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If you are familiar with the world of online gaming, you would certainly be anticipating the release of ‘Hytale’ – the soon to be launched, exciting new offering from Hypixel Studios.

Quite like Minecraft, Hytale is a role-playing game based on a block-building premise. The game has risen to fame in a relatively brief period, and the gaming fraternity is eagerly awaiting its release.

As Hytale takes the online gaming world by storm, many are labeling it as an extension of Minecraft. However, there is much more to Hytale than just being a newer version of Minecraft.

With 11 million views at the end of its first week on YouTube, the reaction to the game’s trailer has been nothing short of ecstatic.

A quick look at the trailer reveals vibrant graphics that promise to immerse the user in a brand new world of thrilling adventure. Along with this, the game also brings in a plethora of fresh features and a wide range of combat weaponry.

Hytale Server Hosting

Hytale thrives on player-led creativity and offers extensive modding as well as live scripting. These aspects empower players to not only customize their gaming experience but also to leverage several mini-game modes.

Another notable attribute of Hytale is the emphasis on community-driven, competitive gameplay, which makes it even more fun when played with friends.

As a user of Hytale, you can launch your parties among friends and create an extended community with your original content. Multiplayer games in an online environment require a server to maintain a level playing field for all gamers involved.

Due to this, servers play an integral part in the Hytale gaming experience. They enable seamless interaction among remote players, allowing them to play across long distances.

There are several advantages that online Hytale servers offer over self-hosted ones. If you are a gamer who cannot wait to explore this new game, remote Hytale server hosting providers may be your best bet for the following reasons:

1. Instant set-up: When opting for an online Hytale server, the installation is only a few clicks away. Setting up a remote server is a hassle-free experience, unlike hosting a gaming server on your computer, which is a tiring process.

instant setup

2. Superior gaming performance: Hytale’s powerful interface supports a wide range of activities, right from block-by-block construction to a high degree of customization. With its vivid graphics and fantasy-like vibe, Hytale can be hardware intensive, especially if a lot of players are involved.

As any gamer knows, the right system specs are more important for optimum game performance than anything else. A self-hosted server that uses a residential internet connection may not be able to provide requisite bandwidth for speedy gameplay.

Remote game server providers use state-of-the-art infrastructure and high-speed data networks, which translates to a seamless gaming experience that is devoid of any lags.

3. Uninterrupted services: When using a self-hosted gaming server, keeping it powered and running at all times can be a big challenge. With remote gaming servers, you can enjoy uninterrupted gaming without having to worry about this aspect.

4. Anytime, anywhere access: With data centers located across the world, remote gaming server companies grant 24/7 access to users. Gamers can enjoy playing together, regardless of their physical location, at any time of the day.

5. Ease of customization: Many remote gaming server providers have a user-friendly control panel that allows gamers to install supported mods or maps, change locations, and customize the game as needed, with the click of a button.
easy to customize
6. Protection from cyber-attacks: DDoS cyber-attacks are quickly becoming a common nuisance among digital video game users. Most web server hosting providers offer robust protection against stray attacks to prevent server outage.

7. Automated data backups: In the world of online games, especially those that are driven by user-generated content, losing your data can be a frightening prospect.

Many times, our personal computers may crash, and valuable data may get destroyed in the process. With remotely hosted servers, you can rest easy about this point.

Game server specialists take regular back-ups of user data as a routine practice so that your data is secure at all times.

8. Round-the-clock support: Glitches are a common occurrence in online video games and can lead to unwanted interruptions while gaming.

Remote server hosting providers offer 24/7 customer assistance through which technical issues get resolved quickly and easily. This approach is far more convenient than tackling such bugs on a self-hosted server, which can be a tedious task.

9. Cost-benefit ratio: Setting up and running a server on your own may prove to be more expensive than you think. Other than the upfront hardware cost, you will also need to factor in the cost of running the server at all times.

Coupled with the cost of cooling devices as well as any repairs that may be required, this makes self-hosted servers a costly investment.

Not only do remote servers drastically reduce these costs, but they are also relatively simpler to use. Moreover, several online Hytale server providers have the option of in-game monetization through which gamers can earn as they play.

Many remote server hosting providers also give users access to additional plugins, which helps players to leverage added buildings, weapons, etc. while creating their virtual worlds. Opting for a server rental service offers far more value for money with convenience.

10. Massive storage space: A major constraint of hosting a server on your own is the limited storage capacity of your personal computer.

Most online server hosting providers grant unrestricted access to storage space for a smooth gaming experience.

Given the track record of Hypixel Studios and based on the previews of the game’s features, Hytale certainly sounds nothing short of promising.

For the reasons mentioned above, it makes much more sense to opt for a remote server hosting provider than to set-up a server yourself.

Choosing to host a gaming server on your own has many underlying challenges like the cost involved and time lost in configuring or maintaining the server.

Remote servers score very high points on ease-of-use, seamless access, and financial benefits. Using the services of an online hosting provider will open up a whole new world of faster, more responsive gameplay.

Gamers across the globe are waiting anxiously for Hytale’s release. Now would be the best time to explore the world of online server hosting providers, understand their service offerings, and choose the option best suited to your needs.

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