The Ultimate Guide to WooCommerce SEO for Beginners and Advanced Users

In the market of online business, having a strong SEO background would have an edge in this competitive world. Online marketing platform does come with challenges business WooCommerce SEO for Beginners optimizes the websites and serves a gateway to expanding the

Some tricks and tips play a major role in developing a market strategy. Having a market-friendly Further, SEO targets the customer; here the WooCommerce website brings an upper hand in the business module.

Here we present the importance of WooCommerce SEO and how you can expand your business in a short duration.

WooCommerce WordPress plugin

Why is SEO or Search Engine Optimization valued the most?

Competitiveness in SEO

Every WordPress sites work closely with the SEO. An SEO plugin can generate much-needed traffic for the website. Likewise, SEO acts as a media house for promoting the desired business to the top page in the Search Engine Result Pages or SERP.

SEO is nothing but a way of communication that helps people find information on products.

Once the page is visible at the top, the positive results start showing in the business module. Website designs, keywords, and links play a significant role in the process.

How does WooCommerce helps you get your clients?


WooCommerce is the most advanced and active eCommerce plugin specifically made for WordPress. It is free where the content management system (CMS) helps in running online store.

Due its easy and viable availability, it has garnered the highest market share. Moreover, customizing is the best feature that comes with it.

WooCommerce the best SEO Friendly tool

  • WooCommerce is the best and the most followed SEO Friendly tool. It has been developed on the basis of SEO for the online website business. Likewise, WooCommerce SEO for Beginners is featured for the beginners who fall in confusion in the vast field of online business marketing. Certain characteristics make Easy content creation which makes it stand apart from the rest of the competitors.
  • HTML markup makes the SEO easy and understandable, latest themes such as Genesis have brought improvement by using HTML5.
  • Petty permalinks that link posts and pages control the content which can be assessed through you spearhead the challenge.
  • New and standard settings in WordPress.
  • Cache plugins help in loading page at a short duration.
  • Easy availability of SEO optimized WooCommerce themes in WordPress.
  • Title and headlines provide information for Google which WordPress allows without manually changing the HTML Tags.
  • Optimized images, addition, and removal of photos allow further to install ALT tags, descriptions, and other features.

Additionally, social media pages, blogs, and posts can be shared using social media sharing plugins from WordPress featured e-commerce sites.

Ignoring SEO for WooCommerce Website may be a loss?


Search Engine Optimization is a significant part of online business. It lets you know about your customers, the product that they want, and the market value of the product. Daily millions of visitors use online sites to access information. Google, Yahoo, Baidu keeps on analyzing the data without investing anything.

Google deals with the most number of visitors analyzing SEO. 70 percent of SEO data is recorded by Google. Thus to increase the number of visitors to your site, the web page must be brought under the influence of SERPs.

To get the maximum number of viewers, the site must perform exceptional well bringing it on the first page of the search engine. Here the WooCommerce SEO for Beginners play the major responsibility.

Some Effective Ways to Optimize your newly built WooCommerce Website

To improve the WooCommerce website’s SEO, WordPress SEO plugin should be downloaded and installed. Likewise, there are many other free WordPress plugins like Allin One AEO Packs, Yoast SEO and SEO Press in the WordPress directory, we shall use Yoast plugin for our website.

Keywords and its significance

The keyword is the foundation of SEO. To be precise, keyword is the term that a visitor searches in the search engine to get information about. For instance, while selling a bag, ‘bag’ could be a keyword, ‘ladies bag’ or ‘cheap bags’ could be a keyword.

The keyword can be easily searched with different research tools, some of the tools that are most used are,

  • Google Keyword Planner: This the most widely used research tools, further, it is provided free of cost by Google.
  • Keyword Everywhere: It is a paid service. It is an extension and helps to handle keywords swiftly.
  • This tool provides relevant keywords with actual phrases. Good news, it comes free.
  • Google Trend: Google Trend provides the latest trending keywords in the search engine market.

Appropriate Usage of Keywords

As soon as the keyword research is done, one can further move a step forward by properly implementing it on the WooCommerce web pages. Proper addition of keyword brings to the top page.

Similarly if a proper or unique keyword is not added, it might not bring the required results. For example, a product like smartphone can be made unique by making some changes such as ‘best smartphones’ or ‘new smartphones’.

Slug and the Importance of Woo Commerce Product

By appropriately adding the keywords in the content, keyword stuffing should be carried in the product URL. This helps to rank at the top in the search engine. A short URL makes an easy connection to the page.

SEO Title and the significance of WooCommerce Product Title

seo yoast comparison

Proper addition of SEO title with focus keywords gets a booster in the long run. Addition of SEO Title is a simple task in the Woo Commerce SEO for Beginners with Yoast SEO plugin.

Focus Keywords and Meta Description

Although focus keywords do not have much significance it should never be ignored, likewise, experts suggest that focus keyword in meta description helps in building a strong link.

Woo Commerce Product Description

The product description has proper encryption. The description should not be less than 300 words. Elaborated description with keyword addition can bring the site a good recognition.

Ideal Product Description

Proper product categories bring a good amount of visitors. However, the overuse of keyword may not provide positive response. Clear descriptions put a clear view of the product.

Addition of Video and Images

High-quality images and videos bring a great number of viewers to the website. Using proper text in renaming images acts as a multiplier. The same goes for videos. Embedding the videos garners a rise in visitors.

Product Ratings and Customer Review

The more the product is clearly the more the webpage grows up. Addition of ratings, client’s comments, likes, and dislikes are appreciated by Google analytics as well as customers in general.


Generating Backlinks is hard for a new beginner; however, WooCommerce For Beginners help you guide a proper way to increase your website ranking.

Search engine guidelines are the most important thing while doing online business. SEO opens the gateway to your business prosperity. However, WooCommerce SEO for Beginners helps you to acquire the target that you set.

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