The 5 Steps to Land a Job in WordPress

We all dream of being independent. Getting ready in the morning and starting the following schedule to start work, rather than traveling from one place to another.

We love enjoying a cup of tea, and rather than dealing with your supervisors or manager we will definitely love to deal with our own clients. And there are so many benefits of running your own company.

If you are thinking of leaving your current job and looking forward to exploring some more chances where you will be able to contribute your knowledge for yourself.

If you want an opportunity where you can work with flexible hours and the best remuneration, then making a career in WordPress will be a great option.

WordPress is a wide platform so you will be able to get lots of opportunities for full-time jobs, even if you don’t want to work as a freelancer then also there are some alternative jobs you can choose as per your availabilities.

Why? Because WordPress is the most well-known website builder in the world. With WordPress, one can create ecommerce storefronts, blogs, local business websites, news websites, and many more.

You might be aware of the fact that more than 38% of websites are created with WordPress. So there are zero chances of running out of clients any time because WordPress is used by people all around the world.

On WordPress, different tutorials are available which will be an easy way to start getting familiar with WordPress easily.

If you have decided to land a job in WordPress then check all the details listed below before quitting your current job.

Land a Job in WordPress

The Following 5 Steps to Land a Job in WordPress

1. Recognize the career options in WordPress

To start working with WordPress there are so many ways and the best thing is not every work is involved with coding or technical skills. That means to work with WordPress you don’t have to be experienced nor need basic coding knowledge.

The basic step to start with a WordPress job is to recognize career chances, and what you are curious about. Examine the skills you have and the skills you would like to gain.

Some regular WordPress career chances are given below. You can choose one of them to get started with WordPress

WordPress Developer
WordPress developer
land a job in WordPress development field, strong development skills are required including programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML, PHP, CSS, etc. If you know coding knowledge this you can choose this field.

WordPress Graphic designer
If you love to design banners, websites, social media images, and other digital assets then you can be a WordPress graphic designer.

If you want to choose this field then it’s not compulsory to know how to code, but need quite social media, WordPress, and online business knowledge.

You will be dealing with the programs such as Adobe Photoshop to create content and an image for WordPress websites. If you are familiar with CSS, HTML, and other useful front-end languages then you might need to work on some technical work.

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WordPress administrator
Some basic technical knowledge is required to become WordPress administrators and should have experience with handling suitable platforms.

The main role of a WordPress administrator will be maintaining the WordPress website, monitoring performance, manage user profiles, and make sure that your website is smoothly running.

Theme developer or WordPress extension
Most of the entrepreneurs have land a job in WordPress by creating plugins and themes that can be made available on the internet so that WordPress users can buy them to make their work easier.

One of the popular WordPress theme marketplaces is SKT Themes. Some themes and plugins are made for free whereas some of them are available at a premium cost.

To develop themes and extensions in WordPress you must have deep coding knowledge another way to find how to code for themes and plugins will be to join a large company that does the same work and then start your own.

WordPress content writer/manager
This role is suitable for you if you really love to write. In this role, you will be required to edit ad change the content on different WordPress websites plus you will have to write content on it.

You can write content on web page updates, product descriptions, blog posts, and other new content. For this type of role you don’t have to be experienced in coding nor any other technical skills required.

But need to have basic knowledge on removing plugins, taxonomies, installing plugins, simple HTML, and adding videos, gifs, graphics in the content, and many more.

These are the main role which will help you to discover job opportunities in WordPress.

2. Envolve and sharpen WordPress skills

Now you will have to start developing and sharping the WordPress skills. To reach your goals you will have to be skilled in some areas. So it is important to know which skills you are eager to learn.

For example, if you decided to land a job in WordPress as a front-end developer, then you will have to start learning and understanding JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Along with this, you need to be familiar with the WordPress platform. To learn WordPress you will find plenty of courses, tutorials, and blogs created on specific topics.

Else if you are looking to make a career in WordPress as a graphic designer then you will have To learn and get familiar with Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop, canva, AutoCAD, etc.

For becoming a content writer you can start finding online articles and try to rewrite them. You can study more on blogging and content layouts. You need to find ways to get habituate with the best CMS i.e. WordPress to know how to format articles and upload them.

You should also start learning about digital marketing and search engine optimization concept. Does not matter which field you are choosing for your career the best step would be to create a website on your own.

You can start creating a website in WordPress free of cost.

3. Discover more job opportunities

job board
Once you have acquired the required skill to make a career in WordPress then you are all set to enter into the professional field. Now you can start looking for job opportunities. This is a great time as you are starting your career without any bound.

If you don’t know how to look for the job then follow the steps given below

To market, your skill start creating a website on your own
For a professional reputation, your online presence is very much crucial. The best way to get yourself online is to get a website created on your own with the best WordPress themes.

This will help you to market your skills and services effectively plus you will be able to target people all around the world.

Your website should consist of all details about your education, past clients, recent work, portfolio, and contact details

Your profile in LinkedIn should not be outdated
Linkedin is the best place to grow your network and find some more jobs, so your first step would be to create a profile on the LinkedIn page ad make sure to update it regularly with authentic and real details.

You will be able to connect with other WordPress professionals with links.

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Check the sites available for freelancers
Freelance websites such as Fiverr, Total, Upwork, freelance, guru, etc have so many features to offer for new WordPress professionals. With all your authentic information you can create a profile and start bidding or applying for the jobs.

You can contact directly the local business owners
Consider an example that you have writing skills for the blogs and pages for SEO and Chiropractors, then you can find local offices around you to ask them whether they need help or not.

With SEO experience you will be able to rank their website on the top and with writing experience in a similar niche, you can start writing unique content for blogs that will benefit their business ultimately.

Most of the web development and designing companies have a career page. so you can different companies’ career pages to find a suitable job and apply it directly.

4. Conclude your terms

Once you have chosen the right choosen and land a job in WordPress, another step would be to negotiate for the terms and salary or the terms of the projects. Some tips are given below that you should consider for negotiating.

As WordPress freelancers, some tips are given for negotiating

Do the research
Researching is very important as you can figure out the exact cost the other WordPress pro is charging for their clients. As per your experience and skills you can then decide your cost.

Like most of the content, writers charge per word or per article. Whereas the developers charge, as per the time required to complete the work. The minimum and maximum hourly charge will differ.

As per your experience charge for it
Suppose till now you have worked on a single website then you cannot charge your clients the same price your competitors do because you are new to this field and might have not similar experience.

The rate will differ as per the level of work you have does. At the starting point, you can offer a minimum price so that you get a sufficient number of projects in less time.

Dont not worry to counter-offer
Even if you get the lowest offer do not worry about counter-offer. Firstly most of the companies will try to pay you the lowest rate just to see you get to agree. Most of the client expect you to conclude with a counter-offer

Get cozy with rejections
If you are worthy but still they are not paying you that much amount then it would be good to say no even to a potential client. It is good to get rejected just to make your reputation and stick to your words.

5. Develop meaningful relationships

Once you got the job and started working for clients, another step you need to take is to increase your network. Focus on the relationships that will help you in finding new projects and new jobs.

For example, if you are working on the project then it is important to get connected with the client regularly and tell him what you have work on their projects daily/weekly.

Once complete the project you can get connected with them after a few months to get another project. Even if they won’t have a project they will surely recommend it to the others.

Or if you are working in big company then you should improve your relationship with your colleagues and coworkers by spending time with them, accepting request on social networks, etc.

You should also attend meetups and Wordcamps which is held all over the world time to time. Here you can meet with professional organizations, sponsors, developers, freelancers, students, etc which will ultimately help you to grow social network.

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