How to Fix WordPress 429 Too Many Request Errors

Suppose you have created a fully functional website and taken care of each and every feature that the user’s need should be fulfilled.

But what if your website has encountered many unrequested errors. And hence it will affect the level of your website. Therefore this article is all about the WordPress 429 request errors. Where we will figure out how to resolve it.

WordPress 429 request errors turn on when a user tries to make a request to your server. Which is designed to protect your website against DDOS attack i.e. distributed denial of service attack.

How to Fix WordPress 429 Too Many Request Errors

For example, you have made many requests at a time and the server is not identifying the request. At that time 429 request error will take place. This will judge that your server is getting some unexpected request.

This type of error can be encountered with a number of factors. If these types of errors are encountered you should deactivate all the plugins immediately. And when this issue has been resolved then you can reactivate those plugins again.

WordPress 429 too many request errors

Let’s study more deeply on how to avoid these types of errors.

1. Deactivate Misbehaving Plugin:

To Fix Error 429 Too Many Requests in WordPress you need to check first all the plugins that are working properly or not. If all plugins are working properly then it’s OK.

but if Not, then deactivate that plugin immediately because this plugin can be the main reason for getting you WordPress 429 request too many errors.

Steps are given below to deactivate the plugin
1. WordPress admin area
2. Select the Plugins.
3. Now, select Deactivate and click on the Apply button

After this, go to WordPress website again and check if the errors are not getting again. If the errors have not stopped yet then find another plugin which is misbehaving or uninstalls that plugin and tries to install a new one.

2. Switch to a Default WordPress Theme :

Once you have checked all the plugins next step is to switch to the default WordPress theme.
usually, all users did not use the default theme because they prefer there own customized theme.

Also, you know that the WordPress website comes with default functionality and plugins. In such a case, this default functionality may the reason for misbehavior. This is the only best and simple way to detect the theme is responsible for this issue or not.

So If you are getting still 429 error you should switch your theme from customized to the default theme.

Steps to switch WordPress theme from the current activated theme to the default theme.

  • In the admin panel at the left-hand side, click on Appearance and select the Themes option.
  • Change your current theme to the default theme that has not in-build features.
  • Check if still, the same error occurred or not. if yes contact your theme creator they will solve this issue.

3. Ask Your Hosting Provider :

What is WordPress hosting

If you have followed above mentioned 2 steps and still you are getting an error then it is not your fault. It can be because of hosting you are using then you should contact your web host provider.

This all can be because of DDOS attack but there is the possibility of a third party attack. You know that the search engine uses bots for demonstrating the website ranking. So there is something wrong that ‘s why you are getting errors.

This will really help to stop getting errors from the third party and you will get errors from one party only. If still, your web hosting provider is not getting you proper solution switch hosting provider from this to another one.

Hope this article will help you out to fix Error 429 Too Many Requests in WordPress.

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