Why You Should Use SSL for Your WooCommerce Store

The security of information on the digital platform is one of the most serious topics as of the present time. But how can you protect your website or online store from information leaks and unauthorized access by third parties?

What is SSL protocol and what is SSL certificate? Why are we sure you should use SSL for your WooCommerce store? Why is HTTPS better than HTTP? We are going to share an important material with you covering such questions and not only.

What is SSL?

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a modern security technology and cryptographic protocol guaranteeing the secure connection between your site and its visitors. It encrypts all transmitted data and thus makes Internet communications more protected.

What is SSL Certificate?

SSL certificate is a special setting for a domain name, through which the data between the user’s browser and web server are transmitted in encrypted form via HTTPS protocol.

Actually, this is what takes the responsibility for the creation of reliable and trusted environment and persuading your website viewers or online shoppers that their personal details, purchases and payments are well protected.

Types of SSL certificates

SSL certificates can be divided into several groups:

Domain Validation (DV) SSL certificates. These types of certificates confirm the authenticity of the domain name and do not contain information about the company.

Organization Validation (OV) SSL certificates. They contain information not only about the domain but also about the company to which the certificate has been issued. They are highly trusted by Internet users.

Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates. These certificates provide the highest confidence of customers. Whenever the user is on a site with SSL certificate, the browser highlights the address bar in green.

Why you should use SSL for your WooCommerce store

So, you have opened the online store of your dreams and it already brings you some income.

However, you are trying to find ways to make it more profitable and client oriented. In this case, SSL certificate is one of the opportunities for generating more sales and revenues by increasing the trust of potential buyers.

In a nutshell, in addition to offering multiple product options, listings and descriptions, affiliate goods and items from different places, managing payment gateways and delivery/shipping options, customizing the look and functionality of your store and keeping your inventory under control, you need to safeguard your website’s data transmission is secure and SSL certified.

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Some of the advantages proving you should use SSL for your WooCommerce store are as follows:

1. Credibility

If you use WooCommerce for your online activities, you should use SSL for your WooCommerce store first of all for the sake of building trust and customer loyalty.

It will let you create more reliable and trustworthy digital presence of your brand or brick and mortar store by indicating that your store and its buyers are secure in the virtual spectrum.

Thus, adding SLL to your WooCommerce based shopping environment will boost your revenue by increasing the credibility of your site.

Anything that your online shoppers or customers will send you, be it payment details, credit card number and date of issue, online transaction or online banking or something else, will be protected from external sources and will be received only by your commercial website.

If to tell a short story, having SSL certificate added to your site will protect customers’ personal data from theft.


Another reason you should use SSL for your WooCommerce store is for adding HTTPS before your domain name.

For the majority of online users, it is important to see that your website cares about the security of data they enter into your online storefront while ordering something or making purchases.

Whenever you install SSL certificate on your server, HTTP protocol is going to be replaced by HTTPS where the last “S” stands for security.

Hence, whenever your clients see HTTPS instead of HTTP, they will be sure any kind of communication between them and your store is properly encrypted and is immune to unwanted interventions.

In addition to being more dependable in the customer’s eye, switching your address from HTTP to HTTPS will also do good for your site’s SEO ranking.

3. Better search engine results

Arming your WooCommerce store with SSL certificate will result in better search engine ranking.

It’s not surprising that Google gives its preference to those sites which are trusted and secured. Therefore, ensuring that data moves in the most secure way from your user to your website has to do with boosted SEO rankings.

Although WooCommerce platform itself is SEO friendly with available SEO optimization tools with product pages, meta description, URLs, tags and other page and post elements management options, SSL certificate is what missing in your arsenal to look even better on Google and other search engines.

Thus, no matter what type of website or blog you are running, protecting it with SSL certificate will make search engines reward you with better search positions

4. You should use SSL for your WooCommerce store to connect it with payment gateways

If you want to link your WooCommerce store with the most popular and major payment gateways, acquiring SSL certificate and installing it on your server is inevitable for protecting any kind of sensitive data catering to the user’s financial transactions and payments.

The only case when you don’t need SSL is when you are using your own (direct) payment gateway and there is not any third party through which the information is going to be transferred.

5. More authentic look

Finally, choosing SSL certificate and using it on the server is what going to set you apart from many other competitors and to give your commercial site, online storefront or e commerce environment a more professional look.

It will also let you avoid from being marked as “not secure” by Google when visitors are trying to visit your site.

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