Everything you Need to Know Before you Switch from Wix to WordPress

Wix is a famous website builder that allows users to create the best websites with no prior experience. However, Wix has its limitations, and if you are looking for more control over your website, are you considering switching from Wix to WordPress?

If so, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will mention everything you should know before switching Wix to WordPress.

We will cover the benefits of choosing WordPress over Wix and the differences between the both. We also compare Wix and WordPress and help you decide which is the best platform for your needs.

What is Wix?

It is a leading cloud-based web development platform with millions of users worldwide and supports over 50 languages. Wix allows you to create beautiful websites with minimal programming requirements.

It is simple to use and also a very user-friendly platform. You can design a website in minutes, and there are millions of templates and designs to choose from. Through the usage of drag as well as drop tools, one can create mobile sites and HTML5 websites.

know before switching Wix to WordPress

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system with various tools that allow users to create and manage content on the internet. It can be used to store and manage various types of media, such as webpages, videos, and images. With WordPress, you can create a blog or website from scratch or improve an existing one.

This open-source platform is used by millions of people globally. It is also free and available to download, and it can be used by anyone. Some of the major organizations that use it include The New York Times, Forbes, and The Guardian.

Benefits of choosing WordPress over Wix

You may know that Wix is a popular website-building app, but in the long run, WordPress is the most chosen option. The following are some benefits you should know before switching Wix to WordPress.

WordPress is more flexible

One of the reasons why WordPress is more flexible than Wix is the web development tools provided by it. It also provides users with the best and maximum number of free themes. You can efficiently use these themes to develop the website.

Additionally, there are many premium WordPress themes available to add more functionality to your website. It also allows users to modify the themes according to their requirements. Whereas Wix only consists of tools created by the developers.

So, anyone can access the code and customize their websites in WordPress, which is the most needed thing for the users to get more features.

Lastly, WordPress is more flexible because it can be hosted on any server. Wix, on the other hand, must be hosted on Wix’s servers. This means that you don’t have as much control over your website.

Extensive plugin support

Plugin support is one of the main reasons WordPress is so versatile and popular. With plugins, you can easily add the features you need to create a website or blog that is perfect for your business or individual needs.

It has several thousands of plugins available, from simple social media share buttons to complex e-commerce platforms. Moreover, these plugins are very easy to install and use in WordPress.

You can even find plugins that offer features that are not available in the Wix core. WordPress plugins are often created by third-party developers, but they can also be created by WordPress users with some coding knowledge.

Better SEO management

WordPress is more SEO-friendly than Wix, helping you to get better rankings in search engines and drive more traffic to your website. WordPress is very good at SEO, because there are a lot of SEO plugins and tools available, that can help you take your WordPress SEO to the next level.

WordPress sites are typically well-structured and easy to navigate, which helps search engines to index your site properly.

Secondly, WordPress automatically generates meta tags and other relevant SEO data, which makes it easier to ensure that your site is properly optimized. Finally, it automatically creates unique and descriptive permalinks for your pages and posts, which is great for SEO.

Open-source platform

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS), which means anyone can develop a plugin and make it available to the WordPress community. This also means that anyone can come up with the development of WordPress and make it better.

On the other hand, Wix is a closed-source platform, which means that only the Wix team can make changes to the platform, and you are limited to the features and customization options that are available on the Wix platform.

Anyone can contribute to the WordPress codebase, and there are no licensing fees required to use WordPress for your website.


When it comes to building a website, two of the most popular platforms are WordPress and Wix. Both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages, but WordPress is generally considered to be more scalable than Wix. Here are a few reasons that you must know before switching Wix to WordPress:

1. WordPress is a very popular platform, which means there is a large community of developers who can help you scale your website as your business grows.
2. WordPress offers more flexibility in terms of design and functionality. With WordPress, you can easily add or remove features as needed. This is not as easy to do with Wix.
3. WordPress is used by some of the largest websites in the world, including Forbes, The Guardian, and TechCrunch. If these sites can handle traffic and content on WordPress, then it is likely that your site can too.

Differences between Wix and WordPress

As of now, you have seen the benefits of WordPress over Wix. Now, it is time for their differences that you must know before switching Wix to WordPress.

We have mentioned all the main features provided by both platforms and how they differ in each of these features so that you can consider which is the better platform for your website. So, let’s just dive in!

Ease of use

If you are looking for an easy-to-use platform with a lot of flexibility, WordPress is a good option. If you need a platform that is more user-friendly and does not require much technical knowledge, Wix might be a better choice.

Wix takes care of the website design and hosting for you, so you do not need to worry about these things. WordPress requires you to set up your hosting and design your website, which can be tricky if you are not familiar with coding.

First, Wix is a drag-and-drop website builder, which means you can easily add content and design your site without having to learn to code, and Wix has a built-in user interface (UI) that is easy to use. WordPress is a content management system, which means it is more complex and requires some coding knowledge to use.

Finally, WordPress and Wix are both easy to use, but WordPress is better for most businesses because it is more flexible and scalable. Wix is easier to use, but it is less flexible and does not have as many features as WordPress.


Wix’s plans and products are inflexible because they are locked into the Wix platform; this prevents Wix from being able to offer competitive pricing for its products and services. Additionally, Wix charges its customers a higher price for its premium plans.

This is because Wix needs to make a profit off of each of its customers to stay in business. As Wix is a closed platform, it can lead to increased costs for Wix users, as they have to rely on Wix to make all the updates and improvements.

Additionally, Wix is a hosted platform, which means you have to pay for hosting. This can add up over time, especially if you have some high traffic for your website.

In contrast, WordPress is an open-source platform that is not tied to any one company. This allows WordPress to offer a variety of plans and products that are tailored to the needs of its customers.

Customer support

The efficiency of customer support teams of the respective website builder is an important factor to know before switching Wix to WordPress. After all, if you encounter a problem with your site, you will want to know that there is someone you can turn to for help.

WordPress offers 24/7 support through live chat, email, and phone. You can also find a wealth of support resources on their website, including a knowledge base, forums, and tutorials.

Wix, on the other hand, also offers 24/7 customer support. You can contact them anytime you have a question or issue, and they will help you resolve it. They also have a knowledge base where you can search for answers to your questions.

Overall, both WordPress and Wix offer great customer support. If you need help outside of normal business hours, WordPress is the better option, or else if you are looking for comprehensive support resources, then Wix is the better option.

What to Do Before Wix to WordPress Migration?

Are you migrating your website from Wix to WordPress? Here’s what you need to know before switching Wix to WordPress to ensure a smooth transition.

1. Choose a WordPress theme that’s similar to your current Wix website design. This will make the migration process much easier.
2. Export your Wix content into a WordPress XML file. This will help you preserve all your existing content.
3. Choose a WordPress hosting provider that can help you with the migration process. We recommend WP Engine.
4. Install the WordPress importer plugin. This will help you import your Wix content into WordPress.
5. Follow WP Engine’s step-by-step migration guide. This will help you move your site from Wix to WordPress with ease.

There are a few things you should know before switching Wix to WordPress. Typically, WordPress is a more powerful platform than Wix, but it is also more complex.

That means there is a bit of a learning curve, but it is worth it if you want a more flexible website. WordPress is also more affordable in the long run, so it is a good choice if you are on a budget. Lastly, both platforms have both pros as well as cons, so make sure you choose the best platform for your website.

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