A Good Web Design can Make or Break Your SEO

If you have an online presence for your business and looking to get better rankings in search engine result pages then you don’t only need to take care about SEO but also the rankings depend on how your website looks and functions.

In this new era, it is very important that you focus more on website designs so that they should be capable of interacting with your website’s visitors. This will determine the rank of your website rank on search engine result pages.

In the world of SEO, website design is the most important aspect. This is the reason why user experience is becoming is the most crucial factor for search engine rankings.

The website design will directly affect your website’s ranking because it will determine whether your website is capable of interacting with every type of visitor.

So as soon as possible build a good web design else get ready to lose organic audiences.

In so many ways, web designs affect SEO. Thus it remains incomplete because of some missing components.

To improve your website ranking you need to ensure almost everything from website speed, website structure, website design, navigation, link building, and much more.

A Good Web Design can Make or Break Your SEO

By choosing the right host you can ensure everything is on track. You will find so many hosting providers that will benefit you with so many different aspects. However, the potential of success depends on the hosting providers that you choose.

What do you mean by web SEO design?

The website which follows all the SEO techniques is known as an SEO-friendly website. Some of the best SEO techniques are faster loading websites, mobile-friendliness, descriptive URLs, and more.

While creating a website if you have ensured that your website follows all SEO website design practices then your search engine will be able to understand your website and will ensure that it get ranks in search results which will automatically increase the traffic and rankings.

Why Web SEO design plays an important role?

A good web design related to the visual aspects. However, if your website does not look great on a web browser no user will like to stay on your website for a longer time.

This is the reason design is considered to be an important aspect of SEO. They will be able to reach you and will generate more traffic only if your website has the best SEO and web design work.

Web design can damage your SEO

While launching a good web design or rebranding it to the new domain overnight the result of your SEO may disappear because you might have not set the 301 redirects.

Your website design can be influenced by SEO

Site architecture and page speed optimization play an important role that will directly affect the website ranking. If you ignore the SEO you will never be able to achieve desired rankings on search result pages.

However, if you ignore the importance of SEO website design, then you will be very close to face a huge problem with your ranking, time, and money. To get your business successful you should always focus on web design and SEO.

SEO affected by Web Design

Page speed

In good web design, page speed plays an important role. By search engines, page speed is one of the most important factors that help you to get rank easily.

For online visitors, page speed is very important so that they get a good user experience when they land on your website.

However, your website visitors will leave your website as soon as they found it working slowly. Thus they will move to another website that has a high ranking.

The major reason that makes your website slower is heavy images, flash plugs, videos, and other visual content.

Mobile friendly

In 2015, the most popular search engine i.e. Google becomes mobile-friendliness. People from all over the world prefer their handheld devices to access the internet.

So it becomes important that your website should be clearly visible on mobile and other powerful devices.

A website with a mobile-friendly and user-friendly nature has a higher chance of getting better results as they are able to provide a better user experience.

While doing some results we get to know that half of the traffic of your website comes from mobile devices.

This clearly means that if you do not have a website that appears great on mobile devices you will miss half of the audiences and this is the massive figure that needs to be taking into considerations.

Clean navigation

Your business’s online presence should be easy to navigate and easy to use. Try to elaborate your services in a professional manner so that your users do not need to search for it elsewhere.

It is crucial that your website navigation must be simple. The same thing relays for search engine crawlers. To increase the SEO score make sure your URLs are easy to remember and short. The duplications should be immediately removed.

Image optimization

Another most important process involved in SEO is image optimization. By search engine, your images will be penalized if overloading images are having the same name or keywords.

One of the best practices that involved in SEO is to add Pinterest, Twitter cards, and open graph so that the images can be used by your users.


The sitemaps act as a guideline to all your pages and content. It is very important to have a sitemap to get your content get crawls. This will redirect visitors to your pages. It is also one of the aspects that help you to enhance the user experience.


You will come across so many websites that will showcase the popup window as soon as you land on their websites.

Sometimes the popups just irritate the users which gives a negative signal to your search engine that people are not interested in your content. So while adding popups make sure it is set up at the right time and in the right page.

Reading experience

People get to your website because they are in search of some information, services, or products so it is very crucial that your website’s content is easy to read and understand so that they will find your website’s content to be more helpful.

The most important aspects that can make or break your website’s SEO are given in this blog. Hope this will help you in improving your website’s rankings.

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