Embedding and Uploading a Video in WordPress Website

Are you planning to upload the best content on WordPress website with a video? Are you not sure whether to embed or upload it directly? Well, read with us this blog to know more about which is easier between embedding and uploading a video on your WordPress blogs today.

Embedding Videos In WordPress

The example of the snapshot below will clear your doubts when embedding the video using your WordPress editor, irrespective of the version.

Embedding and Uploading a Video

Embedding Videos In WordPress

Benefits of Embedding The Videos

Storage is not required:

While you are embedding the video on your WordPress, you are basically adding the link of the original site where the video is uploaded. Hence, your own page or database on WordPress will not require any external space.

No Issue of Copyrights:

While you want to share a video on your blog or website, by simply embedding it, you are using the original link. Hence no one can pin-point any copyrights issue on you. The link is directly sourcing the video to the original source.

Fairly easy to share:

When you want to know what’s the better option between embedding and uploading a video, this is one easier. It doesn’t take long to share the link of the original website or the hosting page where the video is originally uploaded.

Faster playtime:

As you embed the video or its link that directs to the original hosting website, the playtime can be faster, which is not the case while you are uploading it yourself, because of the slow processing time of your computer or mobile device.

Uploading A Video On WordPress

You can find uploading the video option after you have logged in to your WordPress admin account. Find the option of Pages under the Dashboard panel, as shown on the image below for your better reference.

Uploading A Video On WordPress

Benefits Of Uploading Videos:

Upload original content:

If you are a smart video maker and a blogger, then clearing the difference between embedding and uploading a video becomes clearer. You want to upload original content, and you already have the purchased the domain on WordPress.

Entertain your original traffic:

The main crux of uploading the on WordPress is to entertain your unique and organic WordPress website’s traffic. Putting in other words, you must already have a substantial amount of traffic that visits your page regularly.

In short, you already have a fan following that is expecting original content from your page. If that is so, you should keep uploading original content and videos.

You enjoy the larger disk space and faster processing:

On a more practical side of uploading videos on WordPress, we would like to say that it does require larger disk space. So, if you already have it and you want to enjoy that with only your videos, then you must go forward with it.

You are sure about the video’s duration on your blog:

You will not delete the video until and unless there’s no response from the audience. Meanwhile, embedded links might be broken at times.

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