Digital Marketing Strategies You Should Avoid

Digital Marketing Strategies

With the rise in digital technology, everyday trends are changing, and marketing strategies are also developing along. Every business follows certain steps of strategies to bring in more conversions but not all strategy may be great for your business.

We are going to mention below a few marketing mistakes you make which should be stopped immediately to save more time for other useful work;

Digital Marketing Strategies You Should Avoid

1. Managing Too Many Social Media Handles:

Managing Too Many Social Media Handles

Many businesses have started making accounts in every social media available to get more customers. if you have enough employees who could handle all the social networks.

Then that is great but if you are managing your website alone or just with a handful of people, managing multiple social media may not be an ideal option as you will also need to reply to comments and be engaged in the network.

The time wasted to manage multiple accounts can be utilized to manage a few social media handles, that way you will be able to give it more time and receive better results too.

Analyze all your social channels to figure out which one is giving you the best results and focus on that instead of other channels.

There is no one social media network that works for all. A different network may work better for different businesses. Analyze which works best for you and let go of the ones which do not yield any results.

2. Aiming for Too Many Backlinks:

If you are still under the illusion that too many backlinks can be great for your site well it is not if the source from where it is coming is not of good quality.

Too many people are into creating backlinks by buying these links or creating a micro-site to generate a backlink, hence Google algorithm has updated the stakes.

The new algorithm is all about checking the backlink quality and the quality is determined by the DA (Domain Authority) of the website linking to your site.

Domain Authority by Moz is used to predict the website ranking by the search engine. The higher the DA of a site, the better.

Multiple links from low-quality sites will not boost your SEO but just a single link from a well-ranked site can do wonders.

3. Quantity Over Quality:
Creating a lot of blog posts every month is a great idea to increase engagement but many businesses do the mistake of focusing on quantity rather than quality hence do not post too many contents if you do not have enough resources. Stick to the number you can publish which has great quality.

In fact, Google penalizes thin quality articles.

4. Replying to All Comments:

Once you have active followers on social media, you will start receiving comments. It is a good thing to reply to all the comments and messages but as your followers grow, comments also keep increasing hence there may be a point where you no longer will be able to reply to all.

Try to allocate time in your schedule to reply to as many followers as possible because customers to whom you send replies will be more interested in your business and most likely will spread the word. By engaging you will also know the services your customers enjoy and the one that needs change.

But many marketers also engage in replying to trollers and waste time. There will be people who may not like your services or would want to spam your comments section with unwanted links.

Add a ‘nofollow’ attribute for the comments section. If there are troll comments, spam such comments, ignore them and move on instead of engaging with them.

5. Too Fancy Website:

Many companies focus on getting a fancy website created with lots of navigational options, widgets and too much of color dumped on a single page.

If you still think too many elements are going to help in conversions, you are mistaken. The best websites are the one which follows a minimalistic design with clear fonts on a contrasting background.

Section 508, which is an amendment to the United States Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is a federal law mandating that all electronic and information technology developed, procured, maintained, or used by the federal government be accessible to people with disabilities. Designing your private website with 508 compliance would be a great idea as it will be easy to access by everyone including the disables rather than a carnival of colors splashed on a page.

6. Developing a Mobile App for the Site:
Apps are the new trend hence many businesses think that creating a mobile app will increase their webpage traffic and conversions as people will find it easier to use an app.

Let me stop you right there, if you are a small-scale businesses and people are still getting to know you, creating an app is just a waste of money and the time and resources you will need to spend maintaining the app is also useless as there are more than one million apps in the mobile store and people may not be interested in filling their phone memory with another app.

Creating a mobile-friendly website is more than enough as most users prefer using a fast website on their browser instead of storing an app on the phone.

Digital marketing is a time-consuming task and if you further waste your time in following digital marketing strategies which are not going to bring good results, then we suggest you to just trash these methods and focus on strategies which are bringing in good conversion.

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