3 Simple Tactics to Help You Win and Grow Customer Relationships

It is a known and accepted fact that it takes months to find a customer but seconds to lose one. However, the businesses that win and grow customer relationships are those which understand why does this happens and are able to tackle them with some simple yet thoughtful solutions.

Customer relationship is very human a tool that is somehow complex for current generation of humans to harness. However, there are several pioneers in the business world who have left us with several techniques to harness this highly essential skill.

Some of these skills fall under digital marketing tools which are highly relevant in the new age business world where everything is connected via WiFi.

Let’s discuss the tactics to help your business win and grow customer relationships in 3 simple categories:

Grow Customer Relationships

1. Digital Activity of the customer – The easiest way to keep your customers is to know them. The hemisphere of customers with respect to business world is very human.

That is, It is driven by humans based on their human needs pulled by human emotions. It is nearly impossible to succeed in keeping your customers happy without taping into their hows and whys.

For this reason, knowing what your customer does on your website and the driving reason behind each action or activity is important in determining and strategizing a proper plan through which you can happy and satisfied with your products or services.

The easiest way to do that is by collection, maintenance, and understanding of all the data of the customer’s digital activity and sales records. This data is invaluable research that helps you strategize a number of things and make the customer experience worthwhile.

The customer wants to know that you are listening to them and always trying to make the experience more and more convenient for them. This data helps in understanding what do your specific customer wants, what are you lacking that’s driving them away and what is an unnecessary hassle for them.

Not just this, having a hold over this information helps encounter several other problems and unnecessary hassle that the customer might be facing due to the oblivion of the business houses which can easily be solved or avoided.

The digital activity data of the customer in the CRM research collected from Marketing Automation Software makes it extremely convenient for the businesses to ascertain potential buyers and status of current customers by just going through the researched data without making any calls or any other efforts. Simply data collection can help businesses grow customer relationships ten folds.

Knowing your customers’ digital interactions can help businesses have more meaningful relationships with the customers; strategize better feedback and sales decisions and activities like calls, messages, newsletters, emails, etc; set better company goals to attain in the right direction.

Eliminate unnecessary interaction with existing customers which might be inconvenient for them; build more trust between the business and customer; anticipate and close more sales; save time that would have otherwise been wasted.

2. Valuing Feedback – Asking a customer for feedback is a win-win situation even if you get negative feedback as it does not just tell you what are you doing wrong but also tells the customer that they are valued and thus you seek their feedback on how can you do better.

valuing feedback

Getting a feedback through a survey is an extremely easy process that yields benefits far more than the efforts put.

Surveys are not the only example of collecting feedback from your customers. There are several ways through which you can collect the information in the minds of your customers that you don’t know-

• Active live chat on the website
• Feedback forms on your website
• Surveys via Emails
• Online communities
• Polls
• Google reviews
• Other reviews
• Social media feedback

You can also consider running a Net Promoter Score against yourself in which you will get rated based on your customer satisfaction record, as well as the growth of your business.

Showing this score to your customers can build further trust between the two and can also garner new customers. Getting rated low on this is not a loss as it helps determine what is to be corrected.

96% of customers who are not satisfied don’t complain. The reason is that they don’t know how to complain and even if they do, the effort might go futile since most companies don’t bother to respond.

Thus asking for feedback in such a market is a uniqueness sought after and can certainly help you win customers and also grow customer relationships.

3. Communicate with your customers – In the day and age of social media, it is very easy to connect with millions of people whom you could have never reached otherwise in a lifetime. Staying in touch with your customers is very convenient.

Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc are all great places for different kinds of organizations to interact with their customers with just one comment or message. Not just that, these platforms are also great for posting advertisement for new products and feedback on the same.

However, social media shouldn’t always be used for advertising. Interactive and informative posts are what can help grow customer relationships.

Proper optimization and management of these platforms, is thus very essential in order to keep the customer happy.

Valuable content should be posted and feedback and reviews should be thoroughly recorded to make it a sweeter experience for your customers to follow you on social media.

Efforts in better communication are always appreciated and win more customers as well, as your happy customers are your ultimate brand ambassadors.

Efforts towards the customer’s satisfaction don’t only help thicken the book of sales but also create a bigger brand identity and goodwill in the market.

A successful example of it is Apple.Inc which doesn’t have to rely on advertisements for sales because their strategy in quality service and customer satisfaction is on point.

These tips are not very hard to follow and can not just help businessmen understand their customers better but also their employees handle customer relations with the best of their ability.

Practicing these tactics in order to win more customers as well as grow customer relationships will be a definite success as these three points cover the three dimensions through which a customer has to be seen, measured, valued and reared.

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