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Advanced WordPress Themes for having great features and functionality

A splendid collection of advanced WordPress themes that are created by extremely high precision to generate stunning features and advanced functional frame for any kind of website.

WordPress content management system jointly with its categorized templates has always struck the eye of everyone while being profoundly usable and flexible at its core. This platform is highly susceptible to any kind of digital occurrence based on every single niche and topic. And while advantages of WorPress – based templates seem to have no termination, user – friendliness and intuition – based functionality across all the pages of your future website, accurateness and preventability in appearance, as well as handy toolbox preloaded with tons of applicable elements are among the vital ones.

Let’s delve into the best examples of advanced WordPress themes that are general – purpose in nature and truly resilient under any stipulation thanks to their functional saturation and controls full to the brim. Establish your future website right from the start or rebuild the existing one to give freshness to it with the help of any of the below – suggested themes, sharing the best qualities you’ll ever need for near – perfection look and feel of your digital trial.

1. SKT NewsPaper Pro:


SKT NewsPaper Pro is newly launched and fresh – faced, dynamic and zealous product of SKT Themes origin ready to serve as a solid foundation for any e – press, magazine, journal website or blog. Bundled with a wide array of modern features and options, including lots of customization and management options, prebuilt shortcodes available for simplified process of content setup, diverse page and home layouts to choose from, handy packages of Google fonts and icons and much more will give your website a huge push to gain momentum in the shortest period of time imaginable.

2. Complete Pro:
complete WordPress theme


Transform all your endeavors into tangible results and establish your realm easily with a fantastic furtherance of Complete Pro, that will never leave you to stand alone, even if you are non – techy at all. Power – driven to touch up completeness and generality in every single facet, this top – rated and multipurpose template in our list of advanced WordPress themes is thrilled to bring you truly controllable and even extendable framework to undergone all the required modifications or to better its functionality with the support coming from diverse compatible plugins, including portfolio, shortcode, WooCommere, xTranslate X and other plugins. To put it short, Complete Pro is irreplaceable whether you are going to use it for personal or corporate needs and objectives.

3. Diet and Nutrition:
diet and nutrition WordPress theme


Diet and Nutrition appears as the next top – notch and inherently engaging, motivational and touchy production. It resulted from a hard work of long months and reflects a balanced correlation between simplicity and lightness on the one hand, and contemporary coding and graphical solutions on the other. Hence, your next online project pertaining to healthy food, diet and weight loss programs will twinkle with responsiveness and cross mobile compliant form, e – commerce – inclined digital practice by the application of WooCommerce, SEO – friendliness to target users through search engines, as well as striking correspondence to all the other major standards itemized by the modern WordPress codex.

4. Shudh Pro:
minimal WordPress theme


In case you want to tap into the world of marketing, electronic trade, industry, construction, online consulting or any other relevant business easily and effectively with the costs that are reduced to the minimum, look no further than Shudh Pro. Inspired by the touches of minimal web design, this template lets pretty much white – dominant space for stressing your high – quality content across your pages. This light and simple, yet inherently functional and spectacularly business – like website solution among the advanced WordPress themes will energetically put all your efforts into unique form and content and will grant you with totally easy to navigate, smooth to go through, responsive and error – free web basis.

5. Exceptiona:
accounting WordPress theme


Your website of any denomination will be much appreciated and valued by every single client and customer browsing your website for the relevant service, product or other needed information. This pro – quality and vastly exercisable, smart and intelligent template has been projected with comfortable theme backend in the author’s mind, so that every single webmaster or admin will take the casting vote in all the decisions with respect to the interface and inner workflows of the website. Drive all your digital intentions and plans into vision and let all your multi – device users enjoy your content and images anytime and from anywhere across the globe, show off all your multi – service or product profile in the theme sections and areas in a precisely – scaled form to lead better results for future.

6. Construction Pro:
construction WordPress theme


Flaunt your professionalism and gigantic experience in the respective construction, industry or other spectrums with ease when running your website on the basis of Construction Pro. This exceptionally thriving and challenging toolbox will for sure turn heads with its serious and credible visualization and impeccable structural skeleton, letting each and every person interested in your profile scan all its content in a matter of seconds and without crumbling anywhere in your digital field. All the compulsory touches and features, that every contemporary and presentable sample of advanced WordPress themes should certainly share are taken care of, be it responsiveness, animation – based theme structure, fast – loading time, shortcode inclusion or HTML 5 and CSS3 modern coding style.

7. SKT White Pro:
white WordPress theme


Accommodated between awe – inspiring design peculiarities and award – winning functionality, SKT White Pro is one more WordPress – based template, which has been checked for its stability and precision, ready to serve you a lifetime. It is another affordable way to get your website off the ground and take it to the next level of popularity. The responsive and integrative, extendible and plugin compliant theme comes integrated with a bulk of optimal features and controls to make your content creation and display processes much easier and beneficial.


If you were looking for run of the mill themes, then you should be fine going ahead with any platform but if you need something out of the ordinary, in which case, you need to base your website on a WordPress platform. The fact remains that WordPress is one of the most flexible platforms there is and more importantly, it comes loaded with all these advanced WordPress themes that are resilient, robust and 100% responsive, which makes your website stand out for all the right reasons. Granted, you may find the process of setting up your website a little hard but then again, with our checklist, you should not have any issue. Most of our advanced WordPress themes have been coded by experts and are niche specific. But each theme is also multipurpose that make them a delight to use as well. Most of these themes come with a precise layout that is aesthetically pleasing and more importantly, each of them come with multiple built in templates that are completely customizable as well. If you are still not sure which one to choose for your website, then do read on.

  • Simplicity: It is always a good idea to go in for simplicity, when choosing a theme for your website. Most of the themes come with complex layouts, lots of features on the front page and while on the outset, it may seem good but the fact remains that customers can get easily distracted by flashy layouts. You need them focused on your content and more importantly, on the call to action, and given this, you may want to opt for a simpler and minimalistic theme than a complex or gaudy one.
  • Avoid fixed width layouts: One good reason for you to want to avoid themes with fixed width layout is the fact that your users cannot access your website with complete functionality when viewing the same through mobile phones or other devices such as laptop. That’s why you need to choose themes that are 100% responsive and have been pre-tested as these themes have been.
  • Check for compatibility: The fact is not all the themes out there are compatible with all the major browsers nor are they compatible with third party plugins. It goes without saying that you are better off avoiding such themes and that’s yet another reason that you may want to pick out these themes as they have all been pretested for their compatibility with major browsers as well as third party plugins. With the help of these plugins, you should be able to provide your customers with better functionality.

These are some of the things that you need to be on the lookout when choosing a theme for your website. Make sure that the theme you select is completely customizable so that you can customize the footer, header, layout, font and even the various page elements as you see fit. With the right theme, you should be able to increase your customer engagement, drive more traffic to your website and even boost up your SEO rankings.

Home Decor WordPress Themes for decoration and interior websites

If you want to fuel the fire of your interior design or home décor website with one of the best home decor WordPress themes, this article is for you. We have put together the most relevant templates for home and interior design and décor, construction and renovation, furniture and design accessories, home and décor, design firms and agencies, private constructors and portfolio based designers, sew or do it yourself blogs, etc.

Are you looking for a portion of inspiration to create and stylize your interior design or décor website or blog?

We all know that decorating a home or any other living space can be a pleasant, creative and even inexpensive event if there is a relevant step by step guidance to it. In other cases, people are keen on hiring seasoned designers and experts of the field to realize their extraordinary design ideas and solutions.

In one way or another, the first directory they turn to is the Internet with its boundless information and links to different resources. Therefore, if you are the one dealing with home decor and design related business, neglecting this virtual domain can be devastating for you and will lead to the loss of many potential clients.

In order to save your time and energy, we have scoured the Internet for the best home decor WordPress themes to go smoothly with your niche specific website of personal or corporate usage.

Each of the below mentioned home decor WordPress themes is perfect to alleviate you of being a top rated web designer or developer to make the most of the given template. The professional specialist creating those templates have already done the heavy lifting by making them as powerful and flexible as you have never seen before.

And since the truth lies in the details, let’s take a closer look at each of them.


Perfect Interior:



Perfect Interior is one of the proven techniques among home decor WordPress themes that will aid your website’s creation and further management. Additionally, this premium quality and visually creative template will strengthen the bond between you and your prospective clients by enabling them to quickly get in touch with you online.

Collect all your expertise, creative and inspirational decor ideas and architecture models, showcase your master classes and portfolio online via the preloaded areas and sections and let that information be easy to search and find for your audience.

The quick loading and fast performing rate of the theme will greatly reduce the time and nerves your website guests are going to spend on waiting for your content to be loaded in case of both desktop and mobile versions of the site.


Black and White:



Black and White is the next chic and classy looking template to be the online destination for your home and garden, furniture and décor related materials, products and services.

This black and white based and designer made website builder includes sequences and features that can be successfully applied from the theme installation and activation onwards.

One can find ultimate color and font management options, mix and match of different shortcodes and preloaded social media and other icons, PO file with translation ready framework and plugin compatibility, SMO and SEO optimized coding and much more.





With a professional customer support and full documentation available, WoodCraft is also one of the most popular interior design and home decor WordPress themes one can find in the virtual platform and use effortlessly.

Whether you are reenergizing your old website with fresh breath and look, or starting everything from scratch to engage new clients and open up new perspectives, WoodCraft can be a scalable solution for you.

This ultimately responsive and cross mobile compatible, shortcodes friendly and WooCommece compatible template is particularly suitable for home décor, design and furniture related websites, as well as carpentry, joiner and other wood related businesses online.


Furniture Pro:


furniture WordPress theme


Through Furniture Pro’s supportive touch and minimal learning curve, any home décor specialist or interior designer, carpenter or cabinetmaker will receive many emotional as well as tangible benefits.

Concentrating on a productive and results guaranteeing ingredients and elements of Furniture Pro can make a significant difference to the way you are communicating with your clients and customers and to the level of success in the digital platform your business achieves.

Make the most convenient and responsive framework to satisfy the needs of both PC and mobile users of your site by the application of Furniture Pro and make your content be ranked higher through search engine enquiries.

The theme is also HD and retina ready for pixel perfect large scaled images, as well as smoothly navigable from page to page and from top to bottom.


Furnish (Interior Pro)


free interior design WordPress theme


Furnish or Interior Pro is the next mind blowing and functionally saturated template included in our list of home decor WordPress themes.

With easy to follow instruction in the given documentation, as well as with easy to use admin dashboard from the backend of the theme, Furnish Pro accurately balances the theme’s capabilities by making them easily controllable and customizable whenever needed.

The authors of Furnish have put their heart and soul into creating an authentic and thorough product serving multipurpose needs.

Hence, with Furnish you are free to manage and control every single part and element of the theme, to change its form and look, color and placement as far as the theme’s potential lets you do.




premium WordPress theme


Kraft is another general purpose and fully fledged template with unique style and unmatched design to deliver your home décor, interior design and decoration website in a spectacular fashion.

Stay true to your own style or spirit and change the look and feel of the theme to match your preferences. Craft your own online castle with the right color combinations and font based typography to be legible across different mobiles, browsers, tablets and other hand held devices.

The SEO friendly coding, translation ready and commercial compliant character of the theme will also help you move into a completely new world of opportunities and new business cooperations.


As an interior decorator you may need to do a lot more than depend on grateful clients to pass the word about your business. For the fact of the matter, is that more customers are likely to flock to you on the basis of your website and the overall presentation than as a result of any of the traditional marketing channels or the odd flyer or two. This is not meant to discredit the ‘word of mouth’ but that you would be able to accomplish much more, increase your reach tenfold with an online presence and that’s the reason why you should check out some of these home décor WordPress themes. With these home décor WordPress themes, you should be able to customize your website and more importantly, be able to showcase your work with integrated advance functionality (thanks to various plugins and widgets), resulting in enhanced user experience. And even a lay marketer would know that a satisfied customer is likely to return again and with his feedback and ratings, your traffic should pick up as well. Here are a few additional reasons as to why you may want to pick your theme from the current collection, for your website.

  • Stylish: When it comes to surfing home décor websites online, most customers expect a stylish design that showcases the designs, models, furniture perfectly. These themes do that and a lot more, more importantly; these themes come with sliders and preset galleries that you can use you can use for your images. Just one tip: Make sure that you use a professional when shooting these images, as they can make all the difference.
  • Templates: These themes have been specifically designed for the home décor niche and as such, they all come with pre-built templates that have been designed to appeal to most customers. These templates have been designed with a sense of style and sophistication with the right color tones so as to enhance the appearance of the object in question.
  • Additional pages: The good news is that these themes come with built-in page builder or at least most of them do. You can use the same on your website and with it, you should be able to craft and develop additional pages seamlessly.
  • Woo commerce compatibility: These themes are also woo commerce compatible so you should also be able to set up a payment gateway for customers who are interested in booking your service in advance.

These are some of the reasons as to why you should take a closer look at our home décor WordPress themes. And keep in mind that a theme alone cannot sell anything to your web visitor but that your content needs to be equally effective to close the deal. So make sure that you develop high-end content and post the same on your website. This should help you reach out to more customers, and even boost your SEO rankings as well, so make sure that you choose the right theme when setting up your website.

Low Cost WordPress Themes for low cost website development in long run

Low cost WordPress themes have been discussed as they are GPL and multiple domain license.

When it comes to going online and putting your business in digital mode, a perfect website is the first step. But the first step has to be perfect so that you can build upon it and ride on a successful path. When it comes to creating a perfect website, WordPress is the obvious choice.

There are low cost WordPress themes with all the required design components and there are free plugins to include all sorts of functionality. You can easily create low cost WordsPress themes and websites all by yourself with the help of the following themes. But be sure that these low cost WordPress themes and websites are no less than the premium websites people built in terms of design, functionality, and SEO.

1. Fashion Trends


It is one of the best themes you can have to design low cost WordPress themes effortlessly. It is best for online stores selling fashion and lifestyle products. The color scheme is extremely addictive and the layout is clean. It is retina ready and responsive on all devices and browsers. It comes with page builder and customizer with which you can create and modify all the pages and sections. You can make all the modification live.

It is SEO and SMO friendly which will help your business to grow faster. Designing components are flat according to the modern style and hundreds of icons, shortcodes and fonts are provided for better designing. There are shuttle animations on the homepage and you can have a forum on the site with bbPress. All the ingredients for building low cost WordPress websites are present.

2. SKT Beach


It is a perfect theme for creating low cost WordPress themes based websites related to travel and tourism. It is 100% responsive and comes with multiple ready-made pages. It is also suitable for photography and wedding website. It has over 500 icons to represent every paragraph visually. The coding is SEO friendly and security is top-notch. It has multiple variations in header and footer.

You can manage changes live and you can show the portfolio and other gallery related items wonderfully. It has multilingual support as your business is likely to have global customers. There are separate pages like blog, service listing with pricing table and offer and deals pages.

3. Play School
education WordPress theme


It is a low cost WordPress themes based multipurpose template but it is best for creating a website for educational institutes. You can also design online course website through the theme. You can use any type of learning management system plugins, WooCommerce, page builder as well as customizers with it. There are multiple pages and blog layouts, shortcodes to make content for attractive and header variation to catch attention easily.

There are 6 types of sliders and you can add maps and beautiful contact forms. There are various animations and visual triggers. If you are a developer, you can use it to develop low cost WordPress websites for school, colleges, university, online and offline educational institute.

4. Complete Pro
complete WordPress theme


From its name you can understand that this low cost WordPress themes based template is applicable for any type of website and businesses. It is a colorful theme and color scheme of every component is changeable. There are hundreds of fonts, icons, shortcodes to enhance beauty. It is very modular in layout and there are multiple inner pages layouts and headers with banners. The homepage can have background images and videos. It is translation ready and has multilingual support.

It is also tailor-made for an online shop as it has separate pages to list products and services and users can directly pay through your website. You can also use it as a child theme. It is SEO and SMO friendly and there are various button, list styles, boxes and widgets for better representation.

5. SKT Architect Pro
architect WordPress theme


It is an ideal theme for designing heavy weight low cost WordPress websites for construction companies. It is easy to set up and comes with ready-made layouts and pages. It is fully responsive and has an elegant color scheme. There are more than 20 sections and 500+ fonts and icons. It is one of the fastest themes. SEO and SMO friendliness will help businesses to score over their competitors. There are amazing sliders, galleries, header and footer layouts. Call-to-action options will help you get more leads.

6. SKT Landing Page
landing page WordPress theme


This is a low cost WordPress theme which is best suited for showing any particular service, product or item such as mobile app. It is a one-page theme and helps in building low cost WordPress themes easily. It has minimal design and looks very elegant. There are multiple options for sliders and different sections to represent all the information beautifully. The inner banners can be changed and visitors are going to leaving with a pleasant experience.

7. Gravida
corporate WordPress theme


Gravida is one of the best themes to prepare low cost WordPress websites. There are so many variations available for header, footer, widgets, sliders as well as overall page layouts. It has built-in testimonials sections, contact forms, filterable galleries and creative carousels. People can shop your product directly and you can use 100 of shortcodes to display content with animation to attract attention instantly.

8. SKT Start-Up Pro
startup WordPress theme


If you fall into the category of a start-up and want your site to grow in functionalities as your business grows, SKT Start-up pro is best for you. It is translation ready and there are 10 different slider formats. It comes with social media integration and all the different plugins are perfectly compatible to increase functionality as expand your business. You can embed videos, maps, and podcasts directly in any place. It is one of those low cost WordPress themes that you can use to design you dream website exactly the way you want it.

9. SKT Magazine Pro
magazine WordPress theme


Finally, we have a theme which you can use to design low cost WordPress themes based websites for blogging. It has all the ingredients and designing component to make your blog successfully. SEO and SMO are taken care of and there are beautiful social share options to make your posts go viral. You can select from different blog layouts and use hundreds of shortcodes to represent content in a better visual mode. It has all the ready-made necessary pages like member area, forum, about us, services, contact and featured posts.

These are the best themes to design and develop low cost WordPress themes based websites for different types of business. Even though the themes have relatively low price than some of the premium themes available in the market, feature wise, it is equivalent and at times, ahead of them.

Given the fact that most of the businesses have an online presence, it is essential that you do as well – if you plan on going head to head with your competition. It is important and essential that you research all your competitor websites so that you have a better idea of what you would need on your own, and more importantly, take the time to review some of the important websites in your niche for ideas regarding layout, structure, colors, fonts, etc. Good themes do cost money but the good news is that there are any numbers of low cost WordPress themes that work just as well as the premium top end ones. All you would need are a few third party plugins to provide your website with additional functionality and with it, you should be set. Given this, it naturally makes more sense to go ahead with low cost WordPress themes rather than pay top dollar for themes that contain the same features as these ones. Here are a few additional reasons as to why you should opt for our themes.

  • Same functionality: Most of these low cost themes come with the same features and functionality as the premium ones. What’s more, you can improve the functionality of your website by installing a few third party plugins that can optimize your website and even make it possible for your users to log in, by using various social media platforms. In all, they do make it possible for your users to navigate your website seamlessly and without a hitch.
  • Minimalism: Some of these themes are minimalistic in nature and that’s a good thing. Since the current trend is towards minimalism, and some of the top websites use the same to direct the user’s attention to the ‘call to action’, you can employ the same strategy on your website which should result in better conversion rate.
  • Shortcodes: These themes come loaded with required templates, build in pages and some even come with built-in page builder as well. Apart from these, some of the themes even come with hundreds of short codes that you can use to customize specific aspects of your website, which makes it quite handy.
  • Icons and galleries: Moreover, these themes come packed with pre-designed icons as well as a highly interactive galleries and even sliders that you can use to display your high resolution images perfectly. A recent study clearly highlighted the fact that when it comes to making an impact, images and videos rank better than textual content. So make sure that you pick out the right theme and host a few high resolution images or videos on your website for better conversion results.

These are some of the reasons as to why you should go in for these themes. Additionally, most of these themes are 100% responsive so your users should be able to view your site as it is without any loss of functionality. With these themes, your website should look about as good as or even better than your competition.

Wellness WordPress theme for a healthy lifestyle website


Yogi Pro

yoga WordPress theme


SKT Fitness Pro


Gym Master




BeFit Pro

personal trainer WordPress theme


Features of Wellness WordPress theme

  • Design is very good and colors selected are well suited for wellness
  • Full color changing theme
  • 100% responsive and tested with several devices for cross browser and cross device experience
  • Plugins compatibility is the best feature for this template with several plugins like WooCommerce, Events calendar, pricing table, working hours all working fine
  • Contact form in built given but compatible with other contact form plugins
  • Full translation ready and multilingual plugin ready
  • Tested with all kinds of page builders for page building approach and any type of layout building freedom
  • Compatible with various shortcodes plugin and in built with 100+ shortcodes
  • Several page templates provided
  • Several blog templates provided
  • Several footer and header variations provided
  • Provided with widget friendly approach to sidebar and footer as well as header
  • Latest modern design trends used like flat and material design approach used
  • HTML5 and CSS3 built used so that CSS3 animations will also work
  • Tested with several gallery plugins and slider plugins in order to have a massive portfolio variation
  • Font based icons integrated and over 650 available
  • Google fonts integration done so that more than 800 fonts are available
  • Cyrillic and latin sub sets of fonts also possible
  • RTL tested and tested with hebrew and arabic languages
  • SEO friendly coding and WordPress theme codex standards coding used
  • Wellness WordPress theme is a great looking template and part of a bundle of a great theme called Perfect.

    We have explained several features of the perfect template before and hence we are going to focus more on this wellness template here at this time. One can take a look at the template of Perfect to know more about its endless features and unlimited possibilities.

    Any wellness trainer requires a website just like any other fitness trainer or yoga trainer requires for showcasing their talent as well as profile and resume.

    Also a wellness trainer is a combination of not just exercise but also keeping your health active and proper by various other trainings and also focusses on diet schedule as well.

    Wellness training involves various different exercises which help one avoid back injuries, back pains, helps in proper blood flow, helps in quitting smoking and various other things.

    Wellness trainers require to not just showcase their skills but also the different exercises and training programs they have.

    They need a website to showcase the programs and their benefits a person can get.

    Also several corporate membership programs where they go to several offices and teach wellness programs is something that gives more benefits to them.

    Our wellness WordPress theme has the following

    Slider which is really cool and is a full wide slider. It can be used to showcase upto 15 slides. Its animation and pause timing can be changed easily and controlled from backend.

    Also the slider can be replaced with any other slider plugin hence gives complete control of that area.

    Menu facilitates five level drop down and hence is a great option to have a nice menu on the top of the website.

    Nice complete section for having main services or wellness programs declared in a nice way just after the slider with a visual and creative way.

    The green and black color scheme can be completed converted and changed to some other color scheme using color pickers.

    Welcome to area talks about the program and who runs it and what it will do to your life and hence this is a real overview of the program that you offer.

    As you can see enough call to action buttons are added in each section to lead the customer to the contact page where location, info like phone number and location address are all mentioned along with a form.

    Next follows columns which are the real highlight of this template with icons font based and text describing each of the programs.

    675 icons are available and hence this work nicely with all types of industry and hence one can use this template for not just health, fitness but also wellness and other training sites as well.

    Wellness trainers follow next and their profiles are nicely given. One can have only 2 trainers or upto 6 trainers.

    Footer follows with enough call to action like location and address etc and hours of operation of the wellness center. Thus this wellness WordPress theme provides ample opportunity for any wellness center owner to have a great and decent website at the start.

    This wellness WordPress theme provides inner page templates, page builder and other such great features as explained on the top.

    Gas Company WordPress Themes for petroleum gas & oil companies

    This time we have taken the trouble of bringing the best gas company WordPress themes under one hood. They can be freely used for gas and oil, petroleum and naphtha companies, oil gas and petroleum stations, gas extraction and processing companies, gas generation plants, hydroelectric power plants and other relevant businesses and undertakings.

    Petroleum industry includes as many branches and components, working directions and marketing strategies in the form of global processes as it is hard to enumerate.

    While being one of the profitable and major industries at present, this petroleum or oil industry comes as a unity of wide range of subsequent processes, from exploration, processing, extraction, refining, moving and transportation to the production of chemical merchandise, sale and more.

    No matter which branch or sphere of this huge commune you are in, making your respective business or services, products or gas station popular in the global networking market can do lots of favors to you.

    The best gas company WordPress themes to be found in this article are designated as valuable components of any future niche specific website or blog catering to oil and gas spectrum and its subdivisions.

    You will certainly get what you pay for since every single part and portion of these templates have gone through profound testing and updates to be error free in exploitation.

    Ready made to fix the best version of your site and keep it valid over the time, each of these gas company WordPress themes will take the responsibility of growing your business with a pixel perfect online presence.

    1. SKT Perfect:
    perfect commercial WordPress theme


    SKT Perfect has been nurtured by the utmost care of the most seasoned web designers and developers. As a result, it turns to be one of the 5 stars ranked gas company WordPress themes checked and loved by dozens of gas company or station managers, specialists, private contractors and more.

    The overall appearance of SKT Perfect is kept balanced and serious to exude the most professional look. But if you prefer to add some more colors and flushes to it, you are privileged to do so. Other parts and visual traits can also be altered accordingly matching your needs and business objectives, such as fonts which are present throughout your website, their sizes and colors, pre installed templates, page and post layouts, etc.

    2. SKT Stone:


    SKT Stone is the next firm and solid template ready to take your gas and oil related website to the best exposure in the digital platform. It can be a fantastic and practical solution for your clients to save their time and manage their gas supply or order your services from the comfort of their homes.

    With this responsive and mobile friendly template you will definitely have a far larger reach to your prospective clients and leads than any other form of advertising or marketing. The SEO and SMO compatibility nature together with user friendly interface of the theme will do a great job in bringing the right traffic to your website from search engine inquiries and popular social media networks.

    3. Auto Car:
    car repair WordPress theme


    Auto Car is essentially automotive and vehicle related template and hence can be effectively used for gas and oil industries to manage their petroleum transportation, gas tankers and pipelines related services online.

    Increasing your business access and visibility in all the possible ways is a major key to better results in the future and more return on your initial investment. In this relation, Auto Car has been made to share enough potential and flexibility to work with all the practical platforms, additional commercial tools and SEO plugins to make your gas station, products or services more demanded.

    From a more technical perspective, this template includes preloaded packs of icons, fonts, shortcodes and call to actions, homepage controllable slider for sharing your visual materials,

    4. Black and White:
    black and white WordPress themes


    By the application of one of the most admin optimized and simple gas company WordPress themes in the form of Black and White, you can gather your audience from search engines, social media platforms and other networks around your profile and fulfill all their needs and inquiries.

    This template is available at a low cost and guarantees you that you are going to spend an exact amount of money on the establishment of your professional website and its future transformation as per your requirements.

    It means that Black and Pro is never susceptible to such occurrences that can force you to hire professional designers or developers which would certainly blow out your website preparation and maintenance costs.

    Everything can be easily controlled from the backend of the theme with customizer based platform and tons of customization options.

    5. SKT Industrial:
    industrial renovation WordPress themes


    The next great medium among gas company WordPress themes on which you can display your business and keep a large audience informed about your ongoing work and novelties is called SKT Industrial.

    From mapping your locations and sharing them with web viewers to inserting all your services and products into accurately deployed sections and areas, from showing off the best of your images on the homepage slider to running an online storefront for commercial purposes, everything is possible with SKT Industrial.

    While being a full color and font management template with social media buttons and shortcodes integration, SKT Industrial enables you to make your content translated into multiple languages when paired with additional translation plugins.

    6. Welder:
    welding WordPress theme


    Provide your gas company’s credibility and expertise through Welder. This template will win your attention thanks to its business looking appearance and advanced operational framework offered as a homogeneous unity one supporting another.

    On the whole, it’s a well formulated mechanism with powerful shortcodes base to make your life easier with coding technics, out of box page and post layout controls, standard pages inclusion like 404, search, blog and more.
    Prebuilt team area is a great way to discover your staff and team representative’s profiles, as well as gallery section for visualizing your works and services with HD photos.

    Brick and Mortar WordPress themes for local businesses

    Brick and Mortar business deal in local areas and local business and are very different in working than their online competitors. Our Brick and Mortar WordPress themes deal with providing websites to such brick and mortar businesses who want to have an online presence so that people know about their whereabouts and can buy stuff from those nearby stores.

    Even though online media is booming and people like to buy stuff online at their convenience there are certain things which people still like to buy offline and do not want to buy them online.

    For example grocery stuff we do not generally purchase them online because people do not know how much they would need and sometimes there list is different and their wants are different.

    Some people also want to check it out first and then want to order for example in a clothing store people want to trial first t-shirts, jeans and other apparels before wanting to buy them.

    Also sometimes what color might suit you the best you aren’t sure so you go to an offline store and purchase it.

    Even though purchasing via online stores have increased beyond imagination and more and more things are going online still brick and mortar businesses are also booming because of the fact people still prefer several items to purchase offline rather than online.

    Here is a list of several brick and mortar WordPress themes

    suitable for local businesses:

    1. SKT Perfect:


    SKT Perfect is a perfect theme and has a lot of skins to consider for purchase of any brick and mortar WordPress themes because it has eCommerce working readily with the help of WooCommerce and can work out of the box for any brick and mortar business who wants to just showcase their products and their showroom and about their business online. This is a great template with lots and lots of features to consider.

    2. Local Business Pro:
    local business WordPress theme


    Many businesses can offer to get calls, sales promotions can be placed online and all local business stuff like address and location and contact form etc are given in this template and is best suitable for any local business related website.

    3. Movers and Packers Pro:
    moving company WordPress theme


    This is another local business template and can be used as one of the brick and mortar WordPress themes because it showcases all the info like the address, social media and call to actions like phone numbers etc on the top and footer so that one can easily locate the store.

    4. Luxury Watch:


    This suits both online purchase and eCommerce and works like a charm to just showcase exclusive products online for any brick and mortar business and gives a very attractive and classic look and feel to any business of luxury brand.

    5. Shopzee:
    eCommerce WordPress theme


    This is a complete eCommerce WordPress theme which can be used by any brick and mortar business to not just have online presence but to sell their products directly online.

    6. SKT White Pro:
    white WordPress theme


    Nice look and feel with animated columns and an animated homepage which acts like a one page landing page of any business and can be made into a multiple page WordPress theme which does the job for any local offline business. Has ample features to be considered in this section.

    There are other several templates which might fit in this list but we do not want to confuse users. Also one can check out our themes section to select any other template which they might think work best for their store.

    Why people prefer offline brick and mortar WordPress themes based business than online?

    Ecommerce businesses have definitely the edge because they have inventory managed automatically online and minimal workload as most of the things are automated. Staff can be less so there is minimal overhead costs and hence these get transferred to the consumer in terms of benefits of pricing wars online over brick and mortar businesses but definitely many still prefer to to buy via the old traditional method of showrooms and this is why we are going to check the reasons of them. Of course our Brick and mortar WordPress themes as listed above are good to satisfy needs of an online presence of any such business:

  • Touch and feel of any fabric or similar items is essential and that cannot be possible when you want to purchase from online eCommerce sites and hence due to this reason many people still prefer offline and traditional showroom shopping i.e. brick and mortar style
  • Trust is there because you might be knowing the owner of the business for long or the store already has a reputation in the neighbouring area and hence you give the benefit of doubt and purchasing from there seems trustworthy
  • Reliability is also there because many users who have purchased from there might be your friends and relatives and you can ask them questions about the store. Also you can go and talk to the store about the after sales service they are going to provide to you which seems to be missing mostly in online purchases
  • Refund or replacement hassle is minimal in case of offline purchase as you can go back and replace or get a refund for your purchased product which seems to be more of an hassle when purchased online
  • No middle men is involved in this whole affair as is the case of eCommerce purchase as delivery boy, courier and other things come into play
  • No delivery hassle is also there in offline brick and mortar business
  • Shoe Repair WordPress Themes for shoe footgear boutique owners

    Having a shoe repair or polishing business and looking for the ways to take it online? We have selected the best of shoe repair WordPress themes to serve the needs of your shoe related business. Hence, shoe and footgear repair, shoe polishing, manufacturing and selling businesses, shoe boutique and storefront owners, shoe designers and makers can greatly benefit from this collection.

    Tell me which shoes you prefer and I will tell you who you are.
    Shoes are a form of art, self expression and reflection of human character. Psychologists are sure: people, choosing shoes, sometimes unconsciously tell about themselves to the world. Our character, ambitions, mood and even dreams can be reflected by the form of shoes, its skin color and even the height of the heel.

    And while there are thousands of male and female representatives who constantly visit famous shoe shops or buy their lovely pair of stilettos online on a regular basis, it’s not always reasonable to spend more money on buying a new pair when there are high quality shoe repair services to give a second life to the old or worn out ones.

    Our shoe repair WordPress themes are foreseen for such shoe repair and polishing, modeling and remodeling websites. However, they can wear any other visual outfit or exude operational framework your shoe manufacturing or making, selling or distribution website or online portal will ever need to get more attention and client trust.

    1. Toy Store:


    Toy Store is one of the crisp and well polished toy and shoe store, designer and shoe repair WordPress themes that can be adjusted as per your ideas and imagination and meet your website viewers in the most prepared manner.
    Totally commercial ready, this template is convenient for all those shoemakers and repair specialist who want to organize their cooperation with clients via the digital platform, from accepting orders to selling their merchandise online.

    Whatever the level of your expertise in dealing with WordPress powered platforms is, the management and customization of Toy Store with its powerful toolkit and Customizer based performance will be within your limits and possibilities.
    Responsive layout of the theme is also well powered by HTML 5 coding giving your desktop and mobile armed guests stable access to your profile and its content.

    2. Adventure:
    adventure WordPress theme


    Are you fond of dynamic and colorful shoe repair WordPress themes to win the fascination and visual satisfaction of your audience? Then Adventure is what will make your online work shining with unique esthetics and color touches, design and CSS 3 animations.

    Let your shoe industry or local shoe and boot repair service provision grow in the right direction and be presentable to more interested clients coming from search engines or social media networks since Adventure is totally SEO friendly and SMO integrated.

    Even the holiday season is not the reason for going offline or taking “vacation” in the digital area. Craft your shoe centric site and keep it active with scheduled posts and blog publications all the time so that your business will keep its activity even while you are having a rest.

    3. WoodCraft:
    furniture store WordPress theme


    Custom built to promote any kind of handyman and craftsman business, WoodCraft is another irreplaceable product among shoe repair WordPress themes you can find in our assemblage.

    Hence, if you are specialized in restyling or repairing shoes of different damage or frazzle level, or combine such kind of service with key and locker management, engraving, watch repair or clothing repair services, be sure WoodCraft can host all your services and offers under one roof.

    With this shortcodes ready and multilingual checked template, you will never have a shortage of homepage sections or additional pages to have everything well organized and well exposed for the sake of your website guest’s convenience. Every single page and post control, layout options along with widgetized areas controls are all at your disposal.

    4. Luxury Watch:
    luxury WordPress theme


    Your shoe repair center or workshop, exclusive or handmade models of shoes can be proudly presented via Luxury Watch.
    Dealing with this modern looking and designer touched template will be like walking on a comfortable pair of shoes for a website admin of any background. With firm coding at its core and pieces of shortcodes available right from the start, adding the needed dots to your template, removing unnecessary buttons or uploading images, logo and more with drag and drop functionality will be easier than you think.

    Tested and practices for trading and shopping purposes, Luxury Watch feels confident when working with commercial plugins and gives you dozens of controls on your shoe storefront or online shopping center.

    5. Design Agency Pro:
    design agency WordPress theme


    Footwear and shoe designers cannot miss the opportunity of showcasing their works to the world with the help of a powerful and interactive website. Design Agency Pro has been developed for such startup and seasoned designers working around shoes and clothing, bags and accessories, belts, watches and more.

    Rise to prominence with Design Agency Pro that is as smooth and easy in usage as it is unbeatable and stubborn against technical flaws and irregularities when it comes to mobile version of your site. The theme’s adjustable layout with the support of responsive coding will make your site and its content compatible with any device resolution.

    6. Local Business Pro:
    local business WordPress theme


    Local Business Pro is one of the businesslike yet affordable shoe repair WordPress themes crafted specifically for local and small scaled businesses in order to make them highly profitable with little financial means.

    On the whole, it’s a top quality and visually appealing, sleek and versatile template with non exclusive price to be accessible for talented shoe designers and repair specialist working on a humble budget.

    The theme’s present and future scalability across different mobiles, platforms, browsers and other environments, responsive touches to meet your mobile user’s demands, simplicity in usage and customization, favorable conditions and quick loading for the web surfers are all among the advantages of Local Business Pro.

    Appliances WordPress themes for appliance store repair maintenance and service


    A collection of search – based and practically checked appliances WordPress themes is presented for all.

    Those who are rooting around the available marketplace to find the most fitting appliance store, repair, maintenance or service appliances WordPress themes and templates to consider for their future website.

    In the recent decades much focus has been on the digital world as a compound unity bringing together individuals, private entrepreneurs, professionals and startups, companies and organizations of any caliber, educational institutions, financial agencies and much more in an online format. Thus, this networking ties and relationships have long become more valuable and significant than ever in the previous times, transforming data and information into actions and processes that create new working opportunities, individual and business development potential, mutually beneficial online experience and yet much more to come within the time.

    Thus, the current state of the world and its reflection in the online platform supposes that all the presentable people should have their trustworthy and dependable presentations online in the forms of blogs and websites. At present, the global networking system is a paradigm shift, which makes a completely new era of chances for everyone, from clients and customers and sellers and service providers to local and international communities, and even countries.

    Keep up with reading the continuation of our article and you may find a strong list of the best appliances WordPress themes to anticipate all your wants and wishes and turn them into reality. All of them share the most applicable features and options and are 100% customization – ready, so it will be totally up to you to edit and stylize the look and feel of your website for making your store or service center live and open for all your customers.

    1. Furniture Pro:


    Sophisticated and time – checked, user and customer – driven, custom – built to tailor to any kind of industry manifestations, Furniture Pro is able to provide you with the best outcomes at the right place. This template can be the most fitting variant for your website presenting a appliances or device shop, or dedicated to the repair and maintenance services of home and other appliances. Available in the relevant market at a reasonable price to be accessible to larger groups of audience, this template is an amazingly convenient low – budget marketing platform for all your website content and the way it can be served to your potential clients. For your convenience, Furniture Pro features a stunningly flexible and adaptable, responsive and cross – mobile compliant, as well as multilingual and SEO – ready framework as the most cost – effective ways to boost your traffic and increase your company awareness. Thus this store template can surely be added into the appliances WordPress themes category.

    2. Movers and Packers Pro:
    moving company WordPress theme


    Movers and Packers Pro is another industry – based and businesslike, inherently smart and intuitive enough to embed completely new appearance and extended functionality whenever needed, and as such, this template can be deservedly included in our list of the most dynamic and resilient appliances WordPress themes for all those individuals, technicians, electricians, newly based or experienced companies and service centers, who are inclined to guarantee the most user – centric and presentable online profile, which will allure all the website visitors visually, and meet all their demands in relation to functionality. As a responsive and e – commerce ready template, Movers and Packers Pro generates a neatly structures homepage sections and areas to display all your information, company profile, team members and specialists, services rendered, pricelist, working ours, contact details, etc. In addition to this, you can turn to the prebuilt slider for the demonstration of your high – quality images of your new products and devices and control them accordingly.

    3. Condimentum:
    multipurpose WordPress theme


    Simplicity and lightweight nature, readily responsiveness and cross – mobile and tablet friendliness, easy to customize color scale, strong and modern HTML5 and CSS3 coding and styling are smoothly integrated within Condimentum and make the latter so advanced and ready towards all the challenges. Projected and developed to cater to all the predictable needs and preferences of any appliances store or shop owner, this appliances WordPress themes celebrates a potentially e – commerce compliant framework when the theme is supported by WooCommerce or other commercial plugins for the most productive shopping experience for all the website viewers. All in all, this modern and creative website building tool with its handy package of tons of features and management controls to show off your content in the most categorized way, its fast – loading and smooth – navigable nature to save the website user’s time and nerves, can be the portion of initial assistance to kick your rapid advancement along the way.

    4. HVAC and Cleaning:
    HVAC and cleaning WordPress theme


    In case your plan in relation to your appliances WordPress themes based website includes no one else but you to build up the site from scratches and take it to perfection, look no further than Towing.
    This top – rated and very competitive template is well suited for any kind of appliances shop to sell all types of items, including refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, HVACs, freezers, water heaters or whatever it may be, or render your professional services to your clients, so that they get in touch with you, select an appliance which is broken, book a repair appointment and get their problem solved with the help of an experienced and knowledgeable specialist or technician in the shortest timeframe possible.

    5. Fix It:
    handyman WordPress theme


    Conceptually well – thought out and energetic, live and inviting, surprisingly easy to use and follow, Fix It appears as one more appliances WordPress theme to lead the way in the relevant industry and cope with all the expected and unexpected issues one can be faced with while trying to showcase the most efficient and credible appliances – based online profile or store. Customization and configuration possibilities are endless with this website builder, so that you are the only master of your website visualization and inner functionality without any support of IT specialists, developers or graphic designers. Fix It also comes integrated with responsiveness for all your on – the – go multi – devise user customers to communicate with you no matter where they are and what type of hand – held device they are practicing to scan your web content.

    Ayurveda and Ayurvedic WordPress themes for medicine skin care sites

    Ayurveda and Ayurvedic WordPress themes for your reference are listed

    With the rise of digitization in the modern world, all the medical services and products selling companies are forced to come online to get the targeted audiences.

    There are not many Ayurveda product selling stores and Ayurvedic clinics to see an experienced doctor to get recommendations for such products.

    This is exactly why you need to get a website to get hundreds and thousands of patients easily.

    Since there are not many stores and clinics available, people search for them on the internet and if you make websites with Ayurveda and Ayurvedic WordPress themes, they are likely to reach you easily and quickly.

    These Ayurveda and Ayurvedic WordPress themes are SEO friendly and designed perfectly to showcase your products and services beautifully.

    1. SKT Medical Pro
    medical WordPress theme


    This is an amazing ready-made medical theme and one of the best for Ayurveda and Ayurvedic WordPress themes. It has cross browser support and appears equally great of all handheld and large devices with high resolution. It has a color picker with live customizer. You can add any page anytime with standard page builder plugins. There are some tailor-made shortcodes to show your treatment services and products. There are many page templates for designing inner pages.

    2. Fitt
    weight loss WordPress theme


    This is a great health theme tailor-made to appear similar on all devices irrespective of size and resolution. The color scheme is totally changeable, and there are some awesome banners in the slider whose texts are editable. There is area to showcase portfolio in terms of services, and products. Shortcodes are available to show pricing table, reviews, and ratings. It has a separate blog section with awesome layouts to write engaging posts.

    3. Bony
    chiropractor WordPress theme


    It is one of the most versatile Ayurveda and Ayurvedic WordPress themes with full SEO support. Coding is done for search engine bots to crawl better and understand the website. It has support for all SEO plugins and e-commerce plugins. It is widget friendly and comes with several variations in the layout of header and footer. It has translation support and amazing contact forms and call-to-action options. It is definitely the best theme to list Ayurvedic treatments.

    4. Handy
    doctor WordPress theme


    Handy is a perfect medical theme and suitable for Ayurvedic websites. It has amazing features like multilingual support, WooCommerce, ninja forms, call-to-action innovation options, social media integration and a blog section with a creative layout. Amazing shortcodes are also there to make the website stand out easily among peers. There are over eight different page templates and has plugins for making appointment and event calendar setup. It is well documented for advanced users and web developers.

    5. Healing Touch
    medical WordPress theme


    It is one of the fastest and cleanest Ayurveda and Ayurvedic WordPress themes for Ayurvedic clinic and treatment. It has passed Google mobile-friendly test and comes with more than 500 Google fonts and icons. All the standard pages are present and advanced shortcodes are available to add testimonials and showcase one liner content beautifully. It has WooCommerce integration for visitors wanting to book in advance or buy any product.

    6. Kraft
    premium WordPress theme


    It is an amazing theme which is built with multipurpose websites in mind. Even though it is not one of those tailor-made Ayurveda and Ayurvedic WordPress themes but it can be turned into one very easily. It has animated columns and homepage section which is enough to make a website or a company to stand out among other peers. The sliders are amazing, the galleries are stunning, and the shortcodes are advanced. There are special page templates for blog posts and it is compatible with WooCommerce, contact plugins as well as portfolio plugins like pricing table.

    The color combination of the theme makes it different. It is fully editable with live customizers, and you can use any font you want along with icons for a better visual trigger. It is responsive, retina ready and well documented.

    7. Complete Pro
    complete WordPress theme


    It is a multipurpose medical and health WordPress theme and goes down as one of the best Ayurveda and Ayurvedic theme. It has options for color change, font change as well as layout change. You have different headers and footer options and beautiful background banners for each section which are editable. It makes a company look premium and comes with translation support. You can add videos in the background instead of static banners. One can also integrate map.

    8. SKT Dual


    It is best as a personal website for ayurvedic consultants. It has a unique dual layout which makes it special from others. There are beautiful options for gallery and portfolio. There are maple icons and fonts to choose from. It is retina ready and has high loading speed. Background of sections and sliders are changeable and graphical content can be embedded with shortcodes. It has Hamburger menu option on homepage and custom fields with maps for the contact page. It can be used for marketing ayurvedic products as well.

    9. Flat Pro
    flat WordPress theme


    It is one of the best Ayurveda and Ayurvedic WordPress themes based website for treatment centers. The appointment form is already there in the contact us form with Google map integration. The sliders also have call-to-action options. It is compatible with portfolio and gallery. There are shortcodes for beautiful embeds and sliders with animations and stunning transitions. There are font based icons for better content displaying and it has translation support and variations in widget sections. It is super-fast in loading and very lightweight with SEO support.

    10. Pet Care


    Since it is a health related theme and is a little girly, it is best for a female ayurvedic consultant for girls. Its color combination is quite highlighting, and the overall layout is clean. The backgrounds of the sections are eye-catching, and there are several appointment making forms to choose from. It has SEO and cache plugin for faster loading and better visibility. You can have 20 sections on the homepage in case you want to make it a one-page website.

    These are the best Ayurveda and Ayurvedic WordPress themes to design your dream website to get visibility to your targeted audiences easily and increase your revenue like never before.

    Plywood Supplier WordPress Themes for craftsmen carpenter & furniture

    Is the prosperous future of your construction or architecture, plywood or wood manufacturing and supply business your number one concern? Then you are in the right domain to find the best plywood supplier WordPress themes for all kinds of mentioned businesses and beyond that.

    From construction and wood related materials manufacturing and supply activities to private contractors, designers and builders, handymen and craftsmen, carpenter and furniture renovation, flooring and tiling services, timber and wood furnishers and suppliers, all kinds of relevant websites can be best showcased with any of these plywood supplier WordPress themes.

    The odds of creating a virtual profile of personal or business usage, keeping it up to date and interesting for your audience can be frustrating at best. From choosing the right starting point up to finding experienced professionals to conjure up the final version of your site and building it can take you lots of time, efforts, and finally, financial costs.

    But there is also another side of the coin. The professional WordPress specialists have already taken the trouble of working hard on specific templates and themes to serve all your needs while keeping you away from coding hustle and bustle, as well as financial woes.

    As for architect and design, engineering and construction industry, framing lumber, engineered joints and beams, plywood and wood suppliers, siding and decking services, carpenters and other wood related craftsmen, the best plywood suppler WordPress themes are available at the most affordable price and with superior quality.

    They are all highly specialized in customer care and support focusing on retina ready and legible look combined with hassle free functional capacity. So, are you ready to be blown away by the best plywood supplier WordPress themes right now? Then let’s go!

    1. WoodCraft:
    furniture store WordPress theme


    Meet the new wizard capable of transforming your old dated website into something bewitching and dynamic or crafting a completely new one for your plywood business needs. It’s called WoodCraft and is checked for its compatibility for absolutely any kind of wood and plywood, interior design and furniture store related activities in the virtual domain.

    It means that the functional capacity of this responsive and customization ready platform is never hesitant to provide you with an admin friendly layout to market your construction and design materials, consultation and modeling services, share your contact information or showcase portfolio items. There are also pre enabled shortcodes and fonts, color changing options and manageable homepage slider for the best visual material.

    2. SKT Stone:


    SKT Stone is the next top offer if you are searching for industrial or plywood supplier WordPress themes.
    Checked for its versatility and practicality across stone and wood manufacturing and supplying business representation online, it comes with HTML 5 and CSS 3 based performance for stable coding and animated appearance, 100 % responsiveness and cross mobile optimization, font, color and shortcodes choices, etc.

    If you ever thought of conquering SEO results with minimal costs, SKT Stone is what will make it possible for you with its SEO and SMO optimization, WooCommerce compatible layout, as well as translation ready content with multilingual plugins application.

    3. Accommodation:
    accomodation WordPress theme


    Make your storytelling enjoyable, content display easy and optimized for quick search with the help of Accommodation.
    Prebuilt with all the primary content zones and image hosting areas, this template will provide you with enough flexibility to manage your products, sales and services, add work and call hours, location and driving directions and whatever is relevant to the comprehensive distribution of your plywood business.

    The overall design of the theme is kept simple and less cluttered so that your web content legibility and navigation can really benefit from it. Moreover, it will help both mobile and desktop users load your site quicker and enjoy your adaptive content in bigger or smaller sizes.

    4. Locksmith:


    Meet Locksmith as another option for locksmith and key, plywood and panel, timber and other manufacturing businesses to build up a website with less investment and acquire a digital product that will last a lifetime.

    Another advantage that Locksmith shares is simplicity and affordability in usage and management without any prior experience in WordPress. Moreover, very little of your web design or coding knowledge directly applies to your work as a website admin since the platform you operate on is extremely intuitive and easy to follow with accompanying documentation available.

    Jumping on the flat and material web design ship with Locksmith will keep your website on trend and accurate in look, with optimized mobile version and interface, and finally, better usability across different platforms.

    5. Furniture Pro:
    furniture WordPress theme


    Furniture Pro is the next award winning website tool we have proudly added to our assemblage of plywood supplier WordPress themes.

    Creating the best and the most engaging visual philosophy and color density for your website will be superbly easy with Furniture Pro that comes with ultimate color managing and picking options.

    Shaping the most convenient way of client communication with you will also be a breeze with pre enabled shortcodes and prebuilt homepage sections, default slider to display the best pieces of your portfolio, controllable typography and changeable background, page and post layouts to choose from and not only.

    If you want to “plugin” some additional functional quality to your website, you are free to do that with third party tools and plugins, from commercial and gallery to SEO and SMO, video and audio.

    6. Furnish (Interior Pro):
    interior design WordPress theme


    Regardless of how experienced or big your plywood manufacturing and supply chain is, giving online and getting closer to your target audience is a must.

    Furnish is one of industry optimized website ecosystems you can rely on when it comes to advertising your interior design and structure, construction material supply and delivery services both to local and international audience with multilingual content.

    The best coding that complies with all the contemporary requirements is done in order to eliminate the need of developers or programmers to work with your profile when it comes to its customization, shortcodes management, plugin addition or something more.

    Shipping Center WordPress Themes for yacht cruise & shipping cargo

    We at SKT Themes have already managed to test the best shipping center WordPress themes to serve the needs of a variety of shipping and transportation topics and niches. From well established and international shipping agencies and logistics centers to local based delivery, moving and packaging companies, car and electronics shipping, relocation and courier, cargo and other shipping centric businesses can dominate the virtual platform with any of these shipping center WordPress themes.

    The origin of courier and shipping services is trapped in the pages of history. The transfer of various kinds of commodity or material values by means of transport, including even own legs, was popular also in the ancient period of our existence.

    As for now, it’s really hard to imagine our life without such delivery and logistics services. Sometimes we just do not notice all the value and necessity of those activities and take them for granted.

    But today, when a variety of products and merchandise from all around the globe is available for an ordinary person living on the other side of the world, the delivery, shipping and transportation services are more relevant than ever.

    And we are still not talking about the demands of big companies and corporations that closely work with shipping centers and logistics managers to organizer the daily workload of their business.

    In one way or another, the truth is obvious. These services are popular, highly demanded and revenue generating.

    Now, if you direct your efforts into building a strong website for your shipping or courier, express delivery or trucking service website and at the same time do little harm to your wallet, you need to try one of the best shipping center WordPress themes discussed below.

    Establish an online marketplace for your specific services and stand out from the rest with your online client support and cooperation.

    All of these shipping center WordPress themes provide dynamic techniques to get your website ahead of modern competition with satisfactory search engine results and social media integration, commercial activities and yet much more to come with each of the templates.

    1. Perfect Logistics:


    The authors of Perfect Logistics have done a great job creating a template that will represent your shipping center or transportation company with pride.

    It can deservedly called one of the most demanded logistics and shipping center WordPress themes crafted by professionals for professional service presentation and marketing online.

    Every website owner wants to know that his time and money invested in the website will be translated into more leads and sales.

    Perfect Logistics comes encompassed with all the important controls and measures to provide the return of every single penny you’ll spend on it. Among them are perfect responsiveness and mobile compatibility, pre enabled packs of different items, buttons, fonts and shortcodes, SEO and SMO coding, etc.

    2. Movers and Packers Pro:
    moving company WordPress theme


    Movers and Packers Pro is the next ideal toolkit for your future shipping website that will be easy to control and maintain all the time.

    Let your website guests take the most of your content and images hosted by the homepage slider, contact info and daily blog updates, service section and more.

    The theme’s strong coding along with responsive layout and smooth navigation will eventually lead to more sales and client engagement, boosted SEO results and more social media followers.

    3. SKT Industrial:
    industrial renovation WordPress themes


    SKT Industrial is another representative among the best shipping center WordPress themes that is ready to reflect your business online and transfer your message to a larger audience.

    All the important techniques and strategies have been exercised in relation to SKT Industrial to make it unbeatably powerful in terms of coding, styling, CSS animations, fast loading, responsiveness and more to make your website users scroll down the right conversion path.

    The placement of your content and images is as important for the accurate look of your site and client time management while being on your website as you can never imagine.

    Therefore SKT Industrial comes already prebuilt with important content areas and widget friendly zones which are all easy to configure and change.

    4. Auto Car:
    car repair WordPress theme


    Auto Car is the next neat and nicely arranged template with reasonable design and tones so that your website will not make your web guest’s head spin.

    It’s a fully managed and all inclusive solution for all kinds of car and vehicle, transportation and delivery, towing and courier services looking for more clients and partners.
    The theme has also been delivered to be HD and retina ready to guarantee the flawless exposure of your visual content for better aesthetics and visual perception of your services.

    5. SKT Landing Page:
    landing page WordPress theme


    A clean and visually peaceful website with a professionally built landing page is all your shipping center will ever need to market its services online and gather a huge community of clients around it.
    Your landing page enables you to make any kind of content highly noticeable for your clients as soon as they land on your profile. From offering special services to giving links to be followed up, every kind of content can be made user centric.

    The theme is also minimal in terms of design touches, but you are capable of adding unique charm to that simplicity with colors, fonts, shortcodes, layout updates and more.

    6. Towing:
    towing WordPress theme


    We all know that good beginning is half the work. Then simplify the work of your site creation by giving your preference to Towing and crafting a top rated shipping and express delivery website.

    It comes with tons of available features for you to proceed with the overall styling and content segmentation of your site, layout choices and controls, widget friendly areas management, shortcodes application, etc.

    The unique yet search engine approved nature of Towing will let you easily leverage all the potential of the modern Internet based society.

    Further, you can quickly receive quantifiable results from search engines, mobile Internet consumers, international audience reading your multilingual content, online shoppers and traders, etc.

    Dog Grooming WordPress Themes for dog care and pet care websites

    dog grooming WordPress themes

    This time we will leave you with the best pet and dog grooming WordPress themes for pet and animal care, pet rescue and shelter, grooming and walking, sitting and training, veterinary, as well as pets clothing and accessories websites, blogs and online stores.

    Taking care of your pets and puppies while keeping them in a presentable and show worthy state is of utmost importance for lots of reasons.

    It is more than just an ordinary process to keep them pretty. It has much to do with the healthy environment you and your four legged friend share, as well as prevention of diverse allergies and reactions.

    This time we’ll look through the best dog grooming WordPress themes for animal and pet related websites and blogs, service providers and shelters and generally for any kind of online undertaking aimed at making your life with animals much easier and comfortable.

    When it comes to the website creation and design, you never have a second chance to impress your website guests.

    Therefore, our dog grooming WordPress themes have been developed to be ultimately flexible and customizable so that you will be able to bring the needed look and feel to your audience.

    They are also cost effective so that you are going to pay almost next to nothing in order to have access to a profoundly rich website building toolkit.

    1. Pet Care:

    animal wordpress theme


    Pet Care is one of the caring and designer made dog grooming WordPress themes to be a true gift for any relevant business owner or manager with an intention of expanding his company’s footprints online.

    Showcase your website viewers that you are the one to provide them with the best animal care and health, grooming and walking, keeping or training services.

    The homepage slider is the most effective tool to grasp their attention while demonstrating the best of your visual images and materials. This will let your potential clients make snap judgments about your business and its quality.

    This animal and pet website building ecosystem is never hesitant to make your content totally SEO friendly with the help of SEO plugins added to the theme. It means that your website will become more noticeable in search engines and will direct new flows of clients to your profile.

    2. Bony:

    chiropractor WordPress theme


    Among the top notch dog grooming WordPress themes showcased in this article, Bony is one of multipurpose and multifunctional ones.

    Custom built to work across thousands of topics and niches, this responsive and mobile checked template is suitable for displaying any kind of animal centric website, from veterinary clinics and health centers to dog grooming and pet caring services, animal accessories stores and shops and more.

    As one of the most resilient and versatile web development and management platforms, Bony comes with clear interface and nicely formatted theme sections enabling you to organize the pixel perfect exhibition of your best images, textual content, contact details and more.

    Thoroughly widgetized footer and header variables are also at your fingertips for any kind of useful content including recent posts, address and phone number, social media links, etc.

    3. SKT Trust:

    non profit WordPress theme


    SKT Trust is the next motivational and inspiring, powerful and advanced template which has been worked out for a non techy website owner.

    The theme is packed with a solid admin dashboard with tons of controls and customization options for you to change and alter the form and function of your profile, breathe new life into the old website or keeping the current one always fresh looking.

    Thanks to the unique layout and dozens of controllable parts to be displayed accordingly, this template can be used for a pet centric website of any kind or nature, from donation activities for animal rescue and care to pet and dog grooming and stylists, bath and brush, nail trimming and grinding, teeth brushing and other specific services.

    4. Local Business Pro:

    local business WordPress theme


    Ready to sustain the exam of time, Local Business Pro is one of the perspective and future oriented animal shelter and rescue, pet walking and dog grooming WordPress themes to concentrate your marketing efforts on attracting the local segment of audience and not only.

    Its multilingual nature enables you to take your website to an international level and engage more and more foreign customers. All you need to do is to add one of the relevant translation plugins to the theme and translate your content into as many languages as you may find relevant for your business.

    New to the WordPress world? Don’t worry. The theme is pretty simple and affordable in usage with an intuitive framework and lots of color, font, image and page/post controls.

    5. Gravida:

    corporate WordPress theme


    A more affordable, easier to use and practice modern looking website template for your dog walking and grooming business than many other WordPress templates available for now is called Gravida.

    Ready to demonstrate elegance and artistry across multiple platforms and browsers, Gravida comes with clear and stable coding that follows all the requirements of responsiveness and cross mobile compatibility.

    Design and style your high converting pages with the help of the preloaded elements and features among them many shortcodes, header and footer variables to select from, manageable gallery and carousels for better exposure of your imagery, etc.

    Every business owners know the effectiveness of positive reviews and clients’ feedbacks via the testimonials area of the website. Gravida provides its end users with this special testimonials area to humanize your business with positive reviews and recommendations.

    6. SKT White Pro:

    white WordPress theme


    SKT White Pro is the next dynamic and visually appealing template to keep your animal centric website or store’s creation easy even if you are not well versed in it.

    This template is well developed and designed to be a possible scenario for every single niche specific website and not only. Hence, whether you want to market your dog grooming or any other relevant service, your animal related center or shopping center, SKT White Pro will do the job effortlessly with its responsive and HTML5 based coding, plugin support and smooth navigation levels.

    Dog and pet lovers spend ridiculous amounts of money acquiring their favorite pets. They also do not spare any expenses when it comes to taking care of them. It is one of the luxurious ways they spend money on.

    Commonly referred to as man’s best friend, dogs, and pets in general, also deserve some good grooming. Just like humans, they too need to feel loved and cared for and the only way to do so is by ensuring that your pet is regularly cleaned and taken to the veterinary for the checkup.

    Grooming your pet not only ensures that your pet is clean and healthy but is also a way of ensuring that diverse allergies and reactions are prevented. It can be a lot of work which also requires patience. For instance, pets, and particularly dogs, have a different coating or fur. These coats are taken care of differently and as a pet owner, it is paramount that you ascertain your pet’s coat in order to know how to clean it and the frequency.

    In addition, you have to study your pet’s behavior and moods in order to know when the right time for grooming should be as well as find a good pet groomer. Since this can be time-consuming, most pet owners prefer to take their furry friends to a pet groomer.

    Pet grooming is a good business that one can live off of if strategically planned and thought through. Whether you want to venture into it as a side hustle or a main hustle, how you sell yourself to your potential clients is of utmost importance. Your presentation and design of your website and brand will give you an edge over your competitors and help you gain clients.

    At SKT, we bring you a variety of Dog Grooming WordPress themes that will ensure that your pet grooming business is above the rest in terms of design and usability. Your work will be to ensure the content is right, the images are of good quality and the enquiries are responded to on time.

    Our collection of Dog Grooming WordPress themes have been elegantly designed for you, are user-friendly and give you a chance to impress your website guests with the best visuals and customer testimonials.

    These themes are suitable for dog trainers, veterinaries, pet adoption services, pet grooming businesses, pet rescue centers, pet sitters, pet clothing and accessories type of business and any online undertaking aimed at making your life with animals much easier and comfortable.

    These WordPress themes are very flexible and customizable to suit your needed look and feel to your audience. They offer you the only chance you need to impress your website guests.
    Additionally, they are cost-effective and give you access to a profoundly rich website building toolkit.

    You do not have to break the bank to acquire one. We urge you to reach out to pet lovers with any of the Dog Grooming WordPress themes discussed below and showcase to your website viewers that you are the one to provide them with the best animal care and health, grooming and walking, keeping or training services.

    Dog and pet lovers spend ridiculous amounts of money acquiring their favorite pets. They also do not spare any expenses when it comes to taking care of them. It is one of the luxurious ways they spend money on.

    Commonly referred to as man’s best friend, dogs, and pets in general, also deserve some good grooming. Just like humans, they too need to feel loved and cared for and the only way to do so is by ensuring that your pet is regularly cleaned and taken to the veterinary for the checkup.

    Grooming your pet not only ensures that your pet is clean and healthy but is also a way of ensuring that diverse allergies and reactions are prevented. It can be a lot of work which also requires patience. For instance, pets, and particularly dogs, have a different coating or fur. These coats are taken care of differently and as a pet owner, it is paramount that you ascertain your pet’s coat in order to know how to clean it and the frequency.

    In addition, you have to study your pet’s behavior and moods in order to know when the right time for grooming should be as well as find a good pet groomer. Since this can be time-consuming, most pet owners prefer to take their furry friends to a pet groomer.

    Pet grooming is a good business that one can live off of if strategically planned and thought through. Whether you want to venture into it as a side hustle or a main hustle, how you sell yourself to your potential clients is of utmost importance. Your presentation and design of your website and brand will give you an edge over your competitors and help you gain clients.

    At SKT, we bring you a variety of Dog Grooming WordPress themes that will ensure that your pet grooming business is above the rest in terms of design and usability. Your work will be to ensure the content is right, the images are of good quality and the enquiries are responded to on time.

    Our collection of Dog Grooming WordPress themes have been elegantly designed for you, are user-friendly and give you a chance to impress your website guests with the best visuals and customer testimonials.

    These themes are suitable for dog trainers, veterinaries, pet adoption services, pet grooming businesses, pet rescue centers, pet sitters, pet clothing and accessories type of business and any online undertaking aimed at making your life with animals much easier and comfortable. These WordPress themes are very flexible and customizable to suit your needed look and feel to your audience. They offer you the only chance you need to impress your website guests.

    Additionally, they are cost-effective and give you access to a profoundly rich website building toolkit. You do not have to break the bank to acquire one. We urge you to reach out to pet lovers with any of the Dog Grooming WordPress themes discussed below and showcase to your website viewers that you are the one to provide them with the best animal care and health, grooming and walking, keeping or training services.

    Grid layout WordPress themes for grid style websites


    Grid layout WordPress themes for grid style websites has been explained in this article.

    Integration of the modern CSS grid layout into your future website will be the best investment you have ever made for your future success.

    Based on grid structural approach, your content will be easily adapted to the given contextual environment or available space.

    Otherwise stated, you will be authorized to manage the page elements or change their location so that everything will look and function all the time and under any circumstances.

    Over the course of this article we are going to excavate deeper into the valuable features of the best grid layout WordPress themes which are so crucial to building and running a top – quality and highly influential websites.

    Hence, if you acknowledge the host of benefits this type of layout can grant you with and subsequently, you are eager to display your posts in a grid layout, keep reading our article and you will find the best way to do so.

    All of the below – specified grid layout WordPress themes of SKT production are as simple and lightweight in usage, as they are battle – ready and truly reliable at the core.

    Hence getting a steadfast and solid grid layout into your future website can be a painless procedure on the whole.

    1. Charm:


    The first grid – based template to set up a grid system in your WordPress – powered website is Charm. This blogging and website managing template comes as an offshoot of advances ready to take your website to a near – perfection level with its handy toolbox including full color changing and other customization options, sidebar, blog and other page layouts, lots of fonts and font – based icons and much more.

    Charm has also been tested for its seamless plugin compatibility to broaden your website functional capabilities, run an online store, make your content translation – ready, let your website visitors comment on your posts and so on. In a nutshell, this wonderfully robust and polished template is the one to unite visually captivating virtual face with consistent functionality.

    2. SKT Beach:


    Furnishing your website with responsive grids for stunning content display will be quick, yet efficient with one of the most popular grid layout WordPress themes launched as SKT Beach. This website builder is exclusively convenient for tourism and traveling industry, hotels and vacation rooms, resorts and other related businesses aimed at finding results – driven solution for their online profile. This high – quality and cost – conscious template consists of a nicely – formatted framework integrated with accurately arranged theme sections and areas to showcase your posts and updates. Modern and practical Customizer runs on the basis of the theme making all your editions and configuration too simple, yet productive. It means that you can make all the necessary changes and amendments and have their live preview instantly.

    3. Play School:
    education WordPress theme


    Smart and totally intelligent, user and client – optimized, Play School is a quick way to scaffold your grid layout – based website catering to kids and children, or using it as an e – learning platform for your private courses and lessons. By the application of this awesome web building ecosystem, anyone can make his content and services visually alluring and easy to read with strictly – arranged structural parts and portions of Play School as one of the most frequently – used grid layout WordPress themes on the market. All in all, you can get ready for an unbeatable digital experience with 0 coding knowledge.

    4. SKT Gardening:
    gardening landscaping WordPress theme


    Designed and stylized for nature – friendly niche manifestations, flower shops and florists, gardening and landscaping services, eco and herbal agriculture and nutrition topics, SKT Gardening celebrates highly – integrative grid layout to look fantastic on multiple devices. Armed with search engine optimization, color changing controllable options, different footer and header variations, translation and e – commerce readiness, SKT Gardening makes creating and customizing highly professional websites a snap. It has also passed all the tests and been approved as 100% responsive and cross – mobile and browser compatible, meaning, that all your content, including texts and images will readily correspond to all the suggested resolutions and platforms with all the necessary changes and resizes.

    5. Simple:
    simple WordPress theme


    Complexity in the theme customization and management is not everyone’s cup of tea. The authors of Simple as among the top and best grid layout WordPress themes have taken this evidence into account when coding and designing it to be a helping hand for a non – techy web admin. Hence, this simple and minimalistic, compact and subtle product with grid style layout will add extra charm to your future website to set it apart in the diversity of modern and website and get ahead of the challenging competition. From responsive and cross – browser compliant nature to lots of shortcodes inclusion, from a wide array of customization options to full documentation, Simple has it all.

    6. Nuptials:


    Minutely projected and accomplished to coincide with all the contemporary trends effective in today’s digital realm, as well as to match all the primary standards determined by WordPress CMS and codex, Nuptials is another multipurpose theme stylized with a grid layout. It has all the potential to help you manipulate across the worldwide web with your website of any kind or nature and considerably contribute to your thriving personal or corporate business. There is nothing denying the simplicity in usage Nuptials is ready to bring to the table when it comes to creating vivid and colorful wedding, personal, portfolio, artist or another website.

    7. Beauty Cuts:
    hair salon WordPress theme


    In case you want your beauty – centric website look clean and organized with a certain accent on the most informative parts of it, look no further than Beauty Cuts as the last candidate in our search – based list of handy grid layout WordPress themes. Dealing with this entirely sophisticated and intuitive, responsive and image – friendly tool will be like walking on a swanky yet comfy pair of stilettos for all the representatives of beauty and spa salons, nail and make – up artists, massage centers, as well as other feminine – centric websites.

    You might have a very good design for your website but, if it is cluttered, then you might not achieve your desired goal. A messy website can easily drive away your potential clients. Websites are a representation of your company and they say a lot about a company or individual. The first contact potential clients have with you, is through your website. Therefore, make it inviting and friendly.

    To avoid a having a cluttered website, we recommend incorporating the Grid Layout WordPress theme, which makes your website look appealing and organized and sets you apart from the rest. With this type of theme, you can never have a jumbled website as it uses space efficiently, guides the designer on where to place items and is very user-friendly.

    These themes have valuable features crucial to building and running top-quality and highly influential websites. They are fully responsive, easy to navigate and very popular. When choosing a Grid Layout theme, ensure that you sample a number of them before settling on the final one. Take time to look at the quality of the themes and the various styles it comes in. Also, consider your needs and those of your customers.

    If you are familiar with and love Pinterest, then you will definitely love this WordPress theme. Its block style design and use of space are what draws many individuals and corporates to incorporate it into their website. The most captivating thing about this theme is its stunning display of content. The structured display of content helps users understand the message being passed across with ease. The Grid Layout theme is suitable for all sectors.

    Besides its modern and unique aspect, designers prefer grid layouts because they save them a lot of time spent positioning items on different areas of your website. The grid provides a guide to where a designer should place various items on the website in an arranged manner. This makes it easier even for users who are browsing your site as finding information becomes less of a hustle.

    In addition, if a designer is working on a website and along the way, another designer jumps in on the project; a grid layout will make it easier for the other designer to continue with the project without much back and forth communication. Due to its self-explanatory nature, you will not need to engage the other designer on where to place items or information on the website. The grids guide you. They are also very flexible and you can incorporate as many columns as you want-to a limit of about 13 columns. Furthermore, grids can also fit into any design.

    Hence, if you acknowledge the host of benefits the Grid Layout WordPress theme will grant you and are eager to display your posts in a grid layout, we have put together the best Grid Layout WordPress themes for you to select from. These themes are as simple and lightweight in usage as they are battle-ready and truly reliable at the core. Integration of this theme into your website will be the best investment you will ever make.

    Unique WordPress Themes for Niche Websites


    Choosing the relevant Unique WordPress themes as a stable foundation of a niche website is a matter of individual choice, taste, prejudices and preferences.

    However, the unique WordPress themes which comes forward meeting all the modern standards and requirements, is easy to use and is customer – oriented, so that its constant management and configuration won’t be a mess, at the same time stands out among the thousands of other so called unique WordPress themes available on the market with its unique design and structural solutions, be sure you have found the right template to make use of.

    In this article we believe to offer you a powerful package of cost effective, highly customizable unique WordPress themes basically suited for niche websites to focus on both useful and interesting information, showcase products, offer services, etc. As a result, your online presentation will be something the customers and clients will be passionate about and will have a considerable influence on promoting it.

    1. Complete Pro


    With Complete Pro you will be granted with all the dynamic possibilities to produce good results without costing a lot of money. This theme is super convenient for covering any niche business at a high level, as it suggests a complete and all –inclusive theme package of the required theme sections, areas, options and settings to organize everything accurately. Deeply customizable and intuitive, Complete Pro comes with responsive design to adjust itself to any screen dimension and SEO optimization to get high rank in search engines.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Full color changing option with color picker
    • 600+ Google fonts
    • Ready to use sections
    • Built upon Customizer


    2. SKT Landing Page


    SKT Landing Page is uniquely structured and crafted, clean and precise, alluring and expressive, user and visitor –friendly niche website creation and configuration tool available to cater to any specific business or personal website. This top rated WordPress product with its easy to understand and practice theme structure and its components can be an ideal selection for you to make your special products, services or whatever it is highly competitive in the respective marketplace. Thus this one also falls under unique WordPress themes category.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Suitable to showcase App, products and services
    • Easy to use option panel
    • Lots of page templates
    • Post template control


    3. The Art


    As another reliable and unique WordPress themes niche website management option, the Art incorporates all the characteristic features any artist, photographer or designer will ever need at his disposal to exercise his website in the best way. Established on the Customizer, it will be possible to make any changes and live preview theme before they will be seen by the website visitors, to choose among the available header and footer variants, use unlimited color changing options and connect the website with diverse plugins for better functional efficiency.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Several header and footer variations
    • Widget friendly sidebar
    • Translation ready
    • Completely documented


    4. Strong Pro


    Strong Pro is also among the most dependable and secure solutions to rely on and start the creation of any fitness, gym, personal trainer or health related niche businesses. By the application of this really strong and resourceful niche WordPress theme anyone will have a total control over its website right from the start, manage all the necessary information on the homepage sections and areas, showcase your club, centre, its staff, trainers, classes, schedules or whatever is frequently searched, saving your website visitor’s time and efforts.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Blog has unique timeline feature
    • 12+ page templates
    • RTL tested
    • Comes with 2 types of gallery


    5. Character


    If the idea of developing a successful web page on niche, keeping the visitor’s attention to a specific matter has ever crossed your mind, the starting point of your initiative may be the acquiring of Character. This modernly and crafted unique WordPress theme meets all the standards specified by the modern Website community and also complies with all the requirements of responsive design structure for being mobile and device – friendly. Character comes ready with power packed set of easily exercisable theme options and features for the website exceptional performance.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Google mobile friendly
    • Full color changing
    • Shortcodes compatible
    • Widget friendly header and footer


    6. Handy


    Handy is serious and professional, precise and accurate unique WordPress themes with unique design shades and touches. This clean, multilingual and cross device compatible medical and doctor niche theme comes integrated with all the potentials to provide the stunning look and performance of any medical – directed web presentation with its nicely arranged homepage areas, full – width default slider to showcase the most effective content, as well as perfect compatibility with a set of applicable plugins to achieve more goals.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Comes with testimonial area
    • Blog integrated
    • Ready Google map
    • 8+ page templates


    7. Shudh


    From simple, yet attractively unique design, minimalistic, yet engaging design touches to easy to use, yet very flexible and adaptable layout, Shudh is a universal WordPress authored product with entirely intuitive niche nature on its basis. The theme is multipurpose and multiconcept, and as being such, will contribute to the advancement and promotion of any website, irrespective of its description or content. The theme includes tons of customization and configuration options to have total command on the website on the whole and on each its ingredient in particular.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Clean and modern look
    • Comes with Font Awesome icons
    • Default page templates
    • Translation ready with PO file


    8. Exceptiona


    Exceptiona is truly exceptional and admirable niche WordPress theme to become a stable platform for your website and turn it into a profitable online business. With this responsively styled instruments to maintain its stunning look and feel when being accessed on the mobile or tablet, appears with unlimited number of color changing and other options, smooth dropdown navigation, polished and valid compatibility with a collection of dynamic and contemporary plugins for high resolution image management, e-commerce activities or other purposes.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Power packed option panel
    • Easy to use sections on homepage
    • Multiple drop down levels
    • 580+ icons


    9. Welder


    Welder deems to be an impressively smart and feature –rich niche optimized theme for dealing with any welding or other construction activities. Having this highly versatile tool at your hand, you will not come together with any complex situation requiring any programmer or graphic designer skills or some other experience, as all that is loading along the theme is easy to access and realize, including easily customizable theme sections, options and elements.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Suitable for industrial business
    • Easily setup colors
    • WooCommerce compatible
    • Inbuilt gallery area


    10. Marvin


    The last but not the least of the unique WordPress themes worth our attention thanks to its strong and unique design to come up with a niche website solution is Marvin. The theme has been checked for its convenience both for individual and corporate purposes, hence all you need to do is to feel reliance on it and let its potential become realizable. The theme balances the charming design and fast –loading interface, has diverse sections included for arranging the requested information, images and other content, as well as corresponds to the modern standards put forward by WordPress.

    Some of its feature includes:

    • Easy to use framework
    • vCard download option
    • Skills section to showcase skills
    • Pricing section to let people know your rates

    To find a niche in the business world and be the best at it requires hard work and determination. Being the best at what you do translates to an increase in sales as the demand for goods and services increases. If you are good at what you do, clients will go out of their way to get to you and will not mind paying a little extra for your service. That is loyalty.

    Therefore, to ensure that you retain this group of loyal customers, gain new ones while still remaining the best in the niche market, you have to package yourself accordingly. When packaging yourself, remember to consider your clients’ needs but ensure you do not lose your identity while at it.

    In the world we are living in today, a lot of business is being conducted online. Online shopping has become popular and most businesses are going out of their way to ensure they have an online presence. While this is a good thing, it does not always translate to profits. To some clients, an online presence will be the only way they interact with you and thus, your web design should be up to par and appealing to the eye. Some clients are sure to judge you depending on your web design, image quality and your rate of response to enquiries.

    To be the best in your niche market, you ought to offer products or services of high quality and have a recognizable brand. If you are planning on getting your business on the digital space to tap on the market available online, then sourcing for a suitable Unique WordPress theme can be quite a challenging task. You’ll need a lot of market research to identify what works for you. You will need to choose a theme that does not only cater to your individual choice, taste, prejudice, and preference but also your clients’ needs too.

    At SKT, we are fully aware of the challenging task of finding a niche for your business. And with that realization, we go over and beyond to ensure that we design Unique WordPress themes that meet your specific business needs.

    Therefore, if you are in the market to source for a suitable theme for your niche website, then you are in the right place. The Unique WordPress themes are easy to use, customer-oriented and stand out among the so-called unique WordPress themes available in the expansive market.

    The variety of themes available at SKT have been created and uniquely designed to suit different niches. They offer structural solutions and meet all modern standards and requirements.

    Here, we will offer you powerful packages that are not only cost-effective but also highly customizable to suit your niche website and enable it to focus on both useful and interesting information like products and services offered, contact form among others. These themes will transform your website; enhance your online presence such that clients will be drawn to it hence having a considerable influence on promoting it. Some of the Unique WordPress themes listed below are multipurpose and can be used on any website, irrespective of its description and content.

    Office Supplies WordPress Themes for stationary furniture supply agency

    In a never ending flows of discussions around the best office supplies WordPress themes, we thought it would be reasonable to share some of the most practical ones with you for creating your office supply agency, office furniture manufacturing, workplace and office stationery website easily.

    The importance of the right choice of office supplies and equipment has a primary correlation with the efficiency of the work. It’s hard to imagine a productive worker fussing around or kicking his or her legs in an effort to find the needed printer paper, stapler or folder to get the work done on time. On the other hand, the competently selected office supplies are to increase the level of the work process organization, which ultimately has the best effect on workload productivity.

    This checklist of the best office supplies WordPress themes can be the best planning toolkit for such companies and office equipment and products suppliers to boost their influence and create the best conditions for their primary clients to make orders online.

    Each of these workplace arrangement and office supplies WordPress themes can be a solid roadmap for you during the creation of your client optimized and easy to navigate profile. From representing papers, envelops and boxes, notebooks and notepads, binder items and hanging folders, writing implements, office storage, electrical items and more with relevant images and description to selling them online, these supplies WordPress themes are competent to do it all.

    1. Complete Pro:
    complete WordPress theme


    Completely worked up and presentably designed, Complete Pro is one of the top recommendations in the sphere of office supplies WordPress themes you are powered to purchase and use.

    With this amazingly smart and versatile template, you will definitely feel the spirit of freedom, as well as the open and sharing nature of the theme since it is General Public Licensed. In other words, it means that you are free to make this template your own with as many changes and modifications as you would like without breaking any law.

    Hence, customizing Complete Pro and giving it a unique look with colors, typeface, animations, shortcodes, commercial ready layout and more will be within the framework of legality and will let you shape the best form of your website to gain the trust and loyalty of your clients.

    2. SKT SEO:
    SEO WordPress theme


    SKT SEO is the next business and corporate related website toolkit any office supply company representative can find relevant to the needs of his specific business.

    While the template is already professionally designed and coded, accurately structured and packed with demo content, you are capable of tweaking the theme’s backend with shortcodes, design touches, colors, structural changes with page and post layouts, etc.

    Homepage slider is also enabled right from the start to be the destination of your visual materials, as well as more than 600 social icons are included to make your website thoroughly socialized and social media integrated.
    Footer, header and sidebar areas are among those additional content zones for giving place to your additional and secondary content, from latest topics to quick links and advertisement placement.

    3. Shopzee:
    eCommerce WordPress theme


    The fortune smiles to those who are not only dreamers but also doers. If you are dreaming of making money with an online office supplies storefront and keep your doors open for them around the clock, you can definitely do it with SKT Shopzee.

    This self secured and polished website tool is associated with reliability and ultimate management capacities to make you the final decision maker when it comes to changing the overall appearance and working potential of your shop or office equipment provision website.

    Visually clean, yet functionally saturated, Shopzee makes it possible to add and customize as many product listings and categories as your business needs to be showcased fully.

    4. Spirited Pro:
    corporate WordPress theme


    Whether you are going to offer and market ordinary list of office supplies and products, or to focus on something unique and new, like eco friendly merchandise or non toxic alternatives of the common ones, Spirited Pro will contribute to the best exposure of them.

    Built and elevated by the professionals for professional and startup businesses, Spirited Pro is the one with classy appearance and dependable operational basis for you to enjoy the whole beauty of the best office supplies WordPress themes.

    This “free” nature of this software has to do with the freedom given to its end user to take the leading role in the theme’s management, customization and maintenance. As far as the price is concerned, you are going to pay a reasonable amount of money as compared to what you are going to receive instead.

    5. SKT Hosting:
    hosting WordPress theme


    Another multidimensional and all inclusive digital product tested and tried by hundreds of active users is called SKT Hosting.
    Your success with this valuable template is guaranteed by the possibility of creating a platform where both your and your customer’s needs meet. You as a website owner will be able to administer all the theme controls with coding processes taking the minimal role in terms of shortcodes. There are hundreds of shortcodes pre enabled which are all pretty easy in usage and management.

    Satisfy the clients’ office needs online and combine it with an excellent customer experience so that they leave your profile satisfied and with an intention of coming back soon. From responsive layout to meet their mobile consumption needs to error free navigation and eye catchy and high quality image support, SKT Hosting grants you with all.

    6. SKT White Pro:
    white WordPress theme


    Safety and modern coding touches paired with wonderful design solutions are what make SKT White Pro so lovely.
    Operate efficiently with this responsive and image based template and you will not miss a single chance of doubling your sales with your online store operation, keeping your existing customers engaged with your content and attracting new ones with interesting website solutions and offers.

    From sharing flexible environment to offering durable coding, supporting HD ready visuals and smooth navigation levels, shortcodes application and plugin compatibility, SKT White Pro will get you covered.

    Business Consulting WordPress themes for business consultants


    Following article focuses on Business Consulting WordPress themes for business consultants and business websites.

    Many companies have evolved in the past years and there are still some of the companies that are all set to arrive and make their firm presence in the market.

    These companies are nothing but a business firm, set up to serve the clients with similar or varying requirements.

    Almost every business is now moving with the current situation of the world and is adopting the modern technology.

    The development in the technological fields have benefited the business firms and the companies to flourish themselves even more and to reach out to every person across the globe which was not at all possible in early times.

    The antiquated methods of making anyone know about the business by providing information by word of mouth or any other related medium such as business cards etc does not help in today’s time.

    Making an online visibility and reputation of the brand is now the trend. Hence many of the businesses are either taking this medium to make people aware of their brand or some of them are doing their business online itself.

    To help the business grow and get known by the masses, it is necessary to have a website of the firm.

    It is now an essential medium to have our own website when we are into business or a company so that a client who cannot reach to us personally can get all the details online and may take interest in doing business with us.

    Business Consulting WordPress themes can be brought to a very efficient use to create such online business websites.

    This theme is also equally helpful for the business consultants who provide advice to the clients for making their business grow more.

    Some of the wide range of Business Consulting WordPress themes can be observed below

    1. Design Agency Pro:
    design agency WordPress theme


    Design Agency Pro is one of the types of Business Consulting WordPress themes that makes the use of wide variety of features to help in creating a perfect business consulting website. It is a theme that is Google mobile friendly and can run itself on any of the devices whether mobiles, tablets etc. You can create the website in any of the language as this theme is multilingual by having its compatibility with qTranslate X and the particular language can be translated to another with the help of this theme. To make the website creation more high-end and standardized, this theme has been made compatible with the shortcodes ultimate that consists of many sections like testimonials, gallery, column shortcodes and many more options of buttons, info boxes etc with more than 100 shortodes with it. Keeping in mind the online business, this theme has been made WooCommerce compatible to help in selling the digital goods or the physical goods online. It is a very fluent yet easy theme to operate with its options and it allows for change of color anytime based on requirement.

    2. Towing:
    towing WordPress theme


    Towing is a WordPress template for the Business Consulting website creation armed with the finest of the features to generate a very delighting website. Coping up with the modern day advancements, this theme has been made a fast theme with less time taken for loading. The security measures have been considered while designing this theme as it consists the contact form with captcha for protecting spam and contact details. It is smart phone compatible and caters as a Google mobile friendly theme. To make your website speak with the help of pictures and videos, this theme provides you the section for gallery area for showcasing pictures and videos.

    3. Welder:
    welding WordPress theme


    Welder is one of a kind of Business Consulting WordPress themes to be used by any type of the business firm or the company. This theme is crisp and complete with the dark and light shades of color that can be changed anytime with the help of color picker. Welder is an ineffable theme that packs in itself countless of the features and powerful shortcodes that are integrated to help the user create the content of any desired type. Your website can be the way you want it in terms of the fonts as this theme gives you over 600 Google fonts to make a choice.

    4. SKT Corp PRO:


    SKT Corp PRO is one of the Business Consulting WordPress themes and template that is highly advantageous with regards to its features. It has the slider option which itself is more feature packed such as transition effects, interval and timing. There are even more options integrated that can be used for changing the color by color picker, changing the font from the range of 600+ Google fonts etc. There are many more other sections available on homepage that can be managed using shortcodes.

    5. High Tech:
    computer repair WordPress theme


    High Tech is a kind of Business Consulting WordPress themes which is very passionate and zealous. It has a handy framework that allows for many of the modifications to be done at ease. The easy to change color schemes and the selection from multiple of the Google fonts make this theme one of the vehement in nature for making an engaging website. It has a section in the name of News Page that is designed to serve for the press release, blogs, articles or any types of information and knowledge sharing.

    6. IT Consultant:
    consultant WordPress theme


    IT Consultant is a WordPress template for making the Business Consulting website and stands as one of the best and in-demand theme for crafting any kind of desired website. From fonts to colors, backgrounds to sections and from sliders to plugins this theme has all of them. It also has various of shortcodes that stands as a shield of support for adding more sections and making design changes in the website. It suits perfect theme for the category of consulting business and has been created by keeping the same thought in mind. There is no issue to run this theme at any browser as it is compatible to all and can be made in any of the language being a multilingual theme.

    7. SKT StartUp Pro:
    startup WordPress theme


    SKT StartUp Pro is yet another cost-effective and methodical Business Consulting WordPress theme to produce any kind of business website. It is a package of being simple and elegant and beautiful and modern looking at the same time. It is full color changing, can be translated easily and can be used into making different language website as this theme is multilingual theme. You can also embed maps, videos and podcast through the use of this theme.

    8. Auto Car:
    car repair WordPress theme


    Auto Car is a WordPress template and theme for making a Business Consulting website. It is a theme that can be used extensively for building any kind of website and has all the set of colors to change anytime when required. More than 580+ icons integrated for easy social networking profiles. It is a theme that has been fully documented and provides full support with tests and compatibility with latest version of WordPress and plugins. A theme to cater the services in many languages by being multilingual and translation ready makes this theme one of the most versatile.

    Many businesses often specialize in providing consultancy services to others, where they provide ancillary support to help these new organizations understand the market better, to gauge their competition, to help them analyze business opportunities and even help them seek out new partners and to hire the right people. It sounds like a tall job and in an essence it is, but for these business consultancies, it’s time they went digital and the first step towards reaching out to more customers is by developing a professional website that highlights who they are and what they have managed to accomplish so far. If all this sounds familiar to you, then it’s time that you checked out our business consulting WordPress themes, assuming of course that you are planning to go ahead with a WordPress platform for your new website. These business consulting WordPress themes are specifically designed for business consultancies and should help you reach out to more new clients. Here’s why it is important that you check out these themes at the earliest.

    • Marketing: The days of depending on fliers, blanket recommendations are long over; these days, all it takes is a website with a rolling list of testimonials to get the ball rolling. With these themes, you should be able to showcase your work, your past collaborations and even set up a joint presentation with your team as well as with prospective clients. These themes come loaded with various tools that can help enhance communication between various members of your team and yourself. More importantly, it allows you to optimize your content with ease and you can integrate your various social media platforms with ease.
    • Communication: As mentioned earlier, these themes help you to communicate better with your team and enable you to hold conference chats and group chats with your client and various team members. Some of the themes allow you to set up joint conference calls which should help you to communicate in real time.
    • Presentation: Naturally, given that these themes were designed for business consultancies, they come naturally loaded with built in pages and templates for testimonials, about us, sliders and much more. More importantly, they come loaded with various tools that you can utilize to set up a presentation within a matter of minutes, if required.
    • Security: Some of the themes come with SSL certification and as such, should provide you and your client with an extra layer of security. Just keep in mind that these themes are completely customizable, which means that you can tinker with the header, the footer, the layout, the call to action buttons, even the font and much more.

    These are some of the reasons as to why you may want to opt for these themes as it can help you retain the edge over the rest of the group. All the themes have been coded well and with one of the themes being installed on your site, it should certainly stand out from the rest of the pack and for the right reasons.

    Smashing WordPress Themes for nice looking and interesting sites

    smashing WordPress themes
    Below is the rundown of some of the smashing WordPress themes which are multipurpose and malleable enough to be transformed the way you want for your personal or business, feminine or male, service provision or shopping website, blog or profile.

    Needless to say that the design and the overall appearance of any website matter just as much as the functional properties or working capacity of it.

    How do people tend to evaluate your website most of the time? They land on the homepage, throw a quick glance at it and make a general impression.

    Further, some of them go through a couple of links to see other pages of the site.

    As a result, the impression is created by the appearance of several pages. Well, in certain cases such an assessment is wrong or meaningless, however, there is nothing can be done to prevent people from the snap judgments based on the external look.

    In this relation, what you can do is to make sure your site looks and functions equally well and presentable. We have put together the best eye catchy and smashing WordPress themes you can try for absolutely any kind of website or blog catering to this or that specific industry, field or topic.

    When creating a new digital product, it is necessary to take into account not only the most successful solutions and designs of your primary competitors or successful businesses but also realize your own one.

    It means that your website can often subject to certain changes since you may want to keep it fresh and attractive with new items on the menu, new sections, colors, touches and more.

    Hence, the template you choose also needs to be ultimately flexible and customizable with relevant tools and volume at your hand. Each of the smashing WordPress themes you’ll find here shares those qualities to make you the main sculptor of your site from the very beginning and during the whole operation of your website.

    1. Real Estate:


    Real Estate is high powered and authoritative, serious looking and awe inspiring template you can find among the top rated smashing WordPress themes.

    This template is specifically designed for real estate agencies and brokers, real property sale and rental websites, property listings, contractors and builders.

    However, the fully fledged and saturated toolbox of the theme will enable you to bring any appearance and functionality into action to cover this or that specific business or personal requirements.

    Both grid and list view of your real estate or other products listings are possible with this responsive and SEO supportive template to showcase the images as well as product description.

    Finally, the modern flat design applied to the theme will keep your website viewers’ attention on the main content of your website.

    2. vCard:


    vCard is another brilliant and gorgeous, creatively bold and strikingly beautiful template ready to serve the needs of any kind of professionals and specialists with their rich portfolios and projects, offers and services, etc.

    From financial agencies to seasoned designers and artists, everyone and any kind of institution will find this template worth trying.

    Dozens of technics and tools are exercised during its development to make sure the end user of the theme will never face insuperable obstacles.

    All in all, it comes with thousands of customization options to alter the theme’s look and feel, create style and schedule posts for future updates, change layouts and colors, fonts and typography.

    3. Accommodation:
    accomodation WordPress theme


    Accommodation is another compelling yet straightforward, technically advanced yet simple in usage template included in our compilation of smashing WordPress themes.

    Everything in your website should be accurate and well managed to the maximum extent. Accommodation has been crafted to provide you with such nicely deployed environment to split your content into as many sections and parts as you think expedient.

    This working approach will give your award winning website a competitive edge since the web guests will not waste their time on fruitless searches and will not leave your website with empty hands.

    In addition to what has been specified in relation to this mobile optimized and commercial ready template, it’s worth noting that your site is going to take higher positions as well since the theme is wonderfully optimized for search engines.

    4. Dating:
    dating WordPress theme


    Classy and fabulous, energetic and lively, Dating emphasizes the importance of totally legible and easy to follow web structures without any complicated illustrations or design dots.

    You can take this highly intuitive and artistic website builder and make it yours with your favorite layouts and color mixes, fonts and icons, profile fields, header and footer areas, page builder controls available and much more.

    Standard pages can be effortlessly managed from within the theme, as well as additional plugins and extensions can work just fine with the default template such as commercial and translation, shortcodes and group chat plugins.

    5. Bed and Breakfast:
    bed and breakfast WordPress theme


    Whether you are a WordPress beast knowing all the ins and outs of WordPress powered products or a non techy user with creative ideas to be realized, Bed and Breakfast will get you covered.

    As one of the sumptuous and smashing WordPress themes you can have at your disposal, this template will leave you speechless with the plethora of opportunities and handy features.

    The theme is as responsive and browser approved that is enough for satisfying all the needs of mobile and device users on the go coming from different search engines.

    6. Adventure:
    adventure WordPress theme


    If you want your website to be consistent and visually pleasing all the time, Adventure is what you will ever need.

    Ready to host a wealth of topics and niches, activities and business presentations, Adventure comes with boundless customization controls and framework extension capabilities with prebuilt and supplementary shortcodes, post and page controls, admin friendly dashboard from the backend of the theme, etc.

    Having a compact and legible design does not translate to being boring or lacking bright colors. You have all the credentials to make your website content rich with colors and displayed with beautiful fonts, as well as welcome your web guests with the best images on the homepage slider.

    If you are planning to establish an online presence with a website, then it’s about time for nearly half the world already has a website about something or the other. These days, you need to get online in order to get the word out effectively but that’s only half the battle; you need to do a lot more than creative marketing 101. You need to make sure that your design is eye catching and trendy and that’s why you ought to check out our smashing WordPress themes. The smashing WordPress themes as the name suggests have been collated from various themes on account of the fact that they stand out because of their great design and the layout, information architecture and much more. Most users often do not spend more than a few seconds per page and given this short time frame, you need to make sure that your design is aesthetically pleasing and manages to catch their eye. That’s why it makes sense to go with a theme that incorporates the same with a unique design and one that stands heads and shoulders above the rest. Now that you have chosen your theme and setup your website, it is important that you get the word out regarding your website. That’s why you need to check out these tips to optimize your marketing so that you can get the word out about your products and services effectively.

    • Value matters: One of the things that often draws a customer back to the same website happens to be value add information. This is what you need to do; you need to first determine what your audience base needs and then provide them the same with value add information, high resolution images and even special offers. This should help get the word out regarding your website.
    • Quality matters over volume: There’s no set target that you have to meet when you are publishing your website. It is important however that you do not clutter up your website with too much information and you need to stick with minimalism. However, if there is something important that you feel you need to share with your customers, you can always go for pagination and split up the long posts into mini posts. This should actually lead to increased page views.
    • Responsive design: All our themes are responsive and mobile friendly but you still need to check them out before choosing the one that seems to be a good fit. You may want to do a short demo and do a dry run as that should provide you with a good idea if that particular theme is the one you were looking for.

    These are some of the reasons as to why you should opt for these themes; given the intense competition out there, it is important that you go the extra mile to make your website stand out and with these themes; you should be able to do just that.

    Creative Blog WordPress themes for creative authors and writers

    creative blog WordPress themes
    We invite you to join the big community of creative blog WordPress themes users to craft a unique and highly productive personal or corporate blog type sites and profiles.

    So, you are sure you can creatively reveal your point of view on certain aspects and people are going to listen to you.

    Or you give preference to the format of an improvised portfolio adding your work to it, so that you can get objective feedback from your fans and followers. In either way, having one of the creative blog WordPress themes at your disposal will be of great assistance to your personal needs.

    On the other hand, running a blog has to do with the increased popularity of any firm, company or corporation and taking the latter to new heights in the search engine rankings.

    This technic has already shown itself to be wonderfully efficient at producing more prospects and high quality leads for any type of corporate and business activities.

    The collection of the best creative blog WordPress themes we are going to share in this article is compiled for all those individuals and startups, artists and portfolio owners, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, company managers and other enthusiastic and creative with unique talents and expertise in some specific area.

    All of those creative blog WordPress themes celebrate durability and hassle free performance that will last a lifetime.

    Moreover, they can be purchased at an affordable price by all those people who are limited to certain marketing budget and need something cost conscious yet results generating.

    1. SKT Perfect:
    perfect commercial WordPress theme


    SKT Perfect is one of the modern and energetic multipurpose and creative blog WordPress themes that will be a joy to work with.

    This responsive and cross mobile compliant template will assist you in elevating your attractive profile that will certainly make your audience engaged with your blog posts and the overall content found on your profile.

    Appearing as a homogeneous unity of beautiful look and accurate form, SKT Perfect comes with stunningly flexible framework enabling even the most non techy user tweak to the core of the theme and alter the default template the way needed.

    2. Dating:
    dating WordPress theme


    Dating is light and creative, visually engaging and subtle template developed and modeled for dating and relationships websites and blogs, marriage and anniversary business or personal profiles and other relevant topics and niches.

    Hence, this shortcodes and fonts armed, widget friendly and totally manageable framework can be used both for commercial and personal needs while giving you freedom in deciding the overall appearance and form of your blog.

    Designed with modern material and flat design principles, Dating is also quick in usage with Customizer options, as well as translation ready to connect your website to the international market of Internet users.

    3. Flower Shop:
    flower shop WordPress theme


    Flower Shop is the next chic and thrilling website template that is flexible enough to go well with absolutely any kind of topic.

    Whether you want to run a personal blog sharing your DIY materials, handmade products or offer floristic services and sell flower compositions, this template will do the job.

    Your independence as a blog owner in relation to Flower Shop is what makes this profile so lovely and demanded.

    With this template you are the one to take care of the presentable look and feel, constant updates and ongoing modification of your profile to be informative and enjoyable for your target audience.

    4. Charm:
    WordPress blog theme


    Charm can be the peak of your creativity and unordinary thinking.

    This blog type WordPress based template is suitable for magazines and news websites and blogs, personal portfolio profiles and CVs, artists and designers virtual homes with the distribution of their original works and projects and not only.

    Optimal speed in loading, pristine navigation and responsive design are the best characteristic features of Charm guaranteeing the constant flows of qualified traffic to your blog posts and pages.

    Charm is also conversant when it comes to plugin support. From commercial, gallery, translation and commenting plugins to shortcodes and page builder ones, all have been tried and successfully tested with Charm.

    5. SKT Tube:
    video WordPress theme


    Launching your personal or corporate blog will be really easy and affordable with one of the video and portfolio based creative blog WordPress themes launched as SKT Tube. With an obvious similarity to a famous YouTube portal, your website based on this template will certainly be condemned to the nearest success and client integration.

    Video slider is enabled by default on the homepage so that you can immediately pass on to adding your video materials and tutorials.

    Further, you can change this slider and test other sliders for the sake of better visualization of your imagery.

    Video and other shortcodes are also inserted into the theme so that you can apply them once you have installed and activated the theme.

    6. Car Rental:
    car rental WordPress theme


    Car Rental is more serious looking and business centric website and blog creation tool launched with the average WordPress user and its requirements in the theme developer’s mind.

    From financial companies and digital agencies to car rental and mechanic services, almost any kind of business can be showcased through this theme since it is custom built to undergo dozens of changes to wear the look matching your personal style or business identity.

    Harness your blog with best qualities and functional possibilities in the blink of an eye since this template is well optimized for plugin and extension usages.

    7. SKT NewsPaper Pro:

    newspaper WordPress theme


    We have included also SKT NewsPaper Pro in our collection of the creative blog WordPress themes in order to narrow down your selection only to the best ones.

    This top notch and designer made template is the one to host any kind of content and blog style, from magazines and online journals to personal culinary or fashion blogs, online shopping stores and centers and more.

    The given layout and category, page and post, sidebar and font choices and much more are all incorporated in this template to lead to better outfit and readability.

    If you are into creative writing, then it’s high time that you set up a blog online. Its better if you opted to base your blog on WordPress as it comes with a load of free features, free themes and more importantly, the platform is an open resource. Freelance writing is an extremely competitive field, and naturally you would want to showcase the best of your work to various clients. That’s why you need to check out these creative WordPress blog themes, as they have been crafted and customized for the creative writing niche. Our creative WordPress blog themes come with built in page builder, sliders, drop down menu, portfolios to display your work and much more. Here are a few reasons as to why it is important that you select one of these themes and install the same on your website at the earliest.

    • Appearance: While anyone can be a professional writer, not everyone takes the time and effort to set up a processional website. The difference is that with a professional website, you are able to provide prospective clients with information about who you are, the work that you carry out and more importantly, the fact that you can showcase the same in a neat portfolio. This manages to convey the opinion that you are a real professional with a flair for creative writing and chances are that you would land the gig.
    • SEO: Our themes come loaded with various tools and in addition, you can install various plugins that should help improve the functionality of your website. You should be able to optimize it better than before, and with these tools and plugins, you should be able to cleanse your website of dead links, tweak the layout, images and even the content so that it looks better. This should enable your website to rank better.
    • User engagement: The great thing about WordPress is that they come with a great CMS and more importantly, that they are extremely flexible as well. You can use pagination to help your website look uncluttered and even communicate effectively with real time clients. These themes come loaded with various tools that should enable you to increase user engagement within a short while.
    • Call to action: Our themes are all woo commerce compatible and you can even use additional plugins to setup escrow as well as so that your clients can pay for your creative writing in advance. Our themes come with several advanced features including the ability to set up milestones so that you can carry out the work accordingly. All of this only makes it apparent as to why it is important that you use these themes when setting up your website.

    These are some of the reasons as to why you need to use these themes when setting up your website. Just remember that it is essential that you select a theme that gets you more eyeballs; since most users hardly spend more than a few seconds online, an eye catchy design can help boost your online conversion rate.

    PR Agency WordPress Themes for marketing agency websites

    pr agency WordPress themes
    Today we are going to leave you with the best PR agency WordPress themes for public relations and human resources websites, creative and digital, marketing and advertising agencies, planning and management services, research and evaluating companies, PR strategists and other experts working in this field.

    If we ever try to imagine the modern highly competitive world without PR and advertising, it will be much less colorful and exciting.

    Without those strategies we would hardly have ever know about all those modern devices and technologies, products and services that make our life easier and more comfortable.

    On the whole, nothing can be achieved without proper research, planning, assessment, launching and advertising.

    From small to large, the businesses and individual performances of any caliber are obliged to turn to PR agencies and specialists responsible for the formation of mutually beneficial relations between the company offering its products and services and society utilizing them.

    If you are looking for the simplest ways to bring your big and valuable ideas to big audiences and prospects, our roundup of the best PR agency WordPress themes will be the best guidance for you.

    Each of the marketing and PR agency WordPress themes you will like the most is a product of professional developers and designers who did nothing but their best to bring all the important features and elements at one place.

    Hence, all of them are complete and consummate both in look and feel with a chance to be extended and remodeled by every single website admin to match the specific business needs.

    1. Black and White:
    black and white WordPress themes


    Black and White is one of the elegant and agreeable PR agency WordPress themes that is all about making your future website look good and work stunningly.

    This decent and visually pleasing template can be the best skin of your PR or creative agency profile to offer the marketing and advertising services your specialists are the best in.

    The inside of this beautiful design is an unbeatable beast with unique structure and quality framework rolled up with all the primary touches.

    From responsive coding to adaptive nature to adjust your website according to different mobile and device requirements, all the aspects of Black and White are well thought out.

    With this SEO and SMO compliant template you will find fonts and shortcodes preloaded, color changing options and page builder controls available with relevant plugins, commercial and translation readiness, as well as blog section for keeping your agency website more dynamic on a daily basis.

    2. SKT Dual:
    marketing WordPress theme


    SKT Dual is the next serious looking and constructive template of WordPress authorship that you can have access to with pretty little costs and financial means.

    The total adaptability and intuitiveness of the site make it possible for you to test different layouts, header and footer, as well as sidebar variations, colors and fonts, shortcodes and slides to make your agency profile lean and client centric.

    The installation and activation time of SKT Dual is dramatically shortened so that you will never feel overwhelmed while working on the starting point of your site.

    Further, you will be granted with nicely deployed content zones which are also fully manageable to make your posts and textual content accurate and easy to scan.

    3. SKT SEO:
    SEO WordPress theme


    If stability in performance, legible and easy to follow content, simple and easy to use structure of the website are top priorities for you, look no further than SKT SEO. This clear faced and pristine template shares the needed qualities and even more to make the creation of your PR related website as easy as a pie.

    All the facets of SKT SEO design and coding are well covered and purposeful. As such, SKT SEO is one of the well formatted and fully fledged PR agency WordPress themes that is 100% responsive with mobile and browser compatibility, as well as search engine optimized to let search engines crawl your site easily.

    The theme is also fully commercial ready for you to manage any kind of online store and sell your services or digital products.

    4. Clean Pro:


    Clean Pro can be one of the driving forces when it comes to building any advertising, management, creative agency or PR agency website, digital services provision or digital product selling profile.

    Gone are the days when creating a website took too much time or nerves plus the assistance of several designers and developers.

    Thanks to this self secured and easy to handle website building tool, getting started with a website of almost any complexity will be a breeze with a myriad of inner controls and layouts, features and customization options.

    5. Design Agency Pro:
    design agency WordPress theme


    Design Agency Pro is another recommendation among the best PR agency WordPress themes that will prevent you from any bore or huddle.

    When it comes to choosing between simplicity in creation and management, as well as saturation of your site, Design Agency Pro places somewhere between the optimal structure satisfying both requirements.

    Get your consulting and PR services closer to your prospective clients and partners with this template that is more than just a unity of primary design and coding touches.

    You can find homepage slider for the most effective images showcasing your talents and professionalism, creative works and portfolio items and more.

    Testimonials, gallery, boxes, tabs and accordions are also possible with the application of relevant shortcodes.

    6. Kraft:
    premium WordPress theme


    Kraft is the next multidimensional and very pliable template for PR managers, content and media marketers, analyst relation specialists, global researches, private and public digital centers, innovation technologies and more.

    Keeping your site secure and traffic driven with clear HTML5 coding as well as beautiful and interactive with CSS3 touches that Kraft shares will be the best investment in your future success and returned visits to your profile.

    This modern looking and well manufactured template comes ready with a proactive slider to showcase high quality images spanning the whole width of the homepage. Google fonts and font awesome icons together with social ones are all present in the theme.

    If you are running an ad agency or a PR agency, then you know better than most as to how essential it is for you to have an online presence. Apart from having an online presence, an online website can help you tap new customers, hold joint conferences with them and even run dedicated marketing campaigns for others. That’s why you need to check out PR agency WordPress themes so that you get a better idea of what our themes are all about and how they can help you streamline your business operations. Any creative agency knows that aesthetics is part of the package which you’ll find that our PR agency WordPress themes are all about. These themes were designed to make you stand out for all the right reasons. Check out some of the reasons as to why it is essential that you select the right theme for your website at the earliest.

    • Aesthetics: Since most clients do not spend more than a few seconds per page, your website needs to have a great eye catching design that’s trendy. It should also come with minimalistic overtones so that the user is not distracted but instead their attention is focused onto the relevant portions of their website with emphasis on the ‘call to action’.
    • Sliders and galleries: Our themes come loaded with both sliders and galleries, so you can opt for either to showcase your work. Just make sure that the images you use as representative of your work are all high resolution images and that each image comes with at least 600 pixels. This should enable your prospective leads to check the same out and get a better impression of your work. Many a project has been lost because of using poorly digitalized pictures so make sure that you use a professional photographer and resize the same for use on your sliders and galleries.
    • Social media integration: We fully understand the important role that social media platforms play when it comes to marketing which is why our themes make it possible for you to integrate the various platforms to your website with ease. Soon you should be able to tag your network on these platforms and market your website through the same which should result in increased traffic.
    • Rolling testimonials: The great thing about WordPress is its flexibility and our themes come loaded with several add-ons such as built-in pages, additional templates along with page builders. But apart from these, you can also use third party plugins to increase the functionality of your website. For example, you can use a third party plugin to display rolling testimonials about your service which should naturally result in a better conversion rate.

    These are some of the reasons as to why you should opt for one of these themes for your PR consultancy website. Please keep in mind that you still need to demo out your selected theme to make sure that you have chosen the right one.

    Summer Camp WordPress Themes for kids information & activities

    summer camp WordPress themes
    The brightest collection of summer camp WordPress themes is shared in this article for summer camps and outdoor activities, tours and traveling agencies, hotel and hostel, vacation and venue websites and blogs, etc.

    Mapping your lively and dynamic summer camp or travel business can be highly challenging, but so is also its online version to bring all your potential clients and customers closer to your business.

    In the diversity of proposed summer camp WordPress themes in the relevant online library of templates, it can be really bewildering to leverage each of them and understand whether this or that theme is worth purchasing.

    Therefore, we have surfed the Internet for the best and reliable summer camp WordPress themes so that you don’t need to waste your time on the long quests.

    Running a fruitful and client centric website is totally possible with any of those summer camp WordPress themes which are all well laid out and designer made to be visually and functionally excellent.

    Hence, whether you are going to share your profile catering to summer camp activities, facilities, destinations and more or showcase your tour agency services, adventurous tours and venues, vacation rentals, etc, those templates can be just perfect for your needs.

    1. Perfect Golf Club:
    golf WordPress theme


    Perfect Golf Club is one of the thriving and future scalable outdoor activities, golf and cricket club, leisure and summer camp WordPress themes ready to go with any of such niche specific businesses and not only.

    Visually clean and colorful, technically savvy and well secured, Perfect Golf Club comes armed with tons of useful elements and features to get access to a large assemblage of fonts, colors, graphics, templates, layouts, widget friendly areas, shortcodes and more.

    SEO and SMO friendliness of the theme is carefully done to generate new leads, prospects, as well as new streams of clients and customers coming from search engine results and social media platforms.

    The seamless flexibility and sophistication of this template make it possible for you to add any required functionality via plugins and extensions to make your profile more productive and results driven.

    From commercial activities and online bookings to translated content and categorized gallery area, everything is achievable.

    2. Adventure:
    adventure WordPress theme


    Adventure is the next bright and intelligent, effortlessly resilient and well coded template convenient for covering a variety of topics, from kid and child related ones to leisure and traveling.

    Hence, this website builder is perfect for summer camps websites and directories enabling their users to search for, find and book the best offers for their schoolchildren and kids. Web summer camps, adventurous tours and traveling packages can also be fantastically hosted by this theme’s sections and areas.

    Homepage slider is the best deployment for large scaled images with the relevant transition, pause time and other controls possible. Moreover, these images and not only will for sure keep their stunning look when viewed by different browsers and devices, gadgets and mobiles.

    3. Hotel Booking:
    hotel booking WordPress theme


    Hotel Booking is the next useful and revenue generating tool for summer camps and programs, hotels and hostels, apartments and destinations, beaches and resorts to increase their enrollment statistics and rates.

    When it comes to advertising your summer camp services and destinations, there are boundless tools and management options at your fingertips Hotel Booking shares.

    Whether you are running a public or private, religious or non profit summer camp, keeping contact with your audience is of primary importance to keep things going in the right direction.

    Therefore, Hotel Booking comes with very suitable content sections and areas, contact form available, footer and header variables which are widget friendly, as well as sidebar areas to establish an easy to follow path for your web user’s online journey.

    4. Charm:
    WordPress blog theme


    Charm is a multifunctional and deeply versatile, deliberate and robust website and blog establishment framework ready to go well with absolutely any kind of profile and topic.

    Your relevant summer camp blog or website should be attractive and informative all year round with news, press releases, events, programs, packages, services and more. Thanks to its stable coding and secure layout, Charm is highly competent when it comes to granting you with a hassle free working platform 365 days a year.

    It means you can use all your creative ideas and fantasies to change the look and feel of your website, modify its typography and color palette, add ecommerce activities to it and more.

    SEO friendliness, as well as cross mobile and browser compatibility of Charm can never be underestimated when it comes to bringing more and more clients to your posts and pages.

    5. Play School:
    education WordPress theme


    Play School is one of the kid and child centric summer camp WordPress themes that can joyfully host your niche specific website and keep it stunningly beautiful and up to date all the time.

    This cheerful and user centric, visually engaging and functionally cutting edge template is professionally designed and polished to serve your content in a nice fashion with right color matches and font choices for the legible typography, etc.

    Nice looking homepage slider can also contribute to the presentation of your business with high quality images. Apart from the default slider, you can also try other compatible slider and select the best one matching your expectations.

    Multiple page and blog layouts, pre enabled shortcodes for blog and more are also given within Play School to make your workload much lighter.

    6. SKT Beach:
    beach and aqua WordPress theme


    SKT Beach is the last elegant and modern looking, visually captivating and retina ready ecosystem among summer camp WordPress themes you are advised to give a try.

    Preloaded color and font choices, shortcodes which are quick in performance, customizer controls for constant changes and instant previews are all part of SKT Beach.

    There are also widget friendly layout choices for sidebar, footer and header areas, header choices for inner pages, as well as translation ready framework to publish your web content in different target languages.

    SKT Beach will also perform awesome with a wealth of practical plugins, from SEO to commercial ones.

    Running a summer camp must seem easy to many but then again, so was climbing mount Everest; running a summer camp, organizing activates for the kids to last the whole summer, organizing the camp from scratch is hard but what may seem harder is to get it all online. Given the intense competition that seems to have become more ubiquitous of late, summer camp directors often have to do a lot more than print the odd flier. And that’s why you need to setup an online website on WordPress so that you can target your key demographic and make sure that the message gets through on time. Just check out some of our summer camp WordPress themes and you will see that they have all been designed especially for summer camps. Some of these themes are multi-purpose but the summer camp WordPress themes should suit you perfectly and help to bring out the dynamism of your camp alive. Once you have selected your theme, you can then move on to setting the website up and start marketing the same. But before you do that, you may want to take a closer look at some of tips posted below as it can help you market your camp better.

    • Add videos to your website: It makes more sense as recent studies have highlighted the fact that videos are much more effective than images which in turn are more effective than textual content. So make sure that your website has high resolution images and videos of your camp as it can help other parents get a good idea of what to expect with this summer camp.
    • Personalize the experience: It is not that big a deal to personalize a video or a message; so if you are planning to market your website, to a certain group of parents, you may want to include a personalized video in the message as that makes for an emotive appeal that they would respond to.
    • Provide adequate information: Granted that minimalism is the new black but summer camp websites happen to be the exception in the sense most parents expect the website to feature all the information right on the front page. You may want to avoid doing that, while no one is telling you to stick with the minimalistic look, you may still want to restrict the amount of content you put on the front page and instead retain it for the other pages.
    • Gallery: You can use your gallery to list out all the activities available at camp and even get other to sign up for the same in advance.

    These are some of the points that you need to keep in mind when building your website and marketing the same, later on. Parents will appreciate comprehensive information regarding the various activities and even about the menu, so make sure that your website lists the same. With these themes to choose from, you should be able to reach out to more parents and make a favorable impact as well.

    Illustrator WordPress Themes for illustrating agency websites

    illustrator WordPress themes
    In this post, we are going to walk you through the best illustrator WordPress themes for illustrators and graphic designers, artists and web designers, web developers and creative studios, as well as for any portfolio based website or blog.

    Illustrators are artists who create images based on certain written texts or stories. They are specialized in creating thematic pictures in books and magazines, as well as beautiful illustrations on the sites and blogs.

    Telling stories with the help of different characters, elements and scenes requires boundless creativity and enthusiasm. Well so does the creation of a stunningly versatile and effective website that will effortlessly showcase such creative works or portfolio items.

    In this relation, our collection of the most useful illustrator WordPress themes will contribute to the creation of any such personal or agency profile for highlighting whatever is relevant to your artistic work and services.

    As a professional artist, designer or illustrator, you probably have an amazing and highly developed imagination.

    While hearing words, your brain immediately creates vivid and original images in relation to them.

    The same technique can be applied with any of those illustrator WordPress themes.

    Each of them is armed with fully controllable and customization inclined layouts for you to use your fantasy and imagination to change and modify whatever is needed to make your online presence bright and unique.

    Give a whole new look to your old dated website or start everything from scratch with one of those designer and illustrator WordPress themes of SKT production and you will never regret it.

    1. Design Agency Pro:


    Design Agency Pro is one of the productive platforms among the modern and creative illustrator WordPress themes to put your best qualities and talents into action and result in a unique demonstration of your works and graphical solutions.

    This HD and retina ready website builder is a mixture of clear coding and the latest design trends making your website fully responsive and functional with different tools and extensions.

    There are header and footer layout choices for making your site both informative and easy to use, page builder compatibility, shortcodes for contact form and more added to the theme for more versatility in performance.

    This responsive template will keep your website away from illegible texts and indecipherable images or portfolio items. Your web content is going to be totally presentable when accessed by different portable and hand held devices by the web guests on the move.

    2. The Art:
    art WordPress theme


    The Art is a truly artistic and elegant template you can exercise to make your portfolio available online.

    This multifunctional template will be suitable for a design or illustrating agency of any caliber, from small to large, as well as private illustrators and designers, developers and artists working on a limited budget.

    This affordable and pocket friendly template is pixel perfect and devoid of drawbacks with absolutely any kind of device or mobile resolution.

    This shortcodes based and designer made template is custom built to professionally enhance every single part and aspect of your beautiful website and display your images on the homepage slider in the most accurate fashion.

    Separate gallery and portfolio section is also available to guarantee your valuable works and projects are well deployed and easy to view.

    3. Marvin:
    personal WordPress theme


    Marvin is personal online CV and resume WordPress template that can be successfully used by illustrators and cartoonists, graphic designers and creative specialists, marketers and portfolio owners, etc.

    This highly elegant and serious looking template is wonderfully thought out and well structured to share all the necessary sections and content areas to give a full exposure of your personal profile, background knowledge, skills and proficiency, as well as portfolio and completed projects.

    The theme is easy to manage from the backend with colors and fonts controls, shortcodes and customizer options, plugin compatibility and more. It is also translation ready to provide your resume in different languages and draw the attention of more partners and employees.

    4. SKT Tube:
    video WordPress theme


    SKT Tube is a highly competent and functionally cutting edge ecosystem you can find in our collection of the illustrator WordPress themes.

    This template enables you to get your visual imagery easy to find and perceive for your audience.

    In this spectrum, homepage video slider is loaded for you to select from your portfolio works and introduce them to your website guests.

    You can also change the default slider with another one for better disclosure of your talents and expertise.

    You can also freely use footer and header areas to add your logo, contact info, social media links and more. Contact form is already enabled, however you can try and test other forms as well with relevant contact form plugins.

    5. Photodock:


    Photodock is another valuable piece of website toolkit that is both creative and entertaining and ready made to capture the people attention at a first glance.

    Image and photo based, this top quality and award winning template is suitable for designers and developers, artists and photographers to sell their services and relevant products, showcase portfolio and latest photoshoots, etc.

    What makes this theme so lovely is that the developers of the theme have kept the end user of the theme in the center of their attention and crafted Photodok to be fairly easy to use and customize. With colors and fonts arrangement, extensible framework and admin dashboard from the backend of the theme, anyone will be capable of making the most out of this template.

    6. SKT Dual:
    marketing WordPress theme


    SEO conversant and SMO optimized, SKT Dual is another seriously projected and all round website solution both for private and public usages.

    Thus multitalented template comes with roomy choices of gallery and portfolio sections so that your works and illustrations will be highly productive and user centric resulting in an excellent viewing experience.

    Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether your website user browses your website on his desktop or mobile, your content will be fully adjusted as per the device needs and screen resolution.


    If you are an illustrator and need a way to showcase off your thematic pictures and illustrations, then one of the best ways to get it the attention it deserves is to set up a WordPress site. WordPress is an open resource platform and as such, it comes packed with various tools, Widgts and plugins that you can use to showcase your images and reach out to more customers. You need to ensure that your illustrations are being displayed correctly and in the right format; with a WordPress platform and our illustrator WordPress themes, you should be able to create a stunningly versatile website with a rich display and ease of navigation. Granted, there are many illustrator WordPress themes to choose from, but with our vetted collection of some of the top illustrator themes and templates to choose from, you should be able to set up your own website in no time at all. Here are a few reasons as to why you should opt for an illustrator theme rather than cherry pick a random one.

    • Niche specific: These themes have been designed especially for an illustrator or an artist; these themes are completely customizable and come with sliders and galleries that you can use to showcase your work. Moreover, some of them feature a variety of tools that you can use to optimize all the content, including the images on your website so as to make it more user-friendly and of course, make them more visible for the search engine bots as well.
    • Customization: All these themes are completely customizable; you can change or modify anything; some of the themes even allow you to change the footer and header completely and even allow you to integrate a call to action in the same. These themes are HD and retina ready and come bundled with built in templates as well as compatibility with third party page builders, plugins that you can use to build the other pages of your website.
    • Multi-functional: The great part about these themes is that they are multifunctional and come with galleries and sliders to showcase off your work. You can use these themes for a variety of websites, from setting one up for an ad agency to displaying your latest paintings. There’s no bar on what you can do with these themes and importantly, you can customize them from scratch and even use third party plugins to increase the functionality of your website.

    This is what you can expect with these themes and as you can see, it is so much better than depending on some random theme to showcase your theme to perfection when you have a niche specific theme that can deliver and more. Just make sure that you check out the theme to see if it is 100% responsive and mobile friendly since you would not want your customers to face any loss of functionality when checking out your website through their phone or for that matter, through other devices including iPad.