Coding Bootcamps for WordPress Developers to Consider

If you are looking to make a career in the development field then it is important to have high coding skills. There is a huge competition in the technical field hence it is a great chance if you want to jump on it.

Some people have a degree in another field still they have chosen to make their career in technical field so it does not matter if you have a degree or not but the fact is having a degree in the technical field will give you experience and knowledge in deep.

You will be aware of the coding skills from basic to advance.

Coding bootcamps for developers is the way where you can get some basic knowledge about coding and you can build your career in the developer field.

With this type of program, you can learn many things at a lower cost and in less time. Different training courses are available where you can get benefits in a different way.

In this post, we will learn how coding bootcamps work and the top 5 quality option that everyone should consider.

What is coding Bootcamps?

Different training programs are scheduled for the beginner or a non-technical person to understand what coding standards are. Coding bootcamps are the training program where a beginner can learn about code.

You don’t need to invest more money in these courses plus it is another choice for a traditional degree. These courses are accessible on the internet anyone can learn coding from their respective places.

Coding bootcamps for developers

The coding bootcamps for developers are taught by experienced developers to teach you to develop skills in the easiest way. Therefore coding bootcamp is a good alternative solution if you want to change your career and drive into a development career in less time and money.

Along with this coding, bootcamps give you a big opportunity to get skilled in any technology you want you can apply for any other technical skill that you prefer.

You will get hands-on real-time applications and problems. Plus you will get the chance to get connected with many other developers and WordPress communities.

Another importance of coding bootcamps is to get aware of program structures. You can learn to code any time anywhere the boot camps or online courses will be 6 to 40 weeks long but actually it depends on the package you have chosen where it is full time or part-time.

Still, if you are not getting the importance of coding bootcamps for developers then you must learn from some employers’ experience.

If you search employees from indeed they will give their opinion that coding bootcamps are really useful and trustworthy. They help you to graduate in a productive way. Plus the employers who are graduated from coding bootcamps have the same knowledge as computer science degree does.

The top 5 coding bootcamps that should be considered for developers

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If you have decided to graduate from coding bootcamps for developers then it is important to know which programs you should go with. The top 5 programs are listed below

1. Actualize

Actualize is the best coding bootcamps that are developed by coding experts and software educators. The classes are taken personally that is it is considered to be an in-person course in Chicago. Plus it gives you other options too.
Different topics that are covered in these courses are

  • Full-stack web development
  • Back-end development (Rails)
  • Front-end development (JavaScript, HTML, CSS)
  • Version control (Git, GitHub)
  • Programming languages (Ruby, OOP)

The online program will be continued for 12 weeks which gives you access to 4 weeks of exercises at home. You have an option to choose the online bootcamp from two different schedules.

The first schedule is conducted 5 hours per day in the day time from Monday to Friday. And another schedule weekend option and night classes which is about 3 and a half hours.

2. The Tech Academy

Another best option coding bootcamps for developers is The Tech Academy. This program will give you an access to lots of online bootcamps programs that will help you to learn programming language more in detail.

This course is full of full-stack development, back end development and front end development such as

  • Version control
  • JavaScript
  • HTML and CSS
  • Database and SQL

3. Skillcrush

SkillCrush is another coding bootcamps program that is taught by developers.

You can finish the training program within months or days. The main course is about 3 months long by which you will get the knowledge about coding and designing

  • Front End Developer and React JavaScript
  • WordPress Developer
  • Front End Developer
  • Web Developer

This course also good if your main focus is for website design. It offers many classes that will give you a good knowledge about user experience i.e. UX design and will give you a guideline for handing Adobe Suite.

4. Fullstack Academy

Fullstack Academy is considered to be the most popular coding bootcamps program because it has a powerful programming education system.

Fullstack Academy offers some full time and part-time programs that are held in Chicago and New York. New York offers some cybersecurity course whereas both offer advanced java scripted courses.

If you are unable to go at their places to attend the classes they will give you a chance of a remote option. To learn more about these classes you can visit their official website.

5. General Assembly

General Assembly program is considered to be the most valuable program. It gives you training on WordPress and other programming languages. Web developers and WordPress professionals will teach you. The courses are available at part-time and full time

The main topic included is

  • Front-End Web Development
  • JavaScript Development
  • React Development

This program also has a Catalyst Program that offers you to pay the tuition fee after once you get hired. Plus Dash Program is there for beginner users to learn code for free of cost.

Programming is a profitable and yielding career path. The people who have another degree but looking to make a career in the development field can go coding bootcamps.

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