How to Create Digital Fundraising Strategies for Nonprofits and NGOs

In this article we will discuss about how to create digital fundraisng strategies for nonprofits as well as NGOs.

If you are planning a fundraiser for a worthwhile cause, then naturally, you would want to do all you can to make it a complete success. And that’s why you may want to review some of the tips posted below on how to get others to donate to the event successfully.

You may want to first establish your nonprofit website on WordPress; once you have, you can then go ahead and select a responsive theme that’s also compatible with third party plugins since you would want to provide your users with several user centric features and even install a “donate now” button on your website.

But if you want to ramp up the fundraising, then there are a few methods that you can opt for, to make it happen – check them out.

fundraising strategies for nonprofits

  • Soft launch: Each campaign is different and so are its goals and key targets, but that being said, when it comes to fundraising strategies for nonprofits, you may want to kick off with a soft launch.

    Before you officially launch your fundraising program, you may want to contact some of your friends and loved ones and get them to put up a fund raising page and to get the word out, so that people are aware of the fundraising objective well before the official launch of your website.

    This should enable you to create more awareness amongst the public as to what your fundraising is all about, so that when the official campaign starts, they would be more than eager to donate for what they assume is a worthwhile cause.

  • Publicity: Once you launch your website, you may want to go all out to get your fundraising website, the publicity and visibility that it requires.

    You can utilize various communication channels, from blogs to social media and even run print ads, to get your fundraising efforts the attention it needs. When it comes to fundraising strategies for nonprofits, this is a must.

    Just remember that when you are setting up your website, to go for a theme that’s compatible to third party plugins.

    This should enable you to cross post your content across various social media platforms and by doing that, you should be able to leverage various social media platforms from Facebook to twitter, effortlessly.

  • Tip sheet: You may have a lot of volunteers donating their time and hard work to help make your fundraising activity a success.

    But as far as fundraising strategies for nonprofits go, it is not enough to get more volunteers to enroll for your cause. You may want to provide them with a tip sheet on what to do and what not to do when asking the public to donate.

    The tip sheet should contain detailed instructions on how to get both companies and individuals to donate for the cause. A recent study showcased the fact that the volunteer group that received a tip sheet managed to outdo other such groups by nearly 25%!

  • Donation page: With various fundraising strategies for nonprofits doing the rounds, you may also want to create a donation page with the respective donation buttons featured right up front and center.

    The point is that such pages, accompanied with various social media marketing campaigns and other forms of marketing are bound to see more traction online.

    The point is that people, at a certain subliminal level, are more than likely to donate on a featured donation page rather than a general landing page. Given that, you may want to create several donation pages, one for different sources of traffic such as web, mobile phones etc.

  • Matching period: If you are wondering how to get the big companies to donate, then you may want to recheck your blue book for fundraising strategies for nonprofits.

    One of the effective methods is to approach several companies’ right at the start of the campaign and to get them to commit themselves to a specific date, where they would match the donations for that particular date.

    Granted that not all the companies are going to be on board but more than a few would be more than happy to participate in the program.

    Here is a free tip, you may want to take along an impressive speaker along, so that he can convince them about the idea, as he makes the presentation.

  • Impact: When it comes to donations and fundraising, you may find that people and companies alike are likely to donate as long as they believe that the cause is worthy and that their donation is having some impact.

    If they feel that no matter what they donate, it is not going to have much of an impact on the ground, then chances are that they are going to walk away.

    For example, you could paraphrase your donation requests such as “a donation of $30 can help vaccinate 5 kids against a debilitating disease”.

    The point is that the public sees this message; they would realize that their donation would have some impact on the ground and would donate for the same.

  • Video: Several studies have pointed to the fact that most online users are easily influenced by online videos as well as high resolution images.

    Given this, you may want to host more than a few high resolution videos and images on your website as this can encourage others to donate more for your cause.

This is how you go about when it comes to enabling your fundraising to be a total success. You just need to ensure that your message reaches the right people and you also have to make sure that you utilize all communication channels to help market the same.

And you also need to have an active marketing campaign in place along with social media marketing strategy amongst others. All of this should enable your fundraising website to stand out for the right reasons.

It should soon get enough traction online and with it, lots of prospective donors as well.

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