How Much Does It Really Cost to Build a WordPress Website?

When it comes to building a website, one of the major factors many people consider is its cost. Today we’ll try to understand how much it really costs to build a WordPress website.

One of the primary reasons WordPress content management is so popular is the simplicity of its usage as well as affordability in pricing. Whenever you are planning to build and customize a website with WordPress, you have loads of options to manage everything with costs accommodating to your budget.

1. How Much Does It Really Cost to Build a WordPress Website?

From a cost effective website with basic functionality to the most advanced and powerful, fully fledged and amazingly versatile virtual profiles costing thousands of dollars, everything is achievable with WordPress. However, no one wants to share all his financial means if it is possible to achieve more will less expenditure.

Therefore, in this article we’ll also offer the most pocket friendly ways you can choose to organize the creation and management of your WordPress site with as less financial losses as possible

WordPress .org is known to be a completely free platform you can start with. This is true, but if you want to have a fully functional and fully featured digital object, you are going to pay. The amount will depend on your choice of domain and hosting, theme and plugins, etc.

Let’s review each of these categories separately.

How Much Does It Really Cost to Build a WordPress Website

2. WordPress Hosting:

If you want to have a self hosted WordPress website, having a hosting is a must. Every single website or blog needs hosting as its virtual home where all the files and data will be stored.

Hence, how much it really costs to build a WordPress website needs to be calculated taking into amount the hosting price first and foremost.

Well, hosting price range is really wide and heavily depends on the market you want to buy the hosting from. If you want to create a WordPress website from scratch or have a very basic website with limited functionality and capacities or less traffic and daily visitors, you can consider low pricing hosting offers.

The less the push on the server, the lower the cost of hosting will be for WP web owners. Actually, you can manage to find hosting for some $ 5-6/month or $30-35 a year. Cost to Build a WordPress Website

SKT Hosting offers useful hosting plans for a WP website of absolutely any nature or power, specific requirements or capacities. The lowest plan costs only $6/month including one website/domain, cPanel, daily backups and even professional support. You can jump to more advanced plans if your requirements are higher.

Bluehost, HostGator, WP Engine, SiteBuilder and GoDaddy are also among the most popular and reliable hosting providers you can rely on.

3. Domain Name:

You can buy a domain name from any suitable domain registrar. The average cost is around $10-$30 per year. You can even get domain name completely for free with certain hosting plans you choose.

We do not recommend using a free domain like provided by the hosting of If you want your website and the business it represents to be taken seriously and communicate a true value to the audience, be sure to have your own domain name.

Thus, depending on the domain you choose and some other options catering to it (such as privacy of your information in WhoisGuard, etc), the cost to build a WordPress website will also vary.

4. Pricing Plan for WordPress Themes:

Just as your website would be incomplete without a theme, your web creation budget estimation cannot be done without considering the price of the theme.

From absolutely free options to paid themes costing several hundred dollars, WordPress themes cover a wide scale of pricing plans. If the price is what blocks you from choosing a paid web creation tool or you need a small website for personal purposes to start blogging and sharing your life with your friends.

You can choose to have free WP theme, so that nothing will be added to the price of hosting and domain whenever you are about to understand to cost to build a WordPress website. In all other cases, you can view the candidacy of premium themes.

However, the majority of the themes you can find in WordPress library are available for around $ 50. As compared to free options, these themes are more customizable and extensible with add ones and plugins giving you an ultimate freedom to create a custom and niche specific website the way you need.

Thus, this average price range will enable you to be more precise in your budget calculations and allocate a certain amount to the future theme that is going to host your website.

We at SKT Themes are proud to share both free and paid themes with you ( We have put all our efforts and united seasoned specialists to create affordable yet premium quality themes for every single industry or business.

5. Pricing Plan for WordPress Plugins:

Finally, you may want to have different plugins added to your site right from the start or during its further customization. At this stage, your expenses also depend on the specific needs and requirements of both you and your audience, as well as the areas of your site you need to work on, secure, make more protected, hassle free, the need to integrate new tools and e commerce environments, etc.

Many plugins are offered with both free and premium versions. And if you are here for a numerical answer, let us say: it is from $0 to around $100 per month.

Summing up
When trying to estimate the real cost to build a WordPress website, first you need to identify what kind of website you are going to have, what is the expected audience or how much traffic are you planning to reach, whether you need to integrate eCommerce, to be ranked higher in search engine rankings, and many other nuances.

All of such factors are important when calculating the final cost of your WP website creation.

Anyway, you can spend as little as $100 and have an ordinary, nice looking blog or website with WordPress. If you want to use the whole potential of WordPress to create and promote something exceptionally smart and user optimized, that will also be secure and well protected, it’s realistic to spend up to several thousands of dollars. The choice is yours!

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