Reasons Your WordPress Website Needs an FAQ Page

FAQs are known as frequently asked questions. This page basically talks about and showcases all the answers to questions most commonly asked by customers. Hence any website needs an FAQ page.

So basically, simple basic questions which have been in the past asked multiple times by customers are answered and kept in a page.

This page makes it easier for visitors or prospects to browse through those questions and answers and if they have similar questions, they can easily find answers to their queries. So, your WordPress website needs an FAQ page.

Questions and Answers page is an easy way to organize relevant and updated information about the most prominent and frequent questions being asked by current and past customers.

This page can become your go to page for customers or visitors so that they understand quickly about the services or products and whatever questions that pop up first in their minds can be answered quickly by just glancing through the FAQ.

website Needs an FAQ Page

Most businesses ignore this basic page and essentially small or medium enterprise websites need to invest time and effort to build a help page. Most of these businesses leverage the use of WordPress CMS to create their websites.

It becomes easier to add a frequently asked questions page in WordPress by either using a plugin or by using a page builder or by using the default editor to add the questions and their answers in a page.

Why is it important? Why your website needs an FAQ page?

While most important aspects of a website are the homepage, services or products page and contact page there are times companies and even UI UX designers have highlighted the important of this page.

Major reasons are listed here and if you go through them, you will understand that if you have a business website, you should have a page where you can answer most of the questions asked by customers in previous interactions.

1. Saves your customers or visitors time by giving answers to frequently asked questions

Most visitors are clueless and search for either contact form or chat box to discuss the issues they face or the questions that pop up in their mind when your products are services are introduced to them. For this issue the simple and easiest way is to link the frequently asked questions page and have it on top navigation.

That way they can easily reach this page and check all the common questions. Most times if the questions and answers given are satisfactory they won’t open a ticket or use a chat box which will save the customers time.

2. Saves customer service representatives time as well

If a customer is not getting the desired answers and has questions they will contact customer service. Customer service is provided using either phone, email or contact form. In some cases using chat box as well. If there is a commonly asked questions and answers page it’s better.

Because if the customer is asking the same repetitive questions customer service representative can guide them to this page. This is the page where it will assist both the customer in better understanding plus the representative’s time and efforts are also saved.

3. Prevents users from asking repetitive questions

Many times, the efforts of customer service representatives will go waste if they keep on answering similar questions and answers to the visitors or customers. Better way to handle is that the website needs an FAQ page where they can easily show the customer with pointers, images and videos.

This reduces efforts of customer service and you also have happy customers who get their answers instantly and in a better fashion.

4. Helps with brand image by building trust

Branding is all about customer experiences nowadays. And if your customer gets service easily and readily without even asking then the experience becomes better.

It also builds trust in your brand since most of the questions that the customer had in his mind are already answered in the frequently asked questions page. WordPress website needs an FAQ page as it can work wonders for your business and brand building with trust.

5. Helps with organic SEO and search

This page helps in internal link building as it can redirect customers to all the different pages like products or services. That way the internal links are passed nicely.

Plus, the bounce rate of the website reduces as the customer spends more time on your website. Also, the search becomes assisted search as customer gets most answers at a single point.

An frequently asked questions page is also a good place to try to capture voice search queries, which tend to be longer and phrased in a more natural, conversational style.

Is there any better place to establish every required information at one position of the website? Yes, it is this section of questions and answers.

Your content should focus on delivering the right information to your audience while solving every query, answering questions, and improving user experience.

Create the best content (at least one piece) where you should place them and their relevant deeper answers.

In different types of web searches, Google uses highlights of a website’s content. It shows the direct answer that is within the box.

It is the Featured Snippet that Google prefers to show the answer to viewers. When you have the right questions and answers, it helps the Google Algorithm to detect the correct information and feature it within the Featured Snippet.

It is important to create clear and authoritative questions and their answers. Each Q&A should not exceed the range of 40 to 90 words.

While it may be awkward to insert a full question into your website content, this page is a natural fit for those sorts of queries.

Because this page offers a great opportunity to provide answers to questions not just about your company, but general questions about your industry or even your competitors.

Your website needs an FAQ page because it is a good place for the right type of keyword research and its use can be helpful for your questions and their answers.

6. Improves user experience

Customers can now obtain answers fast without having to call customer support or seek information on their own. The well-written frequently asked questions are often the finest source providers for users. They contribute to developing better marketing to customer service as well.

Website needs an FAQ page to assist website visitors by offering quick and easy answers to frequently asked issues.

These pages enable firms to add rapid services by answering consumers’ most frequently asked questions about products or services.

Some important ways to attract your customers lies with placing the most-searched common questions and their answers.

Also, social media mentions are important.

7. Boost sales by providing required information all in one place

If all the questions are already answered customers feel satisfied and ready to buy the product or service online without much wait. This will in turn increase the sales and conversions by having a detailed FAQ page on your WordPress website.

Since there will be better clarity in customers minds regarding your offerings. Most of the times they don’t buy online because they have some queries. But if you already have them answered in a place then they will definitely feel it’s worth and buy the offering readily without waiting.

8. Assists in better user navigation for the website

If you have the page in header as well as footer it will definitely help your client to access the information with much ease. It will in turn make the user navigation experience fruitful and hassle free than before.

FAQs can’t remain in static. In case an organisation decides to make some alterations in its terms and conditions, it should make similar changes in the commonly search Q&A parts too.

Even the small changes can cause great impact upon the user experience. Doing these small changes helps customers to remain in touch with the updated information.

By asking your customer-facing employees, different queries will be found. They are important to solve. By hearing every required query, you can finally come up with the right questions and their successful answers.

9. Saves money on customer service

Customer service representatives’ cost are saved by having most commonly asked queries in one place so that you don’t have to answer them again and again.

Delivering the best range of questions and answers, you are silently engaging your audience to stick to your website without leaving it or disturbing you while making phone calls or emails.

A well-arranged Questions and Answers page can help you to bind users without any issue to your website. It is the source to help them and answer some basic queries. Therefore, a website needs an FAQ page to provide better customer service.

This page should show the way to connect users and deliver them the right answers to their queries.

We can see several advantages of this page and how it will boost your customer service experience and touch points. Experience at the end of the day matter and this page is all part of experience.

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