Great Photoshop Tips for Web Designers

When it comes to setting up your website, it is essential that you use stunning visuals along with your content so as to ensure that your website gets enough traction online.

Whether you happen to be a professional photographer or just a blogger looking to gain more traffic, it is important that you use enough visual cues on your website to make it more attractive and appealing.

While you can always opt for stock photography, it is better to use provide your content with a personal touch, such as custom made images that happen to be unique and outstanding.

This may sound tricky and complicated if there isn’t enough prior experience in creating custom content. However, don’t let it stop you from upgrading your website. Besides, there are plenty of tools to help you: starting from professional tips to handy devices. True, choosing and using pro drawing software made to show your creative skills and intentions are there to help you and your website grow.

However, before using your own images, you may first want to clean them up, give it a nice and professional touch so that they transform into something better. Check out the various photoshop tips for web designers, posted below,

Great Photoshop Tips for Web Designers

1. Reduce camera shake :

Your friend may have a shaky hand and as a result, some of your personal pictures are bound to be blurry. But here’re a few handy tips for photo designers especially on how to reduce the blur in the image and to render a high resolution image instead.

Just head over to photoshop, click on filter, now click on ‘sharpen’ and then, opt for ‘shake reduction’. photoshop will automatically scan the image, and select the area that requires shake reduction. Furthermore, you can customize this option with the help of settings as well.

2. Content aware moving :

There are times when you may need to include specific background with your images. This is what makes photoshop great and why this happens to be one of the best photoshop tips for web designers.

Basically, you just need to use the content aware tool on photoshop and make your selection. Once you have made the selection, you can tinker with the image and change it accordingly.

3. Blurs that stimulate focal length :

Let’s say that you want professional looking pictures but you do not have the right camera. But the good news is that with photoshop, you can use pins to stimulate your image, focus on the main piece, and blur it to create the focal length to go with the image.

4. Fish eye focus :

Let’s say that you want to develop a cool album and you want some of your images to attain that fish eye look. All you need to do is to filter, distort and spherize the said image with photoshop. You can increase the magnification and crop the parts you do not need. That’s it.

5. Color a black and white photo :

You may have an old image of your parents in black and white and you would prefer the same to be in rich color and texture to go with the same.

So, using photoshop, you can opt for the color balance tool, add the basic colors, and use the slider to adjust accordingly. You can then invent the layer mask and paint it in with a white brush.

6. Fix blemishes :

You may have a great image of yourself but there is a blemish on the image. And that’s why you need photoshop to adjust and remove the blemish.

Photoshop provides you with a spot healing brush that takes care of all blemishes on the image. That’s why this ranks as one of the top photoshop tips for web designers.

7. Create that Instagram look :

If you want that square look or that Instagram look, then all you need to do is to crop the image into a square.

Now, using the curves menu, adjust the color to the same until you get the right balance. Make the right adjustments and use a black brush in the middle of your image to get the vignette look.

8. Prototype your site :

If you are planning to set up a website, then you need to ensure that your site stands out. Photoshop is not all about customizing and tweaking images, you can use it to customize your website, add in special effects and in the process, help it standout for the right reasons. With this Photoshop feature, you can move things around your website with ease.

9. Removing unwanted background :

This is one of the top ranking photoshop tips for web designers; the simple reason is that most users have an image with some background that they did not want in the first place.

But now, thanks to photoshop, you can essentially remove this background. All you need to do is to use the quick select tool to select what you want in the image, delete the rest just head over to the edits menu, use the eraser to rub out the background and that’s it.

10. Use exposure levels :

if you have images that are either under exposed or over exposed then you can use photoshop to clean up your image. This again ranks among the top ten when it comes to photoshop tips for web designers. Just head over to photoshop, and click on settings.

Now, you can use the required settings to make the changes needed so that your image looks professional. One of the best ways to deal with this issue is to adjust the brightness or contrast.

This should enable you to deal with the issue of under exposure or over exposure and in the process help clean up the image so that it retains a professional look.

These are some of the photoshop tips for web designers; these tips can be used by anyone to clean up their images so that they look professionally rendered.

And you can use the same on your website, to help get it more traction online. Just remember to add images that are relevant to the concerned post, and that you have optimized the same for SEO as well, for obvious reasons.

Setting up a new website can be hard enough but with these amazing photoshop tips, you should be able to make your website stand out for the right reasons.

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