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People need WordPress developers because they want plugin or theme customization. However, when you go deeper into the developer search process, only then do you find out that you are looking for someone who is specialized in a theme or plugin.

Every business uses a specific theme and plugin to run its website. That’s why the developer must be an expert in those plugins or themes. With this post’s help, you can find developers for particular WordPress themes or plugins.

WordPress specialists

Different tried and tested methods to find efficient WordPress specialists

1. Use a social media platform

Many professional web developers use social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter to find clients. If you are using these platforms to grow your audience, try getting into groups where you may find a capable developer.

Most developers seriously use Facebook and Twitter to scope out potential clients. So if you are looking for a new developer for your new project, it is time to go online!

Just look at which theme you are using for your site and then make a random search about it. For example, if you are using Astra, search for help regarding the WordPress theme Astra. You will find different WordPress specialists discussing the theme; if anyone is a developer, you can contact them.

The idea here is that if someone is a WordPress expert, they must have helped someone on social media before. If they are an expert in the theme you work with, they may be helpful for your organization.

2. Use the official WordPress forum

WordPress is the most used CMS around the globe. WordPress powers many websites, so people sometimes need help with some WordPress features.

WordPress specialists provide amazing answers in this forum, and there is no better place to find your ideal developer than the WordPress forum.

You can post the question on the forum if you have a problem with your WordPress theme. It may take a few days to get a helpful response, but you will get a solution.

If a developer can successfully tell you the solution to your problem, you know they have the skills to deal with the theme you are using for your website.

You may consider such people who can effectively answer questions related to the theme you are using. If a discussion forum around the theme you use already exists, try finding the answers from past discussions. If any answer impresses you, then try to connect with the developer.

3. Use “made by” theme tags and google strings

A smart way to find developers familiar with your theme is by checking the theme tags. Every WordPress theme has a made-by tag in the footer. Go to the demo page of the theme you are using, go to the footer, and look for something like:

  • Developed by
  • Made by
  • Designed by
  • Or more similar words

After you have the required information, go to Google’s advanced search engine and search for phrases like “your theme” web developer. With the help of such queries, you will be able to find developers who work with the same theme.

Kindly ensure that the developer has a lot of experience with the theme you want for your site. In some rare cases, you may even find web development services that use the same theme for their website.

You can judge their website and then make a decision. If they have utilized the theme efficiently for their website, then no doubt that they should be your top choice. This process will definitely help you find a WordPress developer for the theme that you use.

4. Contact developers and contributors

This strategy is mainly focused on WordPress plugins. WordPress provides its users with many opportunities to get the help they need. That is why it is the most used CMS because its team proactively thinks about the user’s problems.

To find help with plugins, go to the plugin’s page and scroll down to the footer section. In the footer section, you will find the contributors and developers page.

With the contributors and developers page, you can check out all the users who helped improve the plugin. They provided an important technical contribution to the plugin when some shortcoming was discovered.

These developers will happily help you with the plugin. When you create something, then it becomes personal. That’s why they do not disappoint people who ask for their help.

5. Utilize freelancers

You can find WordPress specialists all over the internet. Freelancing portals like Upwork are just one of those places. However, Upwork does make it extremely easy for you to hire a developer.

If you are looking for a developer that can help you use Elementor. Just type the query “Elementor Freelancers,” and you will get many results. Freelancers of Upwork have to survive in a tight competition. That is why they use keywords to attract contractors.

Instead of posting a job that attracts a lot of unqualified candidates, you can search for the right candidates and send them a proposal.

Think of the theme that you want to work with. For example, if you want to work with the theme Divi then type the theme’s name in Upwork. You will find freelancer developers who have worked with Divi in the past, and you will be able to see their experience.

Soon you will have a list of qualified candidates, and you can decide which candidate is the most suitable.

6. Check for a developer list

While this will not work for all themes and plugins, but some companies keep a list of developers for their themes and plugins. The elementor plugin for WordPress has its own Elementor experts directory that includes developers who can be useful for you.

Many plugins and themes maintain a directory of developers who can help you. Before you go out on the internet to look for a developer, try using this method.

What is the best spot to find WordPress developers?

Many WordPress developers can create custom themes or add features to a plugin. Your first step must be to contact the theme creator or plugin.

However, they have limits on the amount of support that they can provide. You can use the methods discussed above to find a developer.


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