How to Find Exactly What’s Wrong with Your Website Design

You have invested a lot of money and effort on your website in the hope of getting huge success, but the results are just mediocre.

And today, you are pissed off because you are getting traffic and even an active audience, but they leave your site by not doing any action.


You have good SEO, smart content strategies, and everything. So what’s the issue? Maybe it is happening because of your poor Website design. Yes, you read right!

It is often ignored by large numbers of website owners. Your poor and wreck website design not just bore your visitors but also influence them to leave your site immediately. This hurting, but it’s true.

Now, possibly you are wondering what’s wrong with your website design. You have good color themes, layouts, etc.

wrong with your website design

If you don’t know how to solve this issue, then first look out the mistakes that you have done while creating a website.

Today, in this post we would talk about some mistakes that show you what’s wrong with your website design. So, let us get started!

Wrong Web Design Equals to Poor UX

The studies showed, customers frequently get engaged with a website that has attractive designs and colors.

Yet, the few issues in User’s experience can immediately convert into disengagement. About 50% of visitors left the site in seconds if they do not find appealing on a website.

Well, the most common issues related to poor UX is having low loading speed, content structure, poor formatting, poor displays, and content length.

These are just estimates, however, it is vital to know about the roots of the problem, so you can solve them and enjoy the site.

So, for you guys, we have shared some important details that you should check and work on.

Put Light on Negative Reviews

No one wants to read negative comments on the posts. We usually ignore and delete this, but this is vital to check.

It comes from the genuine customers who showed interest in writing for your improvement rather than making you fool with your services. Well, it is well said, the negative review gives a huge impact on new users. Maybe they left your site by not taking action.

However, the Truth of getting negative reviews is to see inside your site with fewer efforts. You can know about the issues which your site needs to work on that further improve UX.

As compare to positive comments, the customer will show detail information on negative reviews regarding his experience, when you asked.

Well, all negative reviews may not well detail, but you may find some clues that what your user is expecting, what’s wrong with your website design and more.

All my motive is to encourage the talk about negative reviews. With this, you will easily work on your pitfalls and better the UX.

Also, you need to encourage your customers that they share more about your customer services, products and more rather than leaving a short comment. Ask them to share their overall experience in detail words particularly to UX.

The trusted websites take negative reviews for their benefits and always try their hard to better UX as much as possible.

Negative feedback can work awesome if you are serious about getting success. You just act upon your user’s choice and see the results.

Check Your Silly Mistakes

No one is perfect and immune to making mistakes. Whether you are a master or just a beginner, doing little mistakes is common.

Moreover, with the change in time and customer preferences. Also the change of using the web via mobile rather desktop. The web designers need to work accordingly and the changes required over time.

The strategies and smart design approach get outdated once the technique and preferences change. You can easily check numbers of reviews, articles, and stories regarding the UX related to web design.

Maybe you have searched a lot what other users are saying and what methods they have adopted to rescue this issue. Then just use them on your website and see the differences.

Also, check are those mistakes you might be making. A/b testing is one of the proven methods to analyze your site design. This will bring a quick change if anything wrong with your website design.

It is critical to check everyone in which website design can give a successful impact on your site.

Use Google Analytics to See Inside the Issues

Google Analytics is one of the most trustable resources to check issues in detail. With its details key metrics, you can easily identify where you are lacking and what steps you should take for better UX.

Here we would share a pro tip to use these metrics. All you need to create a journey map of users with their exit rates for each step.

You can complete this step by choosing “choose your own adventure” behavioural report. With this, you can see the exit rate on each post and UX.

If you are seeking the exit rate are extremely high, then it must be because of the wrong website design and poor UX.

Moreover, you can go with deep checking by creating a flow chart under the behaviour tab. With this, you will get to know about each page UX such as what they did with your page, what they are doing, what they did after that page, etc. It also shows when they support conversion rate.

Also with this check, you will know about the transversal pages which mainly supports the users to interact with the page and move within the site easily. If it is missing then you start working on it.

Final Words

Web design is not just about attractive appearance. It is a must to consider every aspect whether it is the layout, UX and many more. It is always suggested that test new trends and stay updated with your techniques to better the UX.

The more you have UX the more you do better with your site. So, Good Luck!

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