Front-End Developers – What Do They Do?

It is very important and essential to have a website topnotch user interface to make a good user experience. This is the main role of Front-end developer to enhance the user interface by its designing skills.

They create coding in such a way that user get attracted automatically to your services and products. A combination of front-and developer and back-end developer makes a sense to improve designing and functionality work.

Explicate that front-end work and back-end work are totally different parts. Front-end Developer is a person who works and create code to improve the font view like images, content, buttons, navigation’s, etc.

And back-end developer is a person who works and creates a code to improve back-end features. like databases, scripting, the architecture of websites, plugins, security, etc.

Therefore before hiring any kind of developer just be specific about your requirements and expectation.

Front End Developers What Do They Do

Let us check the responsibilities of a Front-end developers :

Front end developers are usually known as client-side developers that give full efforts to improve the UI i.e. user interface by making use of nice HTML, CSS and JavaScript code for the website.

By using proper HTML, CSS and Javascript code users will able to view and understand the flow of website design.

If the user is not able to view and understand the website flow properly then the front end developer can be first the reason. Therefore, Front-end developers play an important role in enhancing the website usability.

Getting the user more engaged to the attractive images and animation is a part of Designing skill done by the front end developer.

Different Responsibilities are listed down.

  • Creating attractive features on the website.
  • The code used by the front-end developer should be fresh and sorted out by creating different libraries to make a backup for the future point of view.
  • The UX and UI created should be information that should say something
  • Remove unnecessarily code then improves the loading speed that helps for SEO.
  • The contact form or any field that accepts some inputs from the user should first validate that all inputs are correct or not. then permit it to get submitted in the back-end.

What are the Skills that Front End Web Developers must have?
The front-end developers should have basic and advance knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These 3 are the basic level that every front-end developer must know.

The code written by the front-end developer runs inside the user’s browser and the code written by backend developer runs inside the website server.

Consider an example for a backend developer.
Backend developers work as an engineer who creates water and electricity. whereas front-end developers work as a helper who creates a way to connect and supply the water and electricity to the customers to live their lives.

A front-end developers makes sure that there will be no errors and issues while accessing the website. so that the website must be accessible with various browsers and devices.

Let us study each and every skill of Front-end Developers in detail.

1. HTML :

HTML is hypertext markup language. It means any simple text that consists of a link that points towards another link.

In short, hypertext is a hyperlink. Markup language means applying a different style to text. With the help of HTML, we can display the text and documentation in a different browser.

HTML is a very basic coding language that is widely used to create blocks of website coding. without HTML it is impossible to create a website design. If any text does not contain the hyper link it will not allow you to jump from one link to another.

2. CSS :

CSS means Cascading style sheet. By CSS you can apply a style, color, images, size, shape to the document that will be shown on the screen, paper, speech, and other media.

CSS allows you to create awesome website pages including colors, fonts, layouts, etc to attract your customers.

CSS is the only reason that helps you to adjust the size of the website according to the device you are using it can be mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers, TV, etc.

Hence, without using HTML and CSS the website responsive feature can not achieve.

3. JavaScript :

JavaScript is the most well-known programming and scripting language that is widely used. It is very lightweight in nature. It assists you to validate the elements you created like phone number, email ID, address, Contact form, username, and passwords.

JavaScript assist to add more functionality on the website. With the JavaScript, HTML and CSS user can easily create a website application. Also, it helps to manage the Live map, l=films, online games, etc.

Best example of JavaScript is a Pinterest that uses JavaScript to enhance the user interface for easy use.

4. jQuery :

jQuery is also very lightweighted. That allows the developer to write less code but perform more. jQuery makes your website quick and faster coded with JavaScript. It wraps a set of codes into one single line of code. With the help of jQuery, you can run custom animations.

Other skills that Front end developer must-have.

Website design must be Responsive and Mobile Friendly :
The coding done by any type of developer should be responsive in nature so that it can be accessed via mobile phone, desktop computers, tablets, and TVs it should adjust the size according to the device user prefers.

Website should be Cross-Browser Development :
The website should be cross-browser compatible that the website should be view-able at any browser it can be Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and many more.

Knowledge about Content Management Systems and E-commerce Platforms :
The coder should be aware of using a content management system especially WordPress. Because WordPress is the best and most popular platform that maximum users prefer.

WordPress is very easy to use so that users prefer to have a website using WordPress only. Also, the developer should be aware of different eCommerce platforms.

Testing, Debugging and Problem Solving Skills required.
The developer should always apply to test on each and every product and module. If any error occurs they should take the responsibility of debugging and solving a problem.

After doing well research I have mentioned all the major points to differentiate between front end developer and back end developer. So be careful before hiring any developer just check whether they have the skills that are mentioned above or not.

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