Is WordPress the Best Platform to Power Your SaaS?

The age-old methods that the world did business with have been changed after the introduction of the cloud. Businesses are flocking to it as it is a brave and impactful new world of doing business. The model reflecting the reality of the cloud model is important in the game of modern business which is SaaS (Software as a Service).

A few pieces of research by experts suggest that the global spending for it has reached 30billion+ and it continue to grow at a growth rate of more than 15% a year. Businesses are moving towards their usage constantly and are also combining them to launch their products and services.

This is a short read where we have covered all the important details about how to power your SaaS and the necessary things related to it for the most used CMS.

WordPress the Best Platform to Power Your SaaS

Leveraging the approach

For building and running a SaaS the WordPress ecosystem can be of great assistance. With a focus on the CMS itself, the SaaS for WordPress can use the platform to create an entirely different service or even create services for websites which are based on it.

Reaping the Monetary Benefits

With only subtle differences, it is close to the classic subscription model. The vendor itself hosts, updates, and maintains SaaS, as that approach promotes ease of use and also adds flexibility to the model. Due to this, it differs from the host-it-yourself model which is a traditional one.

WordPress the Best Platform

To ensure that your earnings are insulated from the variations & volatilities of everyday business and keep a steady stream of the same you must opt for a subscription-based model to power your SaaS. Your software as a service will go to places if you couple that with the giant marketplace offered by the CMS.

For a customer as well for the business, offering plugin as a service can put forward huge value. To deliver services between the cloud and the website your plugin can act as an adamant connection. Plugin based CMS platform can achieve phenomenal things and ValutPress is an excellent example of the same.

Setting Up and Exploring Possibilities

Whether it is adding plugins of varying complexities or installing the CMS WordPress is impressively fast and responsive. There is an entire world of possibilities with the availability of countless plugins & themes and through the near-unlimited scope of quick customizations.

To get your job done in an impactful manner and in less time you can conveniently rely on numerous well-managed plugins and avoid the custom coding of several services. With the best CMS, you can get your service running and up in a surprisingly short time.

For subscription-based services like user roles and handling memberships, it comes with an existing system which can power your SaaS.

Multiple effective plugins can help you with managing and handling the payment which is the next important thing as the user roles and membership are conveniently taken care of by the out of the box system of the platform.

Learning where to Avoid SaaS in WordPress

Delivering everything through the WordPress CMS is a trap that most developers fall into who is familiar with this platform. WordPress should not be used to execute everything although it can do a lot of things.

With changes in the core, a few features can show better execution results but the future updates that can kill the app and break those changes should not be neglected. You will find more trouble and experience difficulties in redesigning when you scale service to the client with a development which is not suited for it.

You will end up with a different framework altogether or look for a custom-coded solution. Hence to power your SaaS, WordPress should only be used for services which it can prominently handle.

Understanding making of the best Minimum Viable Product

In creating minimum viable products WordPress is one of the best platforms. Applications which are not best suited for the platform can also be created quickly with it compared to its competitors which can take forever to build a new service.

You can power your SaaS with a remarkable speed due to a considerably huge variety of themes and plugins that this platform can offer. Through this approach with only a fraction of cost compared to the originally generated estimated you can create a working model of your business due to its rapid prototyping.

Qualifying for an idea and then receiving the necessary feedback is the actual purpose of an MVP. If not with a CMS then for a different approach but if your idea sticks then you must create one.

Using the CMS’s ecosystem to power your SaaS

If SaaS is a pie then WordPress makes for a small portion of the same. The percentages are even lower for products directly catering to it. There is a gradual turn around in the market as the developers are discovering business ideas which can suit to various industries and can also employ software as a service.

Within CMS specifically, plugins are viable for software services. To add the functionality they are the classically used tools, so they have all the necessary reasons to expand their scope.

Few plugins function outstandingly well and within the WordPress, the ecosystem has eventually made their mark as SaaS e.g. VaultPress, JetPack, Crazyegg.

Extending the ecosystem

Businesses that are expanding the service usage of the CMS Platform are the ones generating maximum and consistent revenue. The plugin market catering for this platform is also expanding but not as much as the service market.

At heart, WordPress is a CMS despite anything that it has to offer. Hence it becomes essential to thrive at the core of it for Software service applications and offer services which are in its realm or offer content directly related to it.

Some businesses have managed to harness the WordPress for SaaS successfully like Pagely, HappyTables, PressBooks, ManageWP, and Grytics.


Both of these are in a way meant to be together. In the upcoming development of the platform, we will see a rise of SaaS-based services developed from WordPress. For businesses that have models which are not feasible for development in this CMS might face issues but there is always an alternative method and it must be used without hesitation.

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