website responsive feature.

28 .Stylish


When you want to redesign or restyle your website at that time you can use Stylish. You can easily modify the color of your website, remove content that are not in need to create a unique and refreshing look.

29 .Check My Links

Check My Links

Whose website content has too many links and are worried about their links they should use check my Links. With this extension you will make sure that no broken link is there on your website. This will enhance the effectiveness of you website.

30. WhatFont

What Font

If you want to identify which fonts your competitors are using then you just have to install WhatFont on your web browser. With a single click you will be able to identify the particular font details.

All important Google chrome extensions for bloggers are listed above. Hope this will help you.

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