Webmaster Ninja: The Free Tools You Need to Manage Your Online Presence

The online space is an ocean where websites are trying to make a living. Hence, getting a big break is not an easy task. Depending upon various parameters sometimes there is a dedicated team working for site optimization.

In other cases, it is a one-man show. Managing various verticals of the website is a tough task which makes finding an efficient webmaster difficult.

In this read, we will discuss efficient tools of Webmaster Ninja which are free and extremely useful. It offers a dashboard that enables you to control and check information on important website aspects. Let’s explore them.

Website Preview

Users get access to a dashboard with a comprehensive preview of the website within a single glance. All information like registration date, Alexa rank, and others can be viewed.

This information can be obtained for all the websites that you are managing. Adding information about new websites to the portal is easy and quick. This helps in the control of all the essential information related to the sites.

Webmaster Ninja

Preview Multiple Sites

There is no need to panic when you see only one site despite adding multiple websites to your portfolio. ‘Switch the Preview’ option is there at your rescue to tackle this situation.

You can either select one site and get the desired information or preview multiple websites at once. In the multiple view section, clicking on the ‘full screen’ button will help see detailed information by diverting it to a single view.

Separate Portfolio

Ideally, three websites are perfect for your main preview. But in case you are handling multiple websites, it might get hectic at some point. For ease of management ‘Groups’ or ‘Separate Portfolio’ is a handy feature that can be used.

You can effortlessly create a group for the websites that relate to each other. For beginners creating groups first and then adding portfolios to it will make the task easier.

Handy Integrations

Apart from all the external tools, it is inevitable to use the tools offered by Google. Webmaster Ninja enables easy and quick integration with both Google AdSense and Google Analytics.

You can conveniently connect these accounts to manage and monitor all the data and future strategies. Such integrations ensure that all details related to revenue, performance, website slacking, etc. can be monitored from one dashboard.

Domain Checker

You would have mandatorily learned this basic concept that optimization starts from selecting the right domain name. Hence, an efficient domain checker can be your best bet before you start stratezing your online presence.

Domain Checker is one of the most powerful and effective tools offered by Webmaster Ninja. Hence, finding a perfect domain name for your venture no more remains a tedious task.

Keyword Combinations

This tool enables you to check as many keyword combinations as required. All you have to do is add the keywords in the appropriate box and add the rest in the second box. Ensure that you select the domain extension (e.g. .com, .net, etc.) and then click check.

You will find the list of domains that can be created and the ones that are already in use. In case you have a business that is geo-targeted then add the location in the checkbox and find the best domain.

Exporting Results

If it is a collaborative project and the results need to be exported, then the same is also possible. By clicking on the ‘Export Available Domains’ you can instantly download the results and share them with the team.

Testing Website Speed

The website speed has a crucial impact on the bounce rate as well as on the SEO. Popular search engines have established the website’s Speed Score which has now become an integral part of SEO.

The audience is not ready to wait and therefore you need to make your site faster. In such cases, the Webmaster Ninja website speed test comes handy and offers an ideal solution.

To get information about the speed you need to enter the URL of your site and the tool will do the rest. The average loading time of your site will also be easily known. Additionally, it will also add these results in the preview section.

Multiple Continents

If you are operating locally then this checking will be convenient and useful. But what happens when you have sites that are accessed across continents? For the global audience, the loading time needs to be taken care of separately.

With this tool, you can conveniently select multiple locations and check several continents. This is a precious data generation for any firm that is intending to target a global audience. Lastly, all this information will be clubbed in a single dashboard, which makes decision-making quick and easy.

Notification Centre

It is essential to get notified with a sound for almost everything that is updated. This helps in taking control over the situation anytime when a disaster strikes. Hence, you can react at the right time and avoid potential chaos.

You will find that the Webmaster Ninja notification center is simple and straightforward. Any adverse changes that are occurring on your sites can be easily noticed.

In case you have to remain away from the dashboard then also the notifications are bound to reach you. To prevent dependence on the dashboard at all times for notification, an email notification will also be sent.

This will ensure that it will be extremely unlikely for you to miss any trouble that is being notified. Overall, you have your hands over a fully secure tool that provides timely notification through various mediums.


In addition to all the above tools that enable you to stay on the cutting edge of completion, the platform also offers Monitoring.

When you can keep a watch on the stats of your website all the time, then there are numerous advantages associated with it. Hence, do not miss out on making the most of the monitoring tools offered here.

Downtime Monitoring

It can be a big problem if a huge drop in sales brings to your attention that the site is down. This tool by Webmaster Ninja enables you to quickly discover whenever something is wrong.

This helps in tackling off the potential disasters and also take on-time action. The best part is that the uptime is checked every five minutes, and in case something is wrong then you are notified instantly.

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SSL Expiration Monitoring

Unsecure websites are avoided by most of the people online. Hence, it becomes essential that you remember to renew your security certificates.

This feature enables you to get notified in advance about the due date of the renewal of the security certificate. It keeps you at the peak of your performance by ensuring that your portfolios are secure at all times.

Domain Expiration

Despite being so advanced, such mishaps do happen. Therefore, utmost care should be taken that it does not happen with you.

Relying on someone like this tool to ensure that you are reminded on time regarding the renewal is the smart way out. It also offers the ‘Recommendation and Coupons’ option that help in grabbing some discount on renewal.

Blacklists and Defacement

Staying away from all kinds of blacklists is the best choice that you can make. Getting blacklisted by popular search engines can be traumatic. This tool monitors your status with the search engines constantly.

Anytime there is an update the same is communicated quickly. This helps in taking precautionary steps and timely action to avoid blacklisting. Even if you are marked spam by your subscribers then the same is also notified.

Speed Monitoring

We have already discussed the necessity of having a terrific loading speed. In addition to being able to test your website speed, it is also essential to monitor the speed at all times. This tool keeps an eye on it on your behalf and notifies in case of any changes.

NS and MX Monitoring

It is inevitable to ensure that your MX is pointing to the desired email provider and your NX to the proper registrar. If there is anything wrong with the process, then this tool by Webmaster Ninja will notify you instantly.

This is a distinct and special tool that is not found in competitor programs for free.

Registrar, backlinks, and more

This is a dedicatedly developed feature that keeps your mind at peace when it comes to the domain name. If you are going to buy it or are moving it then this is what you need. This tool does all the needed checks for your domain and keeps you updated with the required information.

Additionally, backlinks and Alexa rankings are also monitored here. Therefore, in no time you can conveniently check how your website is doing in these fields.

The best part about using these tools apart from their offering is that they are absolutely free. All you need to do is sign up, create an account with your email, and verify the same.

Once done, you are free to use all the above and tons of other tools for free. Becoming a webmaster is tough and these tools help you in becoming a successful one.

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