WordPress and SEO: Don’t Believe the Common Myths

Undoubtedly, WordPress and SEO both are officially the trusted platforms when it comes to do online business and generate profits from it. Today, the world is modern and people are enjoying the techniques and getting vast knowledge which is just perfect.

Besides this, WordPress and SEO are huge concepts for any newcomer in the online marketing industry. It is a fact that WordPress has great support in SEO and website performance, but there are some common facts that you do need to believe at all. 

According to research, we have found the power of WordPress is around 30% on the highest-ranking websites around the world. To improve your website rankings, WordPress and SEO, you will get to know about unlimited tips and tricks from different entrepreneurs.

Well, maybe some of them can work. But we advise you all please do not believe in all facts. 
WordPress is the best, but it has some grey points which you need to learn. 

WordPress and SEO are not magical tools that work overnight.

You need to put hard efforts to reach the goal. 

Here, I have listed some inattentive facts that you need to avoid.

WordPress and SEO

1. Entire WordPress themes are SEO friendly

seo yoast comparison

It is fact WordPress offers SEO friendly themes, but it is not true all themes are SEO friendly. There is a huge collection of themes, but while choosing a theme for the website you need to make sure, the theme is suitable for every user device and able to accomplish your goals.

Themes are hard and easy both, choose which is easy to read by Google and the user can navigate your website comfortably. 
Here I have shared some tips to choose the best WordPress theme:
– Prep the list of features that you need to see on the website.
– Go with a simple theme which is easy to handle
– Choose a responsive theme 
– High compatible and support plugins
– Ready for translation
– Support easy page building options
– Read testimonials before selecting a theme

2. Plugins can complete all the work

Yoast seo plugin

Plugins can work for your website, but if you think the entire work can be done. So it is not true.
Plugins are a helpful and key saver. For example, plugins can help you to improve site performance, suggest tips, helps to add more new and advanced features, etc. but how to do this is all up to you. What content should be a post, Meta tags and more you need to work on. 

Plugins can run the things, but which things need to run you need to put it on by your efforts.

3. WordPress is a way to boost SEO

SEO WordPress

If you are dreaming to create a website on WordPress just because SEO hectic can solve, then sorry to say, you are putting a wrong step.

Well, definitely WordPress and SEO are best and work together. But don’t miss the thing, SEO is just a plugin. We have spoken already in the second step, plugins are just helpers. To better SEO of the website, you need to work on content, Meta tags, pictures and more.

On WordPress, you may find the best SEO plugins that give some more features than Yoast SEO. Always keep in mind you need to put efforts, it doesn’t matter how premium version you are using. 

4. No stress of images or Alt tags

Competitiveness in SEO

In WordPress, there is a myth that you can optimize the website with images. Well, it has all features to do this, but if your website is based on image optimization. Then this may be hard for you.

WordPress doesn’t optimize the images for Google and sometimes it can be tricky to add Alt tags for every image. This may hurt your website ranking as well.

5. WordPress guarantees rankings


Yes, using a WordPress website can indeed help to increase your rankings. WordPress is one of the best CMS systems that better your user experience. But with no help from professionals, you can’t reach the goal. Especially if you are new in this industry.

The reason is no one knows how your website performs tomorrow. 

If you choose paid version tools, so there is a guarantee you can reach the target quickly and enjoy long-run status.

6. Building mini WordPress sites boost SEO

It is a common myth found WordPress and SEO, but can you handle content, performance, add posts and all work with single hands? Well, it is rare. 

WordPress is CMS, but all the work done by you manually. Creating a mini website is only to reach more and more traffic but it is sometimes impossible for a person to take look at all. Moreover, if you are doing this with the same domain name, then this will not go to give a positive response at all. 

Instead of opting for multiple sites, you should work on your genuine website and put high-quality content on it to enjoy the best leads.

7. You can rank 1 on Google

SEO ranking

If you’re thinking you can rank 1 on Google, it is a little impossible. This doesn’t mean you lose hope and do fewer efforts. The SEO motive is only to improve your domain authority and claim the costumer’s satisfaction.

So, the user loves to hear from you. Al this required physical and mental efforts to reach a 2-3 position. You can’t get ranking until you do not put your efforts to do it.

Wrap up

One thing you need to keep mind is, you need to do hard work. WordPress is a content management system that eases your work and helps you to better output, but it doesn’t guarantee you anything. And there are no short tricks are available to reach the goals. 

Make your SEO strategy best so you can enjoy the success of your hard work. There are so many companies that are using WordPress and SEO, but advantages only come to place when you have the desire to achieve it. Plan your work and put each effort wisely to get the best outcomes.

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