How Much Do WordPress Developers Earn

WordPress started from a mere blog, and that’s where the popularity of this large platform took its beginning. The usability of it can be described in such a way – for now, WordPress is used by more than 25% of the world’s websites.

They say the number comes closer to 30%. WordPress is a go-to platform if you need to create a content-based website, it also bases on PHP which is one of the most affordable back-end technologies.

No wonder then a custom solution is needed, people tend to look for a PHP, Laravel web developer to build a data-based website.

They want the perfect design, a responsive website, and subscriptions to make loyal customers. Most
business owners get their website built by hiring WordPress professionals.

If you are one, then we suggest you work on an hourly basis, you should know how to check screentime. There is a lot of effort needed; hence you should be paid as per your efforts.

In today's time, an online presence is essential for anyone in any industry. Hence every business is
looking to get their website made.

How Much Do WordPress Developers Earn

They want the perfect design, a responsive website, and subscriptions to make loyal customers. Most
business owners get their website built by hiring WordPress professionals.

WordPress developer is responsible for back-end and front-end development, altogether with creating themes and plugins. They should know such programming skills as PHP, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

But a good understanding of trends and aesthetics play even more important role in such a job. Rich experience may also influence WordPress developer salary.

For What WordPress Being Used, Its Pros and Cons

People rushed into online. There are more and more freelancers, bloggers, which take all the advantages from being known in such a vast world as the Internet.

Consequently, if users find it more useful and ready to contribute their time and money into the development of the segment, developers have even more opportunities.

WordPress is used as by bloggers as by major magazines and news agencies. The New Yorker, the BBC, New York Times, Reuters US and People.

The platform has convenient plugins for commenting, tagging, SEO enhancement and even more things that draw feedback from readers. All these mean that a WordPress programmer will always have a work to do.

Pros of WordPress

1. Open source. You can have more than 50,000 plugins, which more frequently are free.
2. Customizable for great flexibility. This platform has no limitation for implementing, so it is possible to create any product that can help you or your business.
3. Easy to use. Tech-savvy web developer WordPress or newcomer – WordPress provides its components in an easy for integrating and implementation.
4. Translation of website into another language. WordPress plugins like WPML and Multilingual Press will not only allow to translate the site into more than forty languages, but also make a multisite, where each language will have its own site.

Cons of WordPress

1. Difficult to design on. There is no drag-and-drop WYSIWYG site editor. Everything should be coded manually.
2. Bounded content model. As predominantly this website was supposed as a blog platform, you cannot define multiple content area within one template. Therefore, a developer should add custom fields and handling them himself.

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WordPress Developers Demanding

About demanding on professionals from this field say statistics of average WordPress developer salary. According to Payscale Wordpress web developer have €50,451 per year, Front End developer €57,410 and WordPress web designer has €44,281. To add more details WordPress developers hourly rate is from €19,44 to €23,32.

Let this salary will not push you away from obtaining this job. A WordPress developer profession has a potential for growth. Here you can find some tips to earn more and make this position more profitable for any developer personally.

1. Increase your prices. Rejecting low prices will bring new payable clients; it really works this way.
2. Obtain skills in a specific area of WordPress development. Shrinking your pool of potential clients can help you to command high rates and work on a specific niche.
3. Remind your clients about other services you can provide. Once you built a site for a client there is a need to maintain it. That what you can catch offering your further services.

Interesting Statistics About WordPress Developers

A curious fact – WordPress trademark isn’t owned by any company, it is owned by WordPress Foundation. This is made for protecting the freedoms offered by the open source.

In addition, it doesn’t have a CEO, this project is run by developers from all over the world. There is a delicate decision-making process that helps to find out bugs, patches, suggest features, etc.

Also, WordPress is used by governments around the globe. The list includes dozens of US Federals and State government websites, countries and even high schools.

WordPress is available and fully translated in 68+ languages. Many popular themes and plugins are also available in different languages.

It can also be used as a multilingual platform using plugins such as WPML and Polylang. Website security is very important, keep WP plugins and themes secure.

For example, statistics say that 11.45% of WordPress websites implement SSL Encryption there’ among different. In 2016 this number was increased from 4%.

Future of WordPress Development

PHP 5.2 Renouncement
Work is currently underway to improve the mechanism for collecting statistics on different versions of WordPress and PHP. WordPress core still supports PHP version 5.2, which has long been outdated.

The WordPress team works closely with large hosting providers to convert a large number of existing clients to the latest version of PHP.

This will give WordPress developers the opportunity to opt out of the old version and use newer language constructs in the core, in themes and WordPress plugins.

Core Development Tools
Many WordPress core developers prefer to use Git instead of Subversion, and last year the WordPress project had official Git mirrors.

It is promised to open Pull Requests (requests for changes in the code) in the WordPress project on GitHub. Such requests will automatically turn into patches in WordPress bug tracker.

Method of use
Initially, we know WordPress as a blog’s platform. But now businesses apply it more frequently. This progress will enhance, so WordPress will occupy a place for building a website in the future, being a framework.

Also, there is a possibility that WordPress will evolve into video consuming in the next 5 years.

Bottom Line
The company has plans for many years to come. Therefore, WordPress developer position will remain relevant and eventually become even more profitable. With WordPress, the possibilities for a website are simply endless.

Once you have tried WordPress, you will never want to return to HTML. WordPress development skills are quickly becoming skills in high demand from prospective employers.

More and more, people are seeing the great opportunity in using WordPress as a true content management system.

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